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HPR 117 | The Enough Principle

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 117 | The Enough Principle: Creating Opportunity And Abundance with Dave Blanchard

HPR 117 | The Enough Principle


Those who create sustain and know that there’s enough before they began, and those who make a difference aren’t building to have stuff. Dave Blanchard’s The Enough Principle says we have stuff to create opportunity and to foster abundance in the lives of other people. Dave is the CEO of The Og Mandino Leadership Institute. He says if our purpose is to create opportunities for others, we’re more likely to take actions to stretch, grow, and become the person that can create those things because the purpose is a higher purpose. It’s a purpose that supports and inspires ideas and passions. If all of us could live this way, it would make a huge difference and it would help us impact other people as well as enjoy our own lives more.

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The Enough Principle: Creating Opportunity And Abundance with Dave Blanchard
HPR 117 | The Enough Principle
Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur

I have with me Dave Blanchard. He’s the CEO of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute. He has delivered over 500 speeches, everywhere from Boston to Budapest. His audiences include entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams, consultants, recruiters, business executives, health professionals, athletes, student teachers, and even couples. He’s the bestselling author of three books Today I Begin a New Life, Intentional CreationThe Observer’s Chair-The Miracle of Healing Self Esteem and Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur. Dave created the Habit Finder Profile, the Intentional Creation assessment and the interview IC Assessment that’s used by companies during their hiring processes. Dave, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Terri.

How did you get started on your journey?

It’s been a growth process, financial institutions started with finance, moved into managing positions. I was privately investing in real estate. They started joining me. The physicians did it pretty soon for doing 100-unit apartment complexes in southern California. ’89 came and the world fell apart. I lost millions. I owed $1 million, I was the corporate guarantor. I spent ten years paying that back and I went into the film business. I wrote and directed 200 TV commercials, wrote five feature films, several television specials. One of those happened to be one of Og Mandino’s books. When the rise for The Greatest Salesman in the World became available that he called me, I was standing in the cancellation of The Lion King in New York and he said, “Dave, I wanted to call you first. Are you interested?” I said, “That is a rhetorical question?” He said, “No, I would love to have you.” I said, “I’ll I come home. I’ll leave the film business. We’ll take Og’s materials, take it to 21st Century. Let’s change lives.” We got funding for the movie.

The Greatest Salesman in the World has been one of my favorite books since I started in my own business. 

I got back from Israel I was there two weeks having this cultural immersion. The producers asked me, “David, would you write the script?” I said, “I haven’t written film script for twenty years.” He said, “You know more about this than anyone.” It took me five weeks to say yes, but I finally did. The responsibility of creating a script is sitting on my shoulders I’m like, “What have I done?”

Along your journey, you’ve also been in your spare time writing books. Talk a little bit about how that came to be and why that’s important as part of your business.

I’ve always believed that you don’t start a business and say, “We need a book.” Books come out of the fibers of your being. After we’d worked with about 50,000 entrepreneurs, it was time. It’s my life experiences, principles I learned during that ten years paying back that $1 million in debt. If I could get out of this darkness, I’ll spend the rest of my life showing other people how. I finally wrote the book to that in 2012. There was a gentleman that I was talking to on the phone for the first time and he said, “Dave, I can almost touch it. I can almost taste it. Why can’t I have it? What’s wrong with me? Does God not love me?” I could not get that out of my mind. I spent four years getting that book written, published in 2012. We did this because it was crushing people’s self-esteem. They were using their vivid visualization to fantasize that life would show up differently and they hate their life, and they beat themselves. The number one cost for that self-sabotage dialogue that destroy so many of us. I said, “I’ve got to write the book on self-esteem.”

In one month, I coached all day, write all night. I still haven’t recovered. We got it published for Christmas and it was insanity, that’s The Observer’s Chair. We waited for another 50,000 entrepreneurs and I kept saying, “The challenge we have is that entrepreneurs are often still in the parking lot in their car. We talk to them as if they are at the starting gate of climbing the mountain. We need to get them out of the car. Then get them on the journey and then show them the mind along the journey.” Equanimity was born. It’s a book in which the viewer is the main character, it’s their journey. Whoever’s reading is your journey. “Am I driving into the parking lot? Am I stuck in the parking lot? Let’s get out of the parking lot.” There are mentors that walk the reader up the mountain of entrepreneurship. That’s why it’s called Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur. That was the latest book. I’m working on one entitled The Enough Principle.

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We have many people want more and more. What’s enough? You and I both know that you can’t get enough Ferrari’s, Rolex watches, houses, cars, property. It doesn’t do it. It doesn’t fill the void in our soul. There are only two or three things that do, so let’s get enough money so that we can start giving the balance away, the worthy causes and changing people’s lives and leaving a footprint on the planet. What’s enough? Let’s find that, not stuck in concrete. Let’s define it as a working model so we know when we get there, and then we can begin working as hard as we have been for something more important than another car.

Whether it’s client family members, friends, or it could be anyone that I found so many people there. They want more and more and I’m like, “What do you want more for? Is it to have more stuff because at some point in my life I realized stuff wasn’t important or is it that you want to impact more lives?” It’s important that we find some balance where we can make a contribution on the world, on society and at the same time enjoy our lives.

Have you found as well that those who do create generally know their enough before they began. Those who create, sustain. Those make a difference. They weren’t building to have stuff. I’ll leave for a family reunion with our seven kids and 27 grandkids up on our cabin. Overlooks a beautiful lake in Idaho, Utah border. It’ll sleep all 42 of us, it’s a great place, but it’s not because of its value. Its value is what it can do for our family. We took a couple out there. The couple were going to take up the week after Fourth of July, and take care of their marriage.

That’s why we have stuff, to create opportunity, to foster abundance in the lives of other people. If that’s our purpose, we’re more likely, to take the actions to stretch and grow and become the person that can create those things. The purpose is a higher purpose, it’s not a fantastical purpose. It’s a purpose that supports, inspired ideas and intuitive impressions, ignite the passion of drive. The enough principle is so important to help us begin the journey for the creation of spice.

If all of us could live this way, it would make a huge difference. It would help us impact other people as well as enjoy our own lives more. You’ve developed so many different things. You’ve got the Habit Finder and the interview IC Assessment. How did you get into assessment creation?

The very first thing I did when we took the reins of the Og Mandino group, I said, “We’ve got to have a measurement tool. Og’s teaching us principles, let’s apply them to a measurement so we know what we’re working on.” We went looking for science. We found a formal science of axiological mathematics, this is transfinite set calculus. It was developed at the University of Tennessee. We spent eighteen years perfecting this so that we can now with laser accuracy measure a person’s habits of thinking. We spent so much time with personality and behavior, all the superficial stuff. Let’s go deep down inside the belly of our being and let’s find out what habits of thinking are driving the behavior or lack of action. We ended up finding incredible strengths that are underutilized. We found some unhealthy habits that have developed through the lifetime that we want to change.

We often find fully-charged fire hoses, like brass nozzles that are flopping around knocking our life all over. We want to learn how to manage more effectively. Entrepreneurs have two or three of those kinds of thought processes consistently. Let’s get to the real issue. Once we define, we know exactly where to focus time and energy and resources to maximize the best return on their investment. We’re going to talk about that at the end. People can go take this.

Let’s make personal improvement personal again and make the shifts where they matter the most in our own being. Click To Tweet

We’ve got a version of this comprehensive full assessment that we’re going to give everybody because they all listen to your show, take it for free. If they want to spend 30 minutes with one of our Habit Finders specialists, they’re not salespeople, they’re customer service reps to help them better understand their assessment. We finally have a science that allows us to measure it. This has been driving you the success and the challenge. Let’s go to work here. Let’s not focus on circumstance improvement. Let’s make personal improvement personal again and make the shifts where they matter the most in our own being.

How can people do that? Where can they do that?


You are so accomplished and yet at the same time I can feel how generous you are. I want to appreciate you, you’re giving the audience a great gift and you’ve given us some amazing tools and I’m looking forward to the movie when it comes out. Dave, thank you for joining us here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Dave Blanchard

HPR 117 | The Enough Principle

Dave Blanchard is the CEO of The Og Mandino Leadership Institute. He’s delivered over 500 speeches everywhere from Boston to Budapest…literally. His audiences include entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams, consultants, recruiters, business executives, health professionals, athletes, students, teachers, and couples.Dave is the best-selling author of three books, Today I Begin a New Life: Intentional Creation, The Observer’s Chair: The Miracle of Healing Self-Esteem, and Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur. Dave created the Habit Finder™ Profile, the Intentional Creation Assessment, and the InterviewIC Assessment, used by companies during their hiring processes.Over 100,000 individuals have completed the proprietary Habit Finder™ profile, a proprietary application of the formal science of axiological mathematics and Cantor’s Transfinite Calculus. It measures with laser accuracy a person’s habits of thinking and presents the results in an easy to understand format. Dave has personally debriefed over 6,500 profiles and coached over 4,000 clients. It’s fair to say Dave knows more about how people think and the impact it’s having on their lives than almost anyone on the planet.2018 is a milestone year for the Og Mandino company celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the release of Og Mandino’s perennial best-seller, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” This pinnacle guide to business and personal mastery has sold over 25 million copies in over 25 different languages. Entrepreneurs continue to be inspired by the work of Og Mandino as Dave has carried this work into the 21st century. Along with his responsibilities as CEO and a full consulting practice, Dave has been asked to write the film script for the long awaited movie The Greatest Salesman in the World, now in pre-production.

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