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HPR 122 | Business Consultancy

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 122 | Reinventing Business Consultancy with Naresh Vissa

HPR 122 | Business Consultancy


In order to streamline sales and branding processes, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to choose a business consultancy agency which will provide full-service online and digital media and marketing. Naresh Vissa, founder and CEO of Krish Media and Marketing, reveals the secret behind his impressive track record with leading publishers, media firms, and institutions like CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, the Houston Astros, and Gore Publishing. He is also the number one bestselling author of Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and Fifty Shades Of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition. Naresh discusses the logic behind why new business owners like you should first become an expert in a niche, whether that’s becoming a regular consultant or starting your own product-oriented business.

Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing, a full service online and digital media and marketing agency. Naresh helped launch an online radio network generating six figures in monthly revenue. He also managed the production and marketing for the first online retail physical precious metals trading platform.

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Reinventing Business Consultancy with Naresh Vissa

I have with me Naresh Vissa and he is the Founder and CEO of Krish Media and Marketing, which is a full service, online and digital media and marketing business consultancy agency and solution provider. They utilize strategies to streamline sales and branding processes. It’s got an impressive track record with leading publishers, media firms, institutions like CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, even the Houston Astros and Gore Publishing. He is also the number one bestselling author of Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and Fifty Shades Of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition. It’s been featured all over USA Today, Yahoo, Bloomberg, MSNBC, I can go on and on. Welcome to the show.

Thanks so much for that kind introduction, Terri.

I want to ask you first how you got into what you’re doing and then I want to talk about the book.

I started my career in media and in traditional publishing. That’s newspaper, magazine, AM, FM radio and local news television. I did it all. I got experience as an editor, journalist, reporter, director, on-air personality editor and producer. I did it all and then I developed some strong skills that I use today, whether it’s using technology, writing stories, writing books or the use of online and digital. I gained those really strong skills. I realized that this career doesn’t pay even market salaries anymore. I got interested in business and finance, went to business school, got a Master’s degree from one of the top business schools in the country, interned at JP Morgan Chase at the time started a side business and was pretty much set on, “I’m going to become either a management consultant or a banker.”

A company found me on LinkedIn. This is a chapter in my book, Fifty Shades of Marketing, about the important role of LinkedIn in marketing yourself professionally. I’ve got a LinkedIn in 2008 and in 2011 somebody on LinkedIn reached out to me and he said they put it in a few key words. They were looking for somebody who had a media background but who also understood finance. I was one of three or four people who popped up. This company was the largest financial marketing company in the world. They said they were looking for somebody like me to manage a new project they were working on.

Long story short, I ended up consulting for them, graduated and got my Master’s, moved, worked for them and started a new media division for them. They were the best online financial marketing company in the world or biggest. That’s how I got my foot in the door of eCommerce and online and digital marketing. I was sucked into the space and tried to soak in and learn as much as I could because it was fascinating to me how much money they were making. It was almost like that money ball approach to business where they were just going off of data and having computers do the marketing for them and generating incredible amounts of revenue. That was the genesis of Krish Media and Marketing, my full service online and digital agency and consultancy.

While I was there, I learned that copywriting is, at the end of the day, what generates the highest returns. You brought up the names of my books, Fifty Shades of Marketing, Podcastnomics, those are all examples of copywriting. Copy is advertising text. It is meant to persuade people to take action. In my case, most times that action involves taking out a credit card to buy something in a business sense. That’s a little short background about me, how I got involved in online and digital and I’m still incredibly active in the financial space as an online real estate investor. Running any business requires a great deal of financial acumen.

HPR 122 | Business Consultancy
Business Consultancy: Copy is advertising text. It is meant to persuade people to take action.

I appreciate hearing your story. You’re one of many people that I happen to know that have some connection with LinkedIn in some way, shape or form. I tell people, “Use LinkedIn.” LinkedIn is one of the most fascinating platforms for many people to connect with. I am impressed with the names of your books because as soon as I saw the names, I said to myself, “This is a brilliant copywriter,” because the names themselves, they’re headlines that draw attention and that bring into attention things that people are aware of in society.” I agree with you, we need to persuade people to take action. Almost all of our readers, if not all of them, want people to take out a credit card and want them to purchase their products or services. Tell us a little bit about the books.

Before I get to the books, let me piggyback off what you said. When it comes to copywriting, it’s not just about our businesses. It’s applicable in everyday life. My latest book is about President Trump’s rise to become president in 2016. If you look at the principles of copywriting and the way that he or his campaign, whether it was on purpose or not, but the way that they utilize copy to get under people’s emotions for better or for worse, it’s a major reason why he ended up building a huge support base and being elected president. The book is not much of a political book. It’s more about the role of the online digital marketplace and the role that it played in getting President Trump elected and how he utilized certain marketing techniques, branding strategies to essentially come out of nowhere and become president.

The title of that book is called Trumpbook, like Facebook, except it’s called Trumpbook. The subtitle is How Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation Into Making America Hate Again. That book has done incredibly well despite being banned surprisingly by some places. Despite that, which did hurt sales a little bit, it’s done quite well. What I want to bring up is it’s not just our businesses, it’s now being used in politics. It always has been used in politics. Even me personally, I’m getting married and I met my fiancé online. Even if you’re creating an online dating profile, that’s copywriting that you’re putting in there. If you’re going to fill things out with standard stuff, you’re not going to get much attention. If you can make your profile interesting, use the right words, strike the right emotions, then that will only help you in the dating marketplace. The point is that copywriting can be used in all facets of life.

Where can people get your books?

The easiest place is go to Amazon, type in my Naresh Vissa. You can find Fifty Shades of Marketing, Podcastnomics, Trumpbook. I have another one out called The New PR. My goal is one book a year despite all the other projects and businesses that I’m working on. It’s something that I enjoyed doing. It goes back to my background in media and journalism. I enjoy doing it. I like sharing whatever pieces of wisdom I have with the world. Sometimes it’s completely useless, but in case of Fifty Shades of Marketing, Podcastnomics, The New PR and Trumpbook, they combine to sell probably close to about 15,000 copies. I guess there is some wisdom in some of those books.

What words of wisdom would you want to leave the audience with who are either folks that own their own businesses or aspiring to own their own businesses and all looking for more clients, customers, patients?

For people who are looking to start their own business, I can’t stress this enough, and that is become an expert in a niche. Whether that’s becoming a regular consultant or starting your own product-oriented business, become an expert in that industry in that area. If you are not an expert in what you’re getting involved with, you will not succeed. Learning on the fly is going to be tough, especially if you don’t have a good aspect saved up.

The second thing is don’t quit your full-time job until you’re ready to do it. In my case, I had a full-time job, I had my side business. By the time I left my full-time job, the side business was sustaining myself personally. At the time I was single, I was in my mid-twenties so I had no problems going out on my own. Everyone’s situation is different. Don’t say, “This guy dropped out of college and started this.” When you’re 50 years old and have a family of four or five, stay at your full-time job. Once you’re confident in your side hustle, you can then transition out of your full-time job into that hustle.

If you are not an expert in what you're getting involved with, you will not succeed.. Click To Tweet

For other people who are current business owners, I will say for the newer business owners, I don’t recommend that people go into business themselves unless they’re a masochist. It’s one of those things, “Why would you want to do that to yourself? You can get a regular job and you know how much you’re getting paid every two weeks and you know what your hours are like. You can have a regular schedule.” When you start your own business, all that goes through the door. You have no idea how much you’re going to make one month to the next one, one year to the next year. That doesn’t matter whether your business is one year old or 100 years old. That’s the way things go. Everyone who worked at Lehman Brothers, Xerox or Polaroid can tell you the same thing. You can be on top of the world one month and then feel you’re about to go homeless the next month.

It’s not a professional decision. It’s a life decision because it affects your personal lives. Of course, professionally, socially, emotionally, spiritually it affects many different areas. If you’re just getting into business, understand that there are ups and downs and they’re always going to continue. The downs definitely keep you humble, but when you have those ups don’t take it for granted because you know how quickly things can change for the worse. That would probably be my advice for business owners or people looking to become business owners.

I want to say thank you for that because everyone that I talked to tell people, “Jump in. Start your own business. Be an entrepreneur,” and I share the same advice that you share. Very few people in my world are saying that and the audience needed to hear it. I’m glad you came from truth and honesty there. How can people connect with you and find you?

My website is If people get on my email list there and contact me through my website, I’ll send them a free copy of any of the books that I mentioned. We talked about Trumpbook, Fifty Shades of Marketing and Podcastnomics. Tell me which book you want and I will send you a free copy. For a full list of services of my online and digital agency, Krish Media And Marketing, visit You can see everything that we do. We work with all businesses of all sizes. What initially started out as a financial consulting company has turned into something much greater than I would have imagined five and a half years ago. We might have solutions to any of your online and digital needs or problems from web design and development all the way to social media marketing and advertising.

I want to thank you. I’ve got much value from the show. In particular, thank you for being generous and for making an offer of your books. Thank you so much for being here. You’ve been a delightful guest.

It’s been a pleasure, Terri. I look forward to chatting again soon.

Thank you so much. For the readers, go ahead and do it. Grab it. You can get your choice of a free book. That’s such a generous offer. Make sure that you do follow up. This is a case where I say take advantage of it. Do it. You’re talking to someone who I believe has given us a lot of words of wisdom, really understands the digital media and marketing, and we’ve had a great interview. As a reader, don’t forget there’s a free webinar put together just for you at It’s a super transformational webinar. At the end you can ask for a consult from one of our business consultants. They are not salespeople. They’re here to help you apply strategy. Thank you again for tuning in here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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HPR 122 | Business ConsultancyNaresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing business consultancy, agency and solutions provider, utilizing strategies to streamline sales and branding processes. He has worked with leading publishers, media firms and institutions such as CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Publishing, and Stansberry Research. He is the #1 bestselling author of PODCASTNOMICS: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and FIFTY SHADES OF MARKETING: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition and has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, Hindustan Times and other domestic and international media outlets.

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