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December 20, 2018

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Many people would reach for a number of resources just to find the true secrets of success. They go through lengths just to have that right formula and strategy. What they don’t realize is that to become successful, one has to start winning from within themselves. Creator of The Abundance Game, Brandon Broadwater, believes in this. Having gone through his own rags to riches journey, he inspires people to master what is already there and see the greatness of our own power. He shows the four different types of people around the world based on the different mindsets they have about their lives, from poor to abundant. He shares the ways we can tap that “winning from within” attitude.

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How To Start Winning From Within with Brandon Broadwater

I have with me Brandon Broadwater and he started his business empire as a broke college student. Before graduation, he had created his first multimillion-dollar business. Over the next decade, he founded the Master Your Power Within Movement, which is now in nineteen countries worldwide. That has liberated thousands of people around the world to become not only rich, but also abundant in terms of finance, relationships, spirituality and emotional well-being. Brandon, welcome to our show.

Thank you so much. It’s interesting to hear that background because I still remember what it’s like when other people believed in me before I believed in myself.

It really is what it takes. I have to tell you that I booked you on the show selfishly. I wanted to talk to you. Here you are a broke college student, how do you even have the impetus to start a business and how do you start a business when you’re broke?

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I’ll start with my grandpa. My grandpa taught me that first of all, the rags to riches story is still true. He said, “Brandon, you need to know something.” I was probably fourteen years old. He said, “You need to know that rags to riches is still true.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “You live in North America, you have the power of technology that past generations have not had. The amount it costs that took for somebody to do something ten, twenty years ago, you can now do it for $200. The power of one with social media.” He started to teach that the rags to riches’ dream is still true. He says, “I don’t care what the statistics say, if you want it then, you can have it.”

My grandpa taught me so much more. He taught me that there are four different types of people in the world and there are four different worlds that people come from and are similar to mindsets. There’s a poor world which is a poor mentality where people make excuses. It’s not judging how much people have in their bank account, but it’s a poor mindset. It’s making excuses. There’s a middleclass mediocre mindset where people settle. It’s not depicting a socioeconomic class even though it can represent that as well. A mediocre relationship and a mediocre life that people settle. Then there’s rich, people who have money, but it doesn’t mean that they’re happy. The fourth world is abundance where you have the things that money cannot buy. My grandpa taught me that the rags to riches is still true, but he never left out the points that there are a lot of things that money cannot buy as well. From the beginning, I knew the goal wasn’t just money.

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Winning From Within: If financial knowledge sets us free financially, then all those people who took the real estate course would be financially free right now, but they aren’t.


The lesson for everyone, regardless of the age. We need to take that in and take that to heart. What was your first multimillion-dollar business?

The first business I had was service businesses such as window cleaning and things like that. Those were not first multimillion-dollar business. The first multimillion-dollar business started in real estate investing. Ultimately, it wasn’t the real estate that was the answer though. I want to make something really clear here. I went through a lot of real estate trainings and I hung out with millionaires, but guess how many students actually went out and created millions? A very select few. It was clear to me the day when I replaced my income, I’d put my two weeks’ notice in at the radiology program because I graduated in radiology. During the week of graduation, I had to put my notice in to quit because my businesses and my real estate took off and I didn’t need to earn income anymore. One thing that needs to be said that’s clear is that the millions were created not because of the financial knowledge. If it was financial knowledge that set us free financially, then all those people who took the real estate course would be financially free right now, but they weren’t.

What is the first thing you want to do when you replace your income? We went on this trip. My wife comes up next to me and we’re overlooking this beautiful scenery out in the forest. I remember walking out the door and she walks up to me and says, “Brandon, when do you want to go home?” I said, “I don’t know. When do you want to go home?” She says, “We’re making just as much money here as we are at home so we can stay on vacation as long as we wanted.” We laughed, giggled and had some moments of reflection.

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One of the things that came that was very clear was that it was not the financial knowledge that did it. If it was then everybody else who took those real estate trainings or business trainings would have been having the same results. That’s when we discovered what the real secret was and this is a secret that I’ve dedicated my life to teaching others about. The secret isn’t necessarily financial knowledge that gets us the money. It’s something that’s intangible. The people usually overlook it and it’s winning from within. It’s mastering our power within. It’s discovering what’s already there. I’m grateful for my grandpa who was able to see greatness in me before I could see to myself. I won from within. That’s how I applied the real estate knowledge. That’s where the real winning happens.

This whole thing is resonating so much and the synchronicity of it. I literally was doing a webinar where I was teaching all my client family members the same exact things. They all get the same knowledge and only 4% of them go on to earn seven and eight figures. A lot of them do six, but seven and eight are only 4%. They were asking me, “Why is that? Why only the 4%?” I said, “Those are the 4% who actually apply what I teach. That didn’t just pay for knowledge, they took the information and they transformed by applying.” I want to talk a little bit more about this winning from within. I’m still so appreciative that your grandfather saw it in you so that you can see it in yourself. I think we all need someone to champion us like that. What is this winning from within? Tell me deeply. What does that mean to you, Brandon?

It has to do with two general areas. One is we have to understand what is happening with our internal battle. We literally have an internal hyena, our ego self and we have an internal lion, our higher self. Every single person on this planet has these two counterparts inside of us and we know what it’s like. If we listen to our hyenas, we make excuses and we react. Our hyenas say something like, “I’ll say sorry when you say sorry first,” in a relationship. Our hyenas want retribution if somebody cuts us off on the road.

These hyenas, if we don’t learn how to manage that, then we’ve already lost so that no amount of financial training is going to make up for it. We need to learn how to win from within. For example, some people believe they can’t control their emotions, but you can. You can do that by learning how to win from within. That’s why I teach the Master Your Power Within Course so people can learn how to master that power within and bring out the greatness that’s already there. It just needs to be empowered. That’s one of two components.

I want to speak to the first one. We’ve got the ego self, we’ve got the higher self and I think we need to recognize that. We need to understand that. We need to absorb that, breathe that in and take that as factual. That’s part of the way we are built as humans. I’m ready for the second part.

When somebody has the Midas touch in life where everything appears to turn into gold when they touch it, it’s because they’ve empowered their lions. When we win from within, then nothing on the outside can stop us. That’s one thing my grandpa taught me when I was very young. When you win from within, then nothing on the outside can stop you. You go into a real estate transaction or a business transaction or you want to lead teams, you’re going to win because you’ve already won from within. If you want to move a business, that sells more than a script, it’s your heart. I love the name of your show Heartrepreneur. It says so much about you that there’s something that has to shift in the heart for the entrepreneur results to occur.

The second part is we have to live a principle-centered life. How can somebody do that if they don’t understand the highest laws of the universe? Being honest, having integrity and there are hundreds of laws. There are four laws and if you live these four laws, all the rest of the laws come into full alignment. I don’t know about you, but I want simple. I don’t want to try to do 100 things. I want to do four things, and then everything comes together. That’s where it comes from. We need to win from within and be in alignment with principles. These four laws will literally empower us to do anything. These two things working together, nothing can stop us. We also have the mechanics of the universe working for us. I ask people this, “Do you want to do this alone or do you want help from the universe or the creator?” In order to get help, we need to engage these principles to get all the gears of the universe working for us instead of reminding us to wake up and get our butts in gear.

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Winning From Within: We will never reach our potential unless we help others reach theirs.


There’s synchronicity in our conversation. I was talking with someone and they said, “I read this book and it had 50 or 60 principals.” I don’t even know how to bring them into my life over the course of a year, maybe one principal a week. It sounded really heavy. Being that business is Heartrepreneur, I said, “You’ve got to go within. It’s got to come from your heart. It’s got to go from within. We have to find a way to not complicate things. You can’t possibly master that many principles.” Are you going to tell us those four laws?

First and foremost, out of these four laws, we need to have a principle-centered life. You can call them the four steps, the four points of mastery. These are the four highest laws of the Universe. Number one, we need to have a principle-centered life and these are in order. There’s a hierarchy of laws. If we switch them up, even one out of order, then things are going to go off the rails. You can stress test this in any situation. That’s what I love about these laws. They work at home. They work in relationship. They work with your mom and with your grandkids. They work in business and in real estate. That keeps things even more simple.

The second one is that we need to manage our state and this is the win from the within. This is where we ask ourselves good quality questions. We make sure that we manage that lion and hyena and empower the lion. The third one is that we serve. We will never reach our potential unless we help others reach theirs. There’s a lot of people who have the biggest heart. They want to share and they wanted to make a difference. Yet the great masters of history, they had a heart. They had love but they have something else that people don’t realize, is that they also have the ability to deliver that love through the skills of influence and leadership. Serving, we must learn some leadership skills. We must learn framing. We must also learn how to speak. The greatest masters told stories, they told parables. That’s the third primary law. The fourth one is growth. We either grow or die. Growth is how we love our future. That’s how we show love to our future.

Principle-centered life, manage our state, serve and growth. What is the Master Your Power Within Movement?

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The Master Your Power Within Movement is a worldwide movement and this is about lions. People who declare, “I am a Lion.” People who want to win from within and who align with these four principles. We are out there to change the world. We want to live these personally. We’re bonded together in the movement because we’re bonded by the principles which we all live. There’s nothing stronger than that type of bond. The greatest marriages are based on that.

I totally resonate with that. I’ve been married for 40 years. Brandon, how can people find out more, connect with you? Where would you like us to go?

The website is We have an app where you can actually go on there. There’s a morning empowerment in the training session and you can listen to this every single morning. It’s a closed-eye for few minutes. It will help you to win from within and that is the place to start. You want to get started? That’s a tool you can use right now.

Thank you so much. That is a great gift. Your interview was phenomenal. Brandon, thank you so much. It’s been a joy having you here at our show.

Terri, it’s an absolute privilege and I greatly appreciate it.

For the readers, join our Facebook community it’s over @HeartrepreneursWithTerriLevine. It’s our very active Facebook community. You can also join our forums and get some free help, free advice, just engage with the thousands of Heartrepreneurs in our family and that’s at Thanks again for tuning in here at our show.

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About Brandon Broadwater

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Brandon Broadwater is a CEO, Speaker, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Creator of The Abundance® Game who helps the poor and middle-class transition to become rich and abundant.


The Abundance® Game serves as a human training tool to provide financial education and principle-centered empowerment. The Abundance® Game has received an enthusiastic worldwide response because it combines both education for financial success and spiritual principles in a way that greatly empowers each player’s life.


Brandon has dedicated his life to helping people discover and put into action the resources, tools, and strategies that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment. Over the last decade, he has directly impacted the lives of people with his work in financial education, leadership psychology, negotiation, and peak performance.


Through involvement with Higher Laws and The Abundance® Game, many people say their lives have never been the same. An independent source tracked a group of clients that Brandon trained and found that 75% of them had created a residual income of at least $1,000 USD per month before their training was even finished. People worldwide (in over 14 countries) have joined Brandon and he currently offers his teachings by live events, audio programs, online media, and The Abundance Game.


Founder and CEO of Master Your Power Within, HealthFix, a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Company, as well as 10 other companies. Some of his accolades include:


  • Award Winning Entrepreneur
  • CEO of 4 Multi-Million Dollar Companies
  • Honored International Public Speaker and Trainer
  • Transformational Expert
  • Highly sought after leadership authority and business strategist
  • Author of The Higher Laws of Money®
  • Creator of The Abundance Game® which teaches both financial and prosperity principles, now in 19 countries
  • Achieved Financial Freedom at the age of 28
  • Became a millionaire at the age of 30
  • In the top 1% of income producers in the world
  • Has invested in over 60 real estate properties
  • Is a dedicated husband, and a father of 5 energetic, bright children
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