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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 19 | Reclaiming Yourself with Sally Thibault

3rd March 20170

HPR 19 | Reclaiming Yourself


The business of life has oftentimes distracted us from better knowing ourselves. When we lose ourselves in the midst of chaos and noise, we end up feeling so disconnected with what we do. Business owners may feel overwhelmed with these feelings and find their business not working. Sally Thibault talks about reclaiming yourself and bringing that focus back to your heart. She shares her struggles as a mom of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s and her insights and reflections about not letting life push you down. She says it is so easy to get distracted now, but what you need is to reclaim yourself and hold on tight to who you are. Only then will you find the right kind and feeling of success in both your personal life and business.

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Reclaiming Yourself with Sally Thibault

I have a very special guest with me and you’re going to enjoy her. You’re probably going to want to pay a lot of attention and not be multitasking for this particular interview. My guest is Sally Thibault and she’s a professional speaker, counselor, author, certified EFT practitioner, and a woman’s success mentor. She has over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness areas as a fitness instructor, trainer, TV show host, author, and keynote speaker. She facilitates the Reclaim You programs, which are designed for business women who want to reignite their passion, power, and purpose to create meaningful success and purposeful work-life balance. She’s been featured extensively in Australian national and local media. She is a health and wellness expert on a national radio program. I want to welcome you, Sally. I’m so glad to have you with me. You have so much going on. Thank you for making time for Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you for having me, Terri. It’s a great honor to be here with you.

HPR 19 | Reclaiming Yourself
David’s Gift: Asperger’s Syndrome, Life & Love One Family’s Inspirational Journey from Diagnosis to Graduation

There’s a piece that we didn’t talk about, which was also about the book, David’s Gift: Asperger’s Syndrome, Life & Love. We didn’t talk about all these other things that you’ve done in your son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s. There’s so much that you do and you’re so full of helping people and giving to people. What do you do for you? How do you reignite passion, power, and purpose?

I’m very focused on self-care. I have daily routines that are non-negotiable. I’m an early morning riser, so I’m up between 4:30 AM and 5:00 AM where I meditate. I tap this EFT every morning and I work out about five times a week. Things like that to me are essential when you want to give to others. When I’m with clients, that’s one of the things I focus on most of all. If you want to serve others, you must look after yourself. Those are non-negotiables in my life and it makes it simple because I don’t have children in the house anymore either. I can be a little bit more selfish these days.

We’ve got all kinds of business owners here. A lot of us fall out of routines and what you said, the words non-negotiable routines, were so powerful. You also said something simple yet profound, which is if you are going to give to others and serve others, you have to look after yourself. That is so brilliant. Talk to me about the Reclaim You, what is that program?

I have a great belief that success is not changing who you are, it’s reclaiming who you are. We are all born with amazing abilities that through events, words, and people, our past, we lose parts of ourselves. It’s like pieces are shattered and we reach a point where we don’t change, we don’t need to change. We are who we need to be and all we need to do is go back and reclaim those aspects of us that get lost in the business of life. Raising a child with Asperger’s syndrome, now called Autism spectrum, I learned very early on that in order to be present for my son to help him navigate his world, I had to be a whole human being. I have to be a whole mother.

He’s now 31 and doing very well and about to get married. He’s got a great job. He lives in Montreal. I learned during those days of great trauma and great stress and he was diagnosed a long, long time before the things that have evolved now. The times when I was most shattered was when he was most stressed. I learned that very early on that I just needed to be myself. I didn’t need to be anybody else in order to truly connect with him. You talk about heart-based entrepreneurs. We are heart-centered people. When our hearts are whole, we attract people into our lives. You don’t have to be anybody different. We simply need to reclaim the shattered pieces that get lost in life.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. I like the concept of reclaiming who you are. I’m thinking to myself, “Part of my journey over the last two decades has been picking up those pieces of me that I forgot.” The word ‘reclaim’ fits. The other thing that is so true to me is when you are heart-centered, when you’re authentic, and integrity, and transparent, you’re focused on living in the present with your heart and with knowing who you are and what your passion is, and the universe just keep sending you more of that.

That’s the law of attraction in essence. You attract you. I believe whenever we’re going through massive change or disruption in our lives, we’re seeking to get quiet and I ask what do I need to heal within me at the moment. If things are not happening in your business, if you got blocks somewhere in your business, instead of looking outward all the time, it’s to take some time to say, “Do I need to heal? Where’s this pattern that keeps happening in my life? Where am I creating this pattern in the past and what do I need to heal in order to allow this to let go?”

The HeartMath Institute, which is based in California has done some fabulous research about the impact of our heart energy. It reaches out about nine feet from us, so whatever you’re feeling in your heart, you push that energy out to battle radius of about nine feet around you. I was explaining to clients, you know what it’s like if you walk into a room and someone’s having an argument, you can feel that energy. It’s like this block and that’s the same with us, too. Authenticity is a word that gets bandied around.

We know what authenticity is because heart-centered entrepreneurs feel that. They know that. They sense it and it comes about when you go to a networking event and you meet some people that you resonated with and then people where you go, “I don’t like that energy.” You can’t explain it, but it’s that authenticity. Heart-centered entrepreneurs are being called to step into the true sense of who they are because we need leaders who are heart-centered and authentic to change what’s going on in the world and I think we’re being called to do this.

HPR 19 | Reclaiming Yourself
Reclaiming Yourself: We need leaders who are heart-centered to change what’s going on in the world.

I couldn’t agree more about needing heart-centered leaders and I love how the universe works. I was chatting with somebody about the fact that in their particular organization, they need to change all of the leadership and my question was. “Why?” They said, “We’re not heart-centered leaders and because of that we’re losing customers. We’re not able to complete for business that needs to be done, whether it’s politics or it’s something else that needs to come from the heart.” People are getting that finally. I’m glad to hear that’s part of what you talk about.

You mentioned asking a question that I loved, “What do I need to heal?” I want the audience to note that and remind them that that’s a real writer-downer from Sally. Look at what’s happening in your life. Look at what happens over and over again that you don’t want. It’s not quite right yet. You look at what you’re not attracting what you want in your business or your life. You had mentioned that you and your husband, you’ve been married for 35 years. You’re now rediscovering a new passion, power, and purpose for the next stage of your life. Would you be willing to talk a little bit about that?

My husband is ten years older than I am. I mentioned that I have three terrific kids, two now have made their home in Canada. We live in the Gold Coast in Queensland. My husband is Canadian, so I have dual citizenship. Two of them have made their home in Canada and one still here lives here but she’s going to Canada. My husband and I sat down and said, “What do we do?” We don’t want to give up this life here because we live by the ocean and it’s warm and we love it, but we also want to be able to be free to travel and to spend time with the children. We are building a new business. We’ve looked at everything that we didn’t want in our lives. We’ve packaged it up to something we do want. What’s wonderful about this stage of our lives for both of us, the majority of the mindset has always been when you reach 60 and 70, you’re thinking about retiring. That’s about the furthest thing from our minds.

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What I love about this is I’m continually asking myself, “What am I doing now that will sustain me for the next 30 years? Where is my passion?” Because we don’t have children and school fees and worrying about dance lessons, which most of our money went on, now the money that we make can be about what we want to do and so we continually ask the question, “How can we best serve ourselves now in this stage of our life, this next 30 years of our life? What are we going to do?” We’re looking continually with, “What’s my passion? What’s my purpose? Where do I feel powerful?” We’re continually re-honing our business to do that, to be free to travel. Thank goodness for the internet where we can connect in ways we could never do that before. It’s a perfect time for us to reclaim exactly what we want to do in our lives.

I want you to know that in this conversation I’m feeling more passionate. I hope that our audience are excited about rediscovering their passion, power, and purpose. Sally, how can they connect with you? Where can they find you?

They can connect me on Facebook, I’m Sally Thibault, or our website, I’d love to continue the conversation.

I honor you and I look forward to staying connected with you, Sally. 

Thank you so much, Terri.

Thanks again, Sally. 

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About Sally Thibault

HPR 19 | Reclaiming Yourself

Sally is the author of two books  Tapping to Reclaim You and David’s Gift Asperger’s Life and Love, Professional Speaker, Certified EFT Practitioner & International EFT Trainer, and she holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling.

She is the creator of The 2 & 20 Principle helping busy women to cut through the information overwhelm with a breakthrough blueprint to turn time honoured principles into simple habits to massively increase energy, productivity and success.

And EFT for Business Leaders a training program designed exclusively for coaches, team leaders and business leaders, to help them to implement the Energy Psychology Technique known as Tapping to assist their clients, team members and staff.

Sally has been featured extensively in International and Australian media and is currently the weekly Life Coaching Expert on over 20 Radio Stations across Australia. She is the host of the weekly Reclaim You Podcast and the Isn’t It Time Facebook Show.

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