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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 2 | Be A Celebrity In Your Niche | Terri Levine

21st October 20160


Be A Celebrity In Your Niche

I am glad have you back and joining me and delighted that you are amping up your business.  Turbo Charging Your Business and Making the Shift to a Heartrepreneur.  Really breathe in the words heartrepreneur.  It lets you enjoy your business more than ever before.  Achieve what you want in your business and overcome the blocks and limitations that have held you back so you can create your business your way.  From your heart.  You know before we get into the gist of today’s show, take a minute.  Visualize yourself having more income.  Having more sales.  More revenue and more profits and actually having all of this with ease.  I really want to help you shift and transform your business.  Every time we get together here, I want to assist you further and further your journey.  So that you can really understand how to bring heart into business and to make the connections that you want and to truly be noticed in today’s marketplace.

In order for you to rise up to the top, and for the marketplace to notice you, you want to be above an authority.  A lot of people talk about authority.  An authority is someone who has an expertise.  Right?  I am an authority in financial planning, health and weight loss coaching, business consulting, whatever it might be.  There is something bigger, better, greater, beyond that will totally shift your business.  This is where you are at the pinnacle.  The pinnacle in a field that person will attract the most business.  They are at the top of the field making the bulk of the money.  I want that person to be you.  Inside of you there is a calling to be a more conscience leader and to business more heart to heart, more integrity and more authentically.

I want to help you to get to the pinnacle and to become a celebrity.  What do I mean by celebrity?  The celebrity in the field is the one that everyone knows.  Who is the guru of life coaching/ most likely you will say Tony Robbins.  He is noticed in the marketplace.  The marketplace gets excited and choses him.  He can charge anything he wants.  He is the chosen one.  Think about the word celebrity.  That word is just like the celebrities you are familiar with in movies, print, television.  People love famous people.  In our society, we are attracted to famous people.  As I am here with you, and you allow me to help you get position, you are going to be right at the top.  Take a moment with me and I want you without thinking, go right from your heart, not in your head, and name your very favorite celebrity.  Go.  Ok.  The person got positioned as a celebrity.  It didn’t just happen overnight.  They got there.  The celebrity might not always be the best of the best in their field.  They might not be the best at fashion design, relationship consulting, speaker, it doesn’t matter.  Once they got to celebrity, they are magnetic.  They pull people towards them and this, this, this is the concept of reverse marketing.  People coming towards you.

Think about your own marketplace.  Your own niche, your own specialized field.  Who is the celebrity in your marketplace?  Who is the top of the top that people think of?  If you look at life coaching, look at Tony Robbins.  How did Tony get to be who he is?  He did something.  He positioned himself.  It’s about positioning yourself.  He did infomercials.  He invested in infomercials and they literally positioned him.  The question I want you to ask yourself is how can I position myself?  So that the marketplace truly, visions me and sees me at the top.  Now, we are heartrepreneurs right?  So positioning for this is different than for a large corporation.  We are not going to spend thousands of dollars on branding and positioning.  If you know me at all, you know I am all about low and no cost marketing.  Let’s remember, we don’t need to do that anymore because we have the internet.  The internet gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as the celebrity.  The internet allows us to impact our marketplace and have them seeing us the way we want them to.  Now, please remember, it’s authentic and honest.  You want to identify the kind of characteristics your marketplace wants.  You want to be the person that the market is looking for.  Of course, having the highest intrinsic value.

Why become a celebrity?  Because you are sought after.  People flock to you.  I want you to ask yourself three questions.  You might want to journal these.  Who is your ideal target audience?  If I say to you I am going to make you famous, what can I make you famous for?  And going back to your unique positioning, how are you different from other people?  Target audience.  Famous for.  Differentiation.  Those three things.  You might say, I don’t know how to be famous.  The truth is you get what you focus on.  If I never saw myself impacting millions of people with my messages, my products and services, that would never happen.  I didn’t do that for fame or money.  I did it because I have a burning passion.  To impact people.  You need to amp up your mission, your vision, your passion, for what you are doing.  If it’s important enough, you will want to be sought after and famous so that you can impact masses of people.  What makes you different?  What is your core unique positioning statement?

I want you and you want you to be positioned above everybody else.  So that core unique positioning will help you become the expert.  You simply take your core, unique positioning message and you put it into everything you do.  That is your brand.  Social media, signature files, business cards, blogs, audios, website, everywhere if you have a store, in your store.  Everywhere.  Everything must reflect that same core unique positioning because that is the desired perception.  You want your audience, listen carefully, you want your audience to perceive you as a celebrity.  Before they even do business with you!  You want people to be able to hear you, see you, know about you, experience you, trial your products and services so that they say this:  They say wow, this the leader.  This is the expert celebrity in the field.  I want to either follow them, know them, hear them, be with them, to buy from them.  This is pretty exciting stuff…just so you know.  It’s not that hard to be a celebrity in your field.

If you have the book, Turbo Charge, how to transform your business as a Heartrepreneur, open it.  Start at page 31 and read the entire section which ends on page 40.  It’s short and simple and it’s all there.  I also recommend you actually go to Amazon when you get Turbo Charge, and get the audios as well.

I am glad you tuned in today and I look forward to serving you in the next episode of Heartrepreneur® Radio.

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