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HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 212 | The Art Of The Introduction With Charlie Cina

HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself


Introducing yourself the right way is essential in creating the right impression for the person across you. A weak introduction makes you appear weak as a whole, and ultimately, the other person won’t be enticed to go into business with you. Charlie Cina has leveraged his expertise in sales and marketing to work and collaborate with many different billion-dollar brands. Together with Terri Levine, Charlie goes into what makes for a strong introduction. Learn to make the right first impression today!

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The Art Of The Introduction With Charlie Cina

I’m delighted that you are joining us once again. As a reminder, Heartrepreneur stands for doing business with transparency, integrity and authenticity. Notice if you’re doing that in your business or if you may be a bit transactional, at Heartrepreneur, we focus only on our client family members. We’re not hunting for prospective clients. We’re here to help you. I am so excited about the show and I’m looking forward to it so much. This is going to be a goody because I have a friend of mine who I not only love and adore, but who I believe is one of the most masterful people and is going to share information with you that you’re going to want to tune into.

Charlie Cina captivates his audience. He teaches them how to master the art of the introduction. Have you ever been trained in the art of introduction? I didn’t know anybody trained anyone in that and it’s brilliant. Once you know the art of introduction, you can attract high-level clients, reach your personal potential. Most importantly, you can drive massive revenue. Charlie does it all. He writes, speaks, consults and his followers are known as the Disciples of Sales. Charlie believes that the ability to present and persuade are necessary life skills that everyone needs to succeed. He teaches that the primary responsibility in your business is to expose your brand, products, services and solutions. That’s how you build long-lasting revenue relationships. He’s done everything. He’s worked with and collaborated with billion-dollar brands. He has acquired clients that are at the top of the motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Eric Thomas. He’s had 30 years of boots on the ground. I trust him. I believe in him. I know that he has a simple formula that is going to help you connect with the high-level clients that you actually want. Here’s my friend, my guest and my expert, Charlie Cina.

You’re awesome. I’m walking on waters.

That is not my typical introduction as our audience know. Usually, it’s a very short intro. However, you’re very unusual. Your background is that unusual and what you do with unusual. Let’s start with how you get into this profession and what drew you here?

Are you talking about sales or are you talking about the speaker and authoring component?

A lot of people miss the organic opportunities that are right in front of them every day. Click To Tweet

I’m talking about all of it. What led you down this awesome path?

What led me down the path is as a young kid, I grew up in Buffalo, New York. We’re neighbors. You’re in Philadelphia. The summers are great, winters aren’t so great. I learned at an early age that you had to hustle. I would watch older kids at the time growing up who was at the convenience store getting baseball cards or the new little widget toy. The newspaper lady used to be down the street. She used to open up her garage and all the kids from the surrounding area used to come and get the paper. I was never old enough. At the time, I was maybe 6, 7 and 8. I said, “I’m going to be a paperboy.” Prior to that, I started shoveling driveways and raking leaves. Finally, I was old enough to become a paperboy. I found out what the best paper route was.

It was in a high-rise tower that was three blocks from my house. I went to this young man who was sixteen and he used to pull up his car, throw his papers in the back of the trunk. I said, “What’s it going to take for me to get your paper?” I’m 11, 12 at that time. He said, “Give me $100 and you got the route.” I had some money saved. I went back home and gave him $100. He handed me his paper route. In the winter, then I would deliver my papers. It would take me about ten minutes in the winter once I got there, but it was heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. That particular business allowed me to understand a simple concept, which was the more you introduce, the more you produce.

I knew that the more papers I delivered when I went to collect every week, I don’t remember what I made. Maybe $0.50 a door or whatever it was, but it wasn’t that. It was $1 or $2 or gifts that sweet, little, old ladies on the fifth and sixth floor used to leave me. I knew that knocking doors and learning how to overcome objections because everyone didn’t say yes, would increase my distribution. It sounds very basic, which it is but it’s not because in business all about introducing yourself, your business, your brand and increasing your distribution, your services or the reverse is customer acquisition. You’re going to distribute your product or acquire a customer, acquire your product and distribute. That’s where I started and in retrospect, it taught me a lot.

That is brilliant to go up and say, “What’s it going to take to get the paper route?” Most people wouldn’t ask that. That’s a great way to break in and in Nike’s word, just do it. I have a similar story. I was a Girl Scout in Yonkers, New York. I lived in an apartment complex. There were apartments everywhere. It was Girl Scout cookie selling time. I figured the more doors I knock on, the more cookies I’ll sell. I never thought of, “What if people say no?” I never thought of it. I knocked on doors with my little uniform. The next thing I knew, I had sold more Girl Scout cookies than any Girl Scout in the entire state of New York. It was a great lesson for me. It does go with asking, exposing and introducing. The lesson for me was the more people I ask, the more people that say yes. That stayed with me and that’s how I built all my businesses.

HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself
Introducing Yourself: Once you get somebody’s attention, you want to get them to continue to pay attention.


You said something in the intro, “We don’t go and force or look for prospects.” I know a lot of people miss the organic opportunities that are right in front of them every day. One thing I teach and preach, whether I’m speaking on a stage at an insurance conference or a real estate conference, whether I’m going in and doing a workshop or going even into a small-medium business is I’ll tell them I’m straight up. There are organic opportunities that are right there. You’re on a plane, a train, at your dry cleaners, at your daughter’s dance recital. People need to get very good at reaching out saying hello and then mastering the art of the introduction, mastering their power presentation.

Let’s talk about power presentation. Let’s say I don’t know you. I’m sitting next to you on an airplane and I said, “How are you doing?” Then what?

The million-dollar question in business, no matter which side of the conversation you’re on is, “What do you do?” Whether you’re asking the question or you’re receiving the question, what do you do? It’s going to come out in a conversation, especially in a business environment or even while you’re traveling on a plane. Most people will give their title. They’ll say, “I’m an insurance agent,” or “I’m a receptionist.” That’s where they miss it. That’s the title on your card. That’s how we’ve been programmed. You take out your business card and you hand it to somebody and you say, “I’m a receptionist.” That’s not what you do. What company do you represent? What does that company do? What problem does that company solve for a client? That’s the direction that you need to take the conversation when that question’s asked and most people don’t.

As people might know, I live in Mexico in the winter. That’s why my background isn’t a typical background, which is beautiful. I took a break during the day and I was taking a little walk on the beach and started chatting with a woman who was also walking. She did ask me, “What do you do? Are you retired?” I said, “No.” She said, “Are you working from here?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “What do you do?” My answer wasn’t, “I’m a business consultant, a speaker, an author.” I said, “I work with small business owners and I double and triple their revenue guaranteed.” She grabbed my arm and said, “We have to talk.” Think about the difference in that. That’s your point.

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I met a guy at a conference a couple of years ago. I went to a sales conference here at Mandalay Bay. It was a Grant Cardone sales conference. There were 10,000 people. As I was going into the conference, it was packed. I know Grant and all of his people. The one guy saw me and was like, “Come this way.” I still go through the people. I said, “I appreciate you. I’m going to go get a cup of coffee.” I sit down at the Starbucks at Mandalay Bay, open up my laptop and there’s this gentleman sitting next to me with his baby boy. I reached over and said, “My name is Charlie. What’s your name?” He said, “Lester.” I said, “Lester, it’s nice to meet you. What do you do?” He said, “I’m a speaker and a trainer.” As you know, what I do is I help speakers and trainers with an online training platform. I help them create content that they can sell online. He looked at me and said, “What do you do?”

I knew exactly what power presentation I was going to give him. I said, “Lester, I empower speakers, trainers and subject matter experts like you to monetize your content online, worldwide guaranteed in just three easy steps.” He goes, “I need that.” Long story short, I flipped open my laptop and showed him the three easy steps, which were, “I’m going to present your content in a way that’s unforgettable online and offline. I’m going to position you where you become the only logical choice where people are going to want to buy your content and then you’re going to profit while you sleep by you creating this residual income by selling your content online.” The guy took out his credit card literally after 30 minutes. A complete stranger in a hotel, I’m sitting there with a laptop and we did business. I do business 24/7 on a plane and on a train. I’ve done deals washing my hands coming out of a bathroom where a guy will say, “Are you from here? Nice sport coat,” and a conversation ignites. Your audience should write this down. Here’s your objective. If you’re a business owner, a sales professional, if you’re out there looking to build even personal relationships, you have to learn how to have conversations that convert.

Conversations that convert.

When you can connect with somebody and convey who you are, what you do and your intentions, you will have conversations that convert. You’re not selling, you’re not being pushy, you’re not being awkward. When you can have those conversations and spark interest or peak interest within that other individual, I call it a reverse call to action. You don’t have to be pushed. You don’t have to prospect. People will want what you have versus you having to convince them that you have what they need.

We are so aligned. In my book, Sell Without Selling: Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, I teach the concept of reverse marketing. Every single day people raise their hand and they come to me and they ask me questions versus me going, “Here’s my stuff. My stuff is great. Buy my stuff. I can help you.” It’s important because I had an opportunity to look at your amazing online platform. I’d like to make sure we talk about that. Let’s tell people where they can check you out, where they can reach you, where they can connect with you?

For several years, I’ve been helping people like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas. I don’t know if anyone’s out there that has watched the show Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro makes all the crazy cakes. I acquired him as a client by cold calling him and having my power presentation down. When you can master that introduction and that power presentation, it doesn’t matter whether you’re making a cold call or a one-on-one meeting or an email. When you can master that presentation and that verbiage, it opens doors. I help them create online training platforms so they can deliver their content 24/7 worldwide. A couple of years ago, when I started getting asked to speak, I started the process of writing my book, the natural progression for me was to get high on my own supply.

HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself
Introducing Yourself: People need to get very good at reaching out, saying hello, and mastering the art of the introduction and the power presentation.


I’ve been selling it, now I’ve got to be a user of it. I went in the studio, recorded the content and the platform itself is the Expose and Close Academy and it is designed to help people make sales and marketing easy. When I say marketing, I’m not talking about billboard advertising. I’m talking about advertising your brand and your personality on a day-to-day basis with the organic opportunities that are right in front of you. There are about 3.5, 4 hours of content on there. I broke it up into simple, digestible chunks to where you can go on. You watch a 3, 4-minute module, digest it, then go onto the next one. You can plug in from any laptop, desktop or mobile device, which is cool. People even in their car, if they want to plug in and listen to it as audio versus video, that’s certainly possible.

I have checked it out and I’d like to be on the platform. You and I need to talk about that. You need to check it out. Where can they find it and who is it designed for specifically?

They can go to It’s been designed for anybody that is out in the world that needs to acquire customers, needs to get a job and wants to build relationships. I don’t say that in a generic fashion. The whole concept for Expose and Close came to be because a young guy showed up at my office that heard me doing a Facebook Live about Jon Taffer. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show Bar Rescue on TV. It’s a reality show. Jon goes in there and rescues bars. I was telling my story about how I did the knock and acquired Jon as a client. I called Jon, tried talking to his people, emailed them, voicemail. I couldn’t get his attention. I found out he moved his operation to Las Vegas.

I went old school. I got in my car and I rang a buzzer and a camera. I was dressed up. They buzzed me in and the girl said, “Can I help you?” I said, “I’m here to see Jon.” She said, “He’s not in. Do you have an appointment?” I said, “No, I don’t but I need to see him.” She said, “What’s it pertaining to?” I said, “I empower speakers and trainers.” I went in there with my power pitch. The vice president came up and I ended up signing Jon Taffer, who I ended up meeting with three days later. That being said, this young gentleman saw that Facebook Live. He does the knock on me.

He shows up and said, “I drove from LA. I wanted to meet you and somebody else here in Vegas.” I gave him my card, which had my personal cell number on it. Before you know it, the phone calls start coming in and I’m mentoring this young man, not even realizing that I’m mentoring. For me, that’s what I love to do. He called me and I leave the dinner table and my wife would go, “Where are you going?” Long story short, he decided that he was going to do an event and he protégéd it under Les Brown. He said, “Les is agreed to come in and do the event.” I said, “That’s awesome.” He said, “Would you come in and speak?” I said, “Andy, what would you like me to speak about?” He goes, “How did you get Jon Taffer, Les Brown and Tony Robbins?” I said to him, “I expose and close.” He goes, “You have exposed and closed marketing system?” That’s when the bell went off for me. I’m like, “Yes, I do.”

I bought the domain. I was in the process of writing a book and that’s when it all changed for me. It all came together. Sometimes our answers, we already have and we’re giving them out as advice and they’re right in front of us. That’s how I wrote the book. That’s how I started speaking. That’s what prompted me to say I’m going to make my own virtual training platform. It’s been great selling it from stages when I speak and people are buying it online. Like a book, it’s another way for people to engage in my content, which is powerful.

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For the readers, if you don’t have a system and a great introduction like that, if you’re looking to get exposure and had an online system that exposes for you and that helps for you, you’re definitely going to want to go over to Expose and Close. I’m not going to say that I checked out a lot of online systems. I’ve owned a lot of online systems. I haven’t been impressed by most of them. In fact, we’ve used a few and I’ve said, “That’s not good.” When I got your system and went into it, I was like, “This is so much better than anything I’ve seen.” I don’t typically endorse people’s systems unless I use them and I’m a big fan.

I endorse the system. I’ve said to my own client, family members, “If you want a small business, a trainer, an author, a content creator or you just own a business and you want more client family members through what I call reverse marketing or reverse selling, where people will actually come to you and get familiar with you, this is the system.” When someone perhaps is reading and they say, “I like Charlie’s information. He’s a bright guy,” maybe they want you to come to speak. If I wanted you to come to let’s say an event that I’m hosting, what would be a great topic for you to speak on?

Presenting on purpose is one. How do you present on purpose? I go over the art of the introduction, but then I go into tips, strategies and techniques. Not only from the point of the introduction, but then how do you start taking people through the sales process within that first 60 seconds, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes. By the time you get them on the telephone or on a demo or a one-on-one meeting or whatever the case might be, I believe 80% of that deal or opportunity is closed at hello. I give my topic a specific to expose and close. A short version is you need to use every road tip strategy, technique to educate yourself and get to the bank. You and I are in the space.

I’m having an event. Like you, I’m starting to do my own events and it’s amazing to me when you invite people to an event. People will say, “I’m pretty successful or I’m doing well.” People don’t know their potential in their space, so they dominate. One of the big things with the whole Expose and Close that I focus on is the how-to, and ultimately you need to educate yourself in order to elevate yourself so you can dominate your space. When you educate yourself, you can educate others. They’re getting educated, they’re elevating, they’re dominating. Business owner, speaker, trainer, housewife, a dad, it doesn’t matter. We’re all here to mentor and I use the term disciple of sales because I believe that nothing out there is new. We’re both in the space and if a new musician comes out, chances are the same instruments and the same notes are being played. The difference is how do you put your own personality into it, your own strategy, your own creativity? I’m trying to make sales, marketing and networking easy for everybody where they can go out and shake a hand and eventually get them to shout from the rooftops who they are, what they do and what problems they can help people solve.

This is important because I constantly talk to business owners and then they’re going to Meetups. They’re going to leads groups, BNI, LeTip and they’re joining all this networking. I’ll ask them, “Is that working for you?” They’re like, “No, not really.” I’m like, “What do you say at these meetings?” They have some memorize corny pitch, “I’m the dream creator. I help people turn their dreams to reality.” I’m like, “I don’t have a clue what you do. I don’t even know what that means.” They aren’t creating relationships. They aren’t doing a power pitch. It’s one of the things I want the audience to take notice, and I’m fascinated by this, in almost every answer and every question. Charlie’s made it simple. He’s made it easy. He’s given you three words that are the key concept of everything he says. For me, it gets me intrigued and interested like, “Dominate your space. What do you mean by that?”

If you go back and I’m going to recommend that you reread this episode. I’m doing a highlight every time Charlie uses three words because I’m telling you those are nuggets that are very important. Even in what he does Expose and Close. You have two words. They’re simple. They opened me up to curiosity and at the same time, I know the result. If you’re reading and you’re saying, “I would like to be exposed to more ideal client family members and yes, I would like to close more of them or have them close themselves and buy for me so that I can help more people in the world by delivering the one result I deliver,” you’re going to want to go to Charlie, what do you have to say to anyone who’s reading that says, “Now what?” What’s the number one action that you want people to take as a result of our conversation?

I don’t believe in motivation. What I mean by that is motivation is like happiness. No one’s happy all day, every day, 24/7. I believe inspiration is more powerful. My whole key for 2020, and this is me personally, is I am taking inspired actions. If I’m inspired, thought thoughts are things. If I have a thought, I want to take time out of the equation and I want to implement it quickly. That said, I believe that when you wake up in the morning, you have to wake up inspired, take action with the right intention. The first thing that you should do is the following. It’s like my little nursery rhyme. It should be your intention when you wake up in the morning to get attention.

HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself
Introducing Yourself: If you’re a business owner or a sales professional, you have to learn how to have conversations that convert.


Once you get somebody’s attention, you want to get them to pay attention. Once you get them to pay attention, eventually they’ll pay you for your attention. How you’re going to have piqued their interest? You involve them in the sales process and it might not be a sales process from a standpoint of wanting to sell them something. Maybe I want to build a relationship with Terri or her husband or invite him to my church. Once you get them to pay attention, they’ll pay you for your attention. They’ll take your invitation, they’ll come to your event, they’ll come to your church, they’ll buy your product and give you a referral. You’ll end up coming to Vegas, you’ll go to dinner and you’ll bring your friend to this lavish restaurant for big bowls of strawberries and whipped creams.

That’s wisdom. This is one of the many things that attracts me to Charlie. Go to Charlie, anything else they should go to or look at before we go?

The website is where I offer my online training program. You can also link there to my website. That is specific for consulting, for speaking events, one-on-one coaching.

Charlie, I want to thank you not only for being my guest, but for the amazing wisdom that you provide. More importantly, for being someone that I consider a great friend that I am looking forward to spending more time with. I want to make sure that I expose you to more of the people in my world because I know they need what you have.

Terri, thank you. Our feelings are mutual. It was great to spend time with you and Mark when you visited Vegas. I look forward to nurturing the relationship and doing more things together.

For our audience, I recommend you to revisit this episode numerous times. Read some of the keywords that Charlie used. I’ve never had a guest, and I’ve been doing shows for many years, who has dropped more nuggets in a short amount of time. You owe it to yourself to go to the website, number one action. Number two action is reread and 100% commit. Highlight and copy some of these words because they are brilliant nuggets of wisdom. If you have an opportunity to hear Charlie speak, if he’s doing an event, go. If you are looking for help with your introduction, with your power presentation, with Expose and Close, this is the guy. If you want more exposure and more client family members, then definitely become someone who uses the platform. Charlie, thank you for joining me. I appreciate it. Thank you to you, our readers, for being here and joining us.

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About Charlie Cina

HPR 212 | Introducing YourselfCharlie Cina captivates his audiences and teaches them how to master the art of the introduction so people can attract high-level clients and reach their personal potential to drive massive revenue. Through his writings, speaking, and consulting, he has built a vast group of followers known as Disciples of Sales. Charlie believes that the ability to present and persuade are necessary life skills that everyone needs to succeed. He will teach you that your primary responsibility in business is to expose your brand, expose your products, expose your services, and expose your solutions to build long-lasting revenue relationships.

Charlie leveraged his expertise in sales and marketing to work with and collaborate with billion-dollar brands. He has acquired clients that are the top motivational speakers, trainers in the world like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Eric Thomas. His 30 years of boots on the ground and under fire sales experience has led him to create proven techniques and strategies to activate, acquire, and achieve massive success.

Charlie will transfer to your audience his simple formula to make sales easy, so anyone who implements can potentially connect with high-level clients and billion-dollar companies.

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