March 2

The Best Your Podcast Can Be With Carrie Caulfield Arick


Carrie Caulfield Arick comes from a family of entrepreneurs and side hustlers. So creating something that she could do to meet her family’s needs and, especially their futures, came naturally. In particular, Carrie’s goal of building a successful from-home business revolved around her autistic son. She wanted to craft a business she could learn, step away from stimulus when needed, set his own hours and take advantage of working online. This motivation, coupled with missing podcasting after retiring her first show, The Digiscrap Geek, launched Carrie on a journey to create what she knew podcasters need: YaYa Podcasting.

The forced retirement of The Digiscrap Geek, a podcast devoted to modern memory keeping -- and the inception of the idea for YaYa Podcasting -- was due to finite time. As the family historian, Carrie found joy in her podcast and the show was popular. It was even listed on iTunes New & Noteworthy. However, there was no time for her to enjoy success. There was just too much to do. Like other podcasters, Carrie found herself spending hours upon hours on the necessary components to host and produce a successful podcast. Eventually, she had to make the hard decision so many podcasters face: she had to give up her podcast.

However, that didn’t mean she was giving up podcasting entirely. Podcasting gets into your blood and those who do it, do it for the love of it. But she knew there had to be a better way. She also knew she was not the only one who needed help with all the things that can overwhelm a podcaster. So she set out to create what met her own pain points - because she firmly believes success should be enjoyed.

Starting as a freelancer, Carrie began working behind the scenes for different podcasts as a consultant and editor. She spent thousands of hours learning everything about podcasting, invested money in the necessary equipment and advanced techniques, and committed herself to keep up with what is transpiring in the industry. Then, in 2018, she took the leap to work in podcast production full time, becoming the founder of YaYa Podcasting.

Today, Carrie meets the needs of podcasters in the areas that rob the bulk of their time: editing, marketing and copywriting. She even coaches other podcasters on what they can improve on, in order to take their podcast to the next level. By doing much of the heavy lifting in podcast production, Carrie provides the freedom for podcasters to focus on doing what they do best: sharing their message.

Along with running YaYa Podcasting, Carrie is the host of Just Podcasting, a seasonal show the explores podcasting life and culture. She is also a co-founder of the female podcast producers and editors community, Just Busters. A robust community, Just Busters helps empower professional women in new media through networking, mentorship, advocacy, and monthly trainings.

A sought-after speaker and coach, Carrie has shared her knowledge with audiences at places like Podcast Movement, Podfest, She Podcasts Live, 1 Million Cups, BC Stack’s Podcasters Kit, and more. When she’s not helping podcasters or caring for her family, Carrie herds cats and enjoys her quirky seaside town in Delaware.

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