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UncategorisedHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 231 | Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Power With Sandra Meehan 

July 6, 2020

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We all have our unique power, but not many of us have tapped into them, especially for women who struggle to let go of who they are and embrace their feminine power in a male-dominated environment. In this episode, Terri Levine invites someone whose vision is to touch the lives of a million women directly and indirectly. She interviews Sandra Meehan of The PowerFULL You about her own journey to reclaiming that divine feminine power and then helping other women do the same and connect to the very essence of who they are. She then goes deep into forgiveness, anger, self-confidence, and self-worth, reminding women of the powerful light that is already inside them, waiting to shine.

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Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Power With Sandra Meehan

Before I introduce my guest, I want you to take a moment and think about what is working in your life. What’s going right? What’s going well? What are you feeling gratitude for? What kind of internal inspiration are you feeling to make a difference for your prospective client, family members, patients, customers or your current ones? I encourage you to come from that place. That’s what being a Heartrepreneur is all about. I want to introduce my guest and I can tell this is someone that you are going to truly enjoy. My brief chat with her before we started, I can tell that she is a true Heartrepreneur.

Sandra Meehan is a guest of mine, who I can already tell a few things about. She’s forthright, intelligent, and savvy. As I said, she is a Heartrepreneur for which you will see in this episode. She has a vision of touching the lives of a million women directly or indirectly. She’s one of 22 visionary women to be featured in the second edition of Change Makers for International Women’s Day. She is a disruptor, a change-maker, a leader and she’s Heartrepreneur based. She’s authentic. She’s willing to be transparent, to be vulnerable, to be raw and that’s what we’re going to do. She’s also not afraid to rock the boat in her industry. Welcome to the show.  

Thank you for the introduction. It’s awesome to be here chatting with you and your viewers.

I’m excited to have you. My first question is how did you get into what you’re doing? I’m always curious how people’s journeys unfold for them.

It was a life-changing moment when I looked in the mirror one day and I didn’t know who I was. It sent me down a rabbit hole of finding who Sandra was and through that journey, I went through a divorce and a retrenchment. Because I didn’t know who I was, my growth from that then led me to want to help other women who get to run about 50, because I was 50 and I don’t know who I am.

I can relate to that. I can tell you that when I was around 40, 38 or 39, all of a sudden I woke up one day and thought, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why don’t I feel happy doing it?” I decided to dramatically change my life. What leads you to be inspired in helping women? Where is that coming from?  

It comes from my own resistance to wanting to work with women, of being around women and through my journey having three mothers under the age of three and having to deal with all that. The more I talk to women, the more they have issues with the divine feminine power. My journey in finding my own power is finding that feminine power to help other women connect to their divine feminine and the very essence of who they are.

How do you do that? Let’s say that’s me. I raised my hand and say, “That’s me.” How would you begin to help someone like that? What does the journey look like?

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A lot of the reasons why most women aren’t in their divine feminine is much of their childhood. It’s a lot of connection with our mother, our grandmother, and our feminine lineage. It goes back to lifetimes after lifetimes. We start to work on that inner child, the very essence of the little inner. I would work on the very inner child that she might have locked away or blocked away, but she doesn’t even know it is there, which is stopping you from being truly visible in everyday life.

I knew we’re going to have a great time together. I relate to that. My dad was a great salesman and a great marketer, and he was this tough man. As I evolved, I took on a lot of those qualities. It was no surprise that I became the president of a national healthcare company. I was the only woman. Everybody else in the powerful positions were men. I did what they did. I smoked cigars. I drank scotch. I used curse words. I wanted to be this badass until I did a lot of work with someone who helped me tap into the feminine side, the softer side and not only did I find my life was so much more joyful, my relationships changed. My business changed and the way I truly feel about myself changed. Give us an example of someone you’ve worked with and where they started and what their gap was and where they’ve evolved to.

Lots of women have forgotten how to be women. They might dress in dresses and wear makeup and that, but they have forgotten initially how to be women and men have forgotten how to be men. That’s the basics of it because we’ve been in such male-dominated energy before 2012 when we got into the divine feminine. Most women will be hard and cold and I don’t know that they are like that. It’s about tapping into that very essence of slowly letting things go. The more that you let things go and you start that forgiveness program, and I know you’re very much into forgiveness because I’ve seen your book, it starts with the forgiveness of self and allowing that divine feminine. What I say to my clients is because they are always around their mother, which is where a lot of it starts from, is to look past the label of the word mother. See the woman that sits behind that and ask yourself, “What’s happened to her to make her the way that she is?” and your grandmother and it goes on and on. We’ve worked through those things and when you do that, the blossom of the lotus flower opens up, the petals will open up, and the divine feminine can come through.

It’s great imagery. As you were saying that, I can see and feel it. It is interesting because you did mention forgiveness. I wrote About to Break: The Path to True Forgiveness, which shared not only my autobiography of how I came to forgiveness but to give a process to forgive. It was interesting to me. I didn’t realize that the thing holding me back was that I wasn’t forgiving others. I wasn’t forgiving myself and there was pent up anger, guilt, resentment and fear. This is a very important part of the work and I think it’s a very important part of the work for women. What is there between women and forgiveness in your viewpoint?  

It’s just not women. It’s men as well. There’s a lot of forgiveness of where the society that we live in and we believe or we have this thought process that forgiveness is about the other person. Whereas forgiveness is about you. It’s about freeing you to be able to move on because when we don’t forgive, it affects everything that we have in our lives, every relationship, every job because it’s there until it builds up to such an extent that one day you’ll crack at the wrong person. It will explode and you don’t even know why you’ve done it.

I had a brief email exchange with someone who I probably haven’t seen in years, but we’ve stayed in communication on social media and email. She messaged me and she told me that her partner walked out. She was devastated and she had all of this anger. I said, “Until you deal with the anger, you are not going to have a healthy and wealthy life. Why do you think being angry at her in some way is hurting her? You’re hurting yourself.” I encouraged her and I’m going to make a connection between the two of you, because I encouraged her to get some help, not only for forgiveness but also get herself back to find her own place. I’ll speak to one other thing. In the past, if someone did wrong to me or I perceived wrong, I would be about anger and retribution. I’ll get you back and I’ll say something meaner. That mean girls kind of thing. You said something that’s so important, “Let it go.” Let things go because all they do if I don’t let them go is cause me anger, hurt, and I even think illness. What do you think about that?

What I’d also like to add to that was when we let it go, that same lesson will tie out with other people. What I say to my clients and the women that I work with, when they first come to me, what patterns do you have in your life? That’s not what you’re learning. That’s repeating over and over. The anger is mainly not others. You’re angry at yourself because you feel you’ve made a wrong decision. It builds up inside you. Anger is normally anger at self but we project it out because what’s happening in our outside world is what’s actually happening in our inside world. If that inner world is in turmoil, our outer world is in turmoil too.

That’s profound. If someone wants to reach out to you, connect with you, and find out more, if they resonate with you, what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you, Sandra?

231HPRCaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 231 | Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Power With Sandra Meehan 
Divine Feminine Power: We think that forgiveness is about the other person when it is actually about freeing yourself to be able to move on.


Our Facebook page. We also have our webpage and it’s called That’s what my business is called because power is you. We all have our own unique power. When we have that power, we are full to do whatever we choose to do in our life. Power is not about taking people’s power. It’s about you standing in the truth of who you truly are.

That is a great comparison. When I was in Corporate America, it was a male-dominated profession. I thought I had to be tough and that was standing in some powerful place. I realize I can be soft. I can be gentle and loving. I could be who I am inside. That little girl part of me that was always fun and happy, I feel inside of me more powerful in terms of being more fulfilled. Do fulfillment and power go together in some way?  

They do, because when you’re standing in your power, you are fulfilled. You are you. You are comfortable with all your works, all the bad, all the good, all the messy bits, all the vulnerability. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter where you go, you’re standing in there and you’re fulfilled. I had a corporate life too and I stepped into my power. I became known as the corporate bitch as I only ever worked with women, not so much with the men. I haven’t worked in the corporate world for many years. My friends in the corporate world can’t believe what I’m doing. My friends in the world that I work in now are like, “What?” It’s two different people, but I’m okay because that Sandra has got me to this thing and that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve even seen photos of me back from the corporate bitch day. I don’t even look like the same person. Externally, I’ve noticed I even looked different. It’s fascinating and I’m wondering how a woman might go, “This is me.” What are the signs or symbols that somebody can pick up on now to say, “Maybe I should find out more?”

I believe that it’s coming into your heart space. When we come into our heart space and we can truly come into our heart space of unconditional love, we can snap into that divine feminine and see every soul through the eyes of love. That’s where if you’re not in that space, you’re in your head too. You come down to your heart because when we truly come down to our heart, that’s where forgiveness lies. It doesn’t lie in the head. It lies in the heart.

When I changed the name of my company many years ago to Heartrepreneur, it’s because I started living from a different place. I started living from a heart place. I felt like you want to reach millions of people and get up and share the message and transform lives. I said, “If I could teach people how to live from this place and how to be authentic, transparent, in integrity, and to do business and life that way, I know that I’ll have side effects of helping people.” Not only create better businesses but have more money, have more emotional freedom. That’s so important. What do you think is the number one thing that a woman struggles with nowadays?

I would say self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. It’s big. The women that I speak to, they say, “That’s what I struggled with.” I believe that a confident woman is the new sexy woman. If you’ve got a woman that’s confident, that’s the new sexy.

I think that women are sometimes trying so hard even in business as I’m helping them and they’re doing everything so hard. I’m like, “If you believe in yourself and you come from a place of believing that what you’re doing is the right thing, is a good thing, is important because if you’re lined up with that, everything becomes easy.” You don’t have to fight and struggle to find your clients. You don’t have to fight and struggle to compete in the world. Is there something that we can learn, do or take away that you have that could either empower us more or give us more self-confidence? Is there a tip or a tool that you have?

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I would say stand your ground and put a stick and say, “Enough is enough and I want to change.” It starts with taking responsibility. When we take responsibility for self, we mind our own business. We can then step into our power. When I say mind our own business, it’s what other people think of us is none of our business. It’s taking responsibility for whatever is going on in our lives. We are not what happened to us. We are who we have chosen to become. When we realize that, we can become anything. We’re unlimited beings and the power lies within you and we’ve all got this amazing power as humans.

We do get to make that choice and if you’re not making it consciously, subconsciously, you’re becoming whatever society is telling you and molding you, whatever you’re billowing with and not being conscious and intentional about. That’s important. I also find it interesting when people say to me, “I want to look at what people are saying about me online or here or there.” I’m like, “Don’t concern yourself with that. Concern yourself in every moment. Who am I being? Am I being who I want to be? Am I in alignment?” We’re humans. Sometimes we’re going to do or say things that aren’t quite right yet, and that’s where the self-love and the self-forgiveness come in.

More importantly, we’re human and we’re all going to make mistakes. I’m sure you can look back at things and get, “Why did I do that? Why did I say that?” That’s coming down in business. It’s coming down for our vulnerability. Strip the mask off, open your heart up, and let the world see your light and see you because that’s what you’re here to do. To be yourself.

Who is an ideal client for you? If you get to choose anyone to work with and to help and make a difference for what does that person look like?  

I’ll move my business more into helping businesswomen, stepping into the role of unlocking their visibility from the inside out. Women that want to take their business to another level, that wants to do interviews like this, come and chat with you or come and chat with me or do Lives or anything. It stops them because of their own self-worth and this little voice in their head. That’s who I work with. We’re working with them and taking them through an amazing array of different things so they can shine their light because we’ve all got a job to do. We’ve all got messages to do and that’s what I’m passionate about because over the last few months, we’ve unlocked our visibility, but it started by working on the inside.

I want to reiterate that for our audience. A lot of people even think building a business when they first come to me, “Give me the tools. Let me get clients.” I’m like, “We’re going to work on the inner view before we work on the outer actions.” If you don’t have that self-confidence and one of the actions I may suggest is do a Facebook Live or do some interviews and you’re not comfortable here, it’s not going to work for you. I’m glad to find such a kindred spirit in you, Sandra. I always tell people, when they name their business to name the actual result. Many people don’t. I want to take a moment and celebrate and honor you because you’re truly naming your business. The result that someone’s looking for, someone can easily say, “I want to feel more comfortable inside, more self-confident. I want to know who am I and how I can be more powerful.” I want to also give you kudos on that. There are many businesses with names that have nothing to do with what they do.  

Thank you, Terri. I have a glass of wine with my daughter. We wanted to change our business name and soon she was stepping into it. That’s what we had come into our own power and people kept saying to me, “You’ve truly stepped into your own power.”

That’s perfect and that’s another clue that Sandra gave you is listen to what people are saying. I had my audience name some of my programs, products, and services because they’ve told me what the end result is or what it is they’re looking for. Instead of naming your widget some fancy name coming from a place of naming a result and by the way, that’s back in being lined up and in integrity and coming from your heart. I would love for you to give some tips or clues or advice that you want people to take away from our interview together, that you want them to breathe in and that may make a big difference for them. Would you be willing to do that?

231HPRCaption2 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 231 | Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Power With Sandra Meehan 
Divine Feminine Power: When we come into our heart space of unconditional love, we can truly snap into the divine feminine power, and see every soul through the eyes of love.


My advice to anybody reading would be to take that deep breath, come in, and feel it coming to their body and come into the very presence of who they are. Anchor yourself and be present every single moment of your life. When we’re present, then we can look out and we can see what’s truly going on. That’s the most important thing that I can say is that when we are present, no matter what you want to call it, when we’re mindful for what’s happening around us and what’s happening to us, we are then aware of where we can make changes, whether it’s in business or whether it’s not. The final thing I like to leave your readers with is that if somebody triggers you or somebody upsets you, take a moment to celebrate because that’s a moment there. It’s a gift given to you by them that you’ve got an opportunity to heal and go deeper within yourself. Every time you’re triggered, celebrate and start the healing process. Whether it’s a customer, a client, your mom, your dad, your children, whoever it is. Every time I get triggered, I jump for joy. Not that I get triggered much these days, but I go, “There’s another bit, which takes me closer to who I truly am.”

That is a powerful advice. I’m not surprised. I had a huge learning where a friend of mine made a passing comment. I’m sure he meant nothing by it and maybe he did. It’s not up to me and I had all kinds of triggering responses and reactions. I thought, “I don’t usually get this triggered anymore.” Instead of being upset with him, I loved him even more. I thought this is something that I clearly need in my life. I need to learn. I need to figure out. I need to get underneath this. I need to find out why this triggers me. I did journal, breathing and meditation. Three or four days later, I unlocked something deep within myself that changed everything, including my relationship with my friend. We’re closer than ever and I’m so grateful to him for innocently triggering me. He wasn’t doing it intentionally and now allowing me to unlock and let something else go. I don’t think the work is ever done.  

The work is never done. We’re always opening up different petals within ourselves. Had you not let that gone through that process. You would be in that unforgiveness state. You wouldn’t be in integrity with what you do. That shows me that you are a woman of integrity, honesty and authenticity because you go through your own process to let it go.

We each need to find processes that work for us. We need to use them. We need to apply them and one of the other things is you need to be willing. You need to be willing to say, “I’m done with this. I’m going to change. I’m going to look at myself.” I work on myself every single day. There’s not a day that I’m not working on myself. I have the help of wonderful people, coaches and people like you. I’m grateful, not only for what you’re doing for all of the women out there and men included, because when I change, all of a sudden, my relationship changed, my husband changed. All I did was change. We changed one another. I’m very grateful for the work that you do. I want you to know that.

Thank you, Terri. Your husband changed because you showed the way that you wanted to be treated. When we show others, not that he may have not treated you properly, I’m not saying that, but when we believe that others don’t treat us well and they continue not to treat us well, it’s only because we allow him to. That’s a food for thought there. How people treat you and what happens is because you allow it.

That’s our responsibility, being conscious of that. Anything that you want to say as our last words? Anything you want the audience to take away?

Get out there and shine your light. Be the awesome human being, the spirit and physicality you came here to be. Be the very best that you can be because this is a lifetime. We are on this planet to do amazing things and we’re all capable of doing it. Get out there and just do it.

This has been an interview that I have grown from and had so much value from. Sandra, thank you so much for being here and you are such a true Heartrepreneur. You’re so authentic. You’re so raw and I know you’re going to make a huge difference to many more women. I’m happy to share you with my network of people. They need to know you.   

Thank you, Terri. It’s been awesome to be here chatting to you and to your readers all the way from Aussie.

Thank you for tuning in and just take a moment and think about what did you learn in this interview that you can actually apply? There’s a lot of incredible information here, transformational information. Ask yourself, “Why was I here? What did I learn?” The thing that perhaps you may even be resisting, that’s the thing you need to know. We welcome you. We’re glad that you’ve been with us. Understand yourself better, take some takeaways from this and then return next time here. Finally, if there’s anyone you know who could be impacted by this show, be sure to share it. We’re here to make a difference and that happens for all of us. Thank you again for joining us.

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About Sandra Meehan

Sandra Meehan 160x160 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 231 | Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Power With Sandra Meehan 

Sandra has a corporate background in IT, Training and Occupational Health and Safety.

After being retrenched and going through a divorce Sandra decided she needs a change of direction.

Sandra has combined her corporate background and spiritual mastery to bring spiritual and physicality together as one

Sandra is passionate about helping women to stand in the truth of who they truly are and shine their light out into the world.

Sandra is a very gifted healer; however, these days spends more of her time speaking and educating women through the PowerFULL You Academy.

While her very gifted daughter Rebecca Bowden runs the product side of the business.

Sandra’s wish is for all women to become their PowerFULL self. through their own power to live a life of passion, desire and purpose so they can craft the life they truly desire.

Most of all Sandra loves to have great conversations enjoys are glass or two of wine. Is a mother of two children and two very spoilt fur-babies Pepper and Basset.

I am passionate about helping women step into the best version of themselves here on the planet.

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