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Heart-repreneur® RadioHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 239 | The Joy Of Business And Creating Your Life With Paula Peralta

November 16, 2020

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The world moves in systems that oftentimes keep us from doing what we love and find the success that fulfills us. It is time to break the mold and start doing something different as Paula Peralta, an Access Consciousness and Certified Empowerment Coach, joins Terri Levine to share with us how we can start doing what we love and allow money to flow from there. It’s not always about achieving that work-life balance, most especially when your life is your business and what brings you joy and allows you to help others. Join Paula and Terri as they talk about how success looks like having a business that is creating your life.

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The Joy Of Business And Creating Your Life With Paula Peralta

Before I introduce my guest, I want you to take one moment and think about how you can be even more heart-based in your business, life, relationships, and truly be in the moment. Be fully present, tune in, and listen with your heart. As you’re reading, see what messages here for you. My guest looks fabulous. Her name is Paula Peralta. She is an Empowerment Expert, Access Consciousness’ Being You and Joy of Business Facilitator. She’s also a Salon Owner, Celebrity Hairstylist in Los Angeles, and having written Guerilla Marketing for beauty salons. She does believe that you can have it all and that anyone can make money by doing what they love. I’m super excited. Paula, welcome.

Thanks for having me. I loved your opening message about following your heart and getting present. It’s so key to being an entrepreneur. I was already excited about this conversation and now I’m way more excited.

I could tell that we were aligned when I was reading through information about you. Let’s take your journey. How did you get into all the different things that you’re in? What’s your path?

It has been very much like a winding road and it has been a journey of discovering how to be present with what I desire to create in my life, my business, and then also being willing to change it, even if it seems it’s the right thing. It’s that level of presence that has created my journey. I started in a more traditional route. I went to college. I was the first in my family to ever go to college. I went to a four-year University and got a degree in English, Literary Studies. I hated college. It wasn’t fun for me, but it was what I was supposed to do. I got an office job and I work 9 to 5. I packed up, moved from Washington State to California, still works at a desk, I was working insane hours, I was making great money, but I hated it. It was that whole thing of I was doing all the right things and I wasn’t happy. What happened was, the economy started to suffer financially. The company that I was working for was doing layoffs. I got laid off and it was a gift, which I know is such a weird thing to say.

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That was a blossoming.

I immediately went into the reaction of like, “What’s my next job?” Quickly, I had job offers or friends and other companies that were like, “You can come here.” It was one of the first times in my life where I stopped and asked, “What do I desire to create? What would be fun for me? If I were truly being me here and if I were choosing based on the world that I would like to live in and the reality that I would like to create, what would I choose?”

I want everybody to know that. That is the question.

What I’ve realized more and more is, that is not something that we’re taught to do. We’re trained to not break the mold, we’re trained to like, “This is what you do. This is the system. This is what you create. You have responsibilities.” You have to create your life based on the needs of everyone else. Nobody ever tells you that, but it’s always inferred. That was the awakening where I was like, “What else is possible here that I haven’t considered? What if I broke the mold? What would happen?” That was the beginning of the rest of my life because that’s where I started to learn that failure or perceived failure isn’t such a bad thing.

I started to look at all the places in my life where I’m hating college, failing classes, getting laid off, or packing up and moving without a job. All those things that people are like, “You don’t do that. That’s not what successful people do.” I looked back and those were always the defining moments of my life that created something different that gave me more of me. I had a friend who was a hairdresser, she was working 3or 4 days a week, and making as much money as I was making it. At that point, I was making six figures a year easily. She was like, “You’d like it. You should look into it.” It’s a departure from anything that I’ve done before. It’s recession-proof. Even if I hate it, I always have something to fall back on. I was like, “I’ll try it.” I went and fell in love with it. I had an incredible mentor, which then led to more mentors, opportunities to travel the world, facilitate classes, and educate which I still do. That led me to working behind the chair, owning a salon, and all the things.

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Joy Of Business: The great thing about mentors is that they show you paths that often have never been traversed before.


I love that you shared your journey. I’m interested in how people get to where they are? The common denominator is we all do have winding roads. The big common takeaway that I want our readers to know is that we have mentors along our journeys, we all do. Every successful person that I’ve ever met has had mentors. When I left Corporate America many years ago and I said, “I’m done. I’m not doing this anymore.” I was tapping into what’s in my heart like, “What do I want to do? Now is the last day on my earth experience, which it could be, ’Do I want to be president of this national health care company?’” The answer was, no. I quit to start this business. Not even a year later, I wrote the book, Work Yourself Happy, which tied into what Paula was saying which is, “Go and ask yourself.” I love that you broke the whole traditional mold. You get into hair and all of that amazing things. What tapped into you for the empowerment? I’m familiar with Access Consciousness. What brought you into that realm because your journey is fascinating to me?

Even to your point, it never shows up the way you think it’s going to. We can plan and plan and there’s one thing that’s an interrupt, happens, or shows up, and suddenly your path gears off in a completely different direction. Not in a bad way, but there are things that you can’t plan for it. That’s especially true when you’re choosing for you because how many people thought you were crazy when you left your job? How many people told you that had the audacity to tell you how crazy you are. It’s like, “In this economy, are you sure?” Whatever the reasons and justifications are. I had my journey and then as I started to work behind the chairs, the hairdresser, I’m constantly coming in contact every day with hundreds of people.

On a daily basis, it’s 8 to 10 to 15 people, but still what I was noticing is how many people weren’t creating their lives. They were in and out of the drudgery and they weren’t asking questions. They were going along with whatever they felt like they were supposed to be doing or creating their life based on everyone else’s needs. I realized that there was an opportunity to have a different conversation and people would ask me often like, “How did you get into hair?” I would tell them the journey and I share with them what I shared with you. They were like, “That’s crazy. How’d you get from there?” I would see where it would start to open up for them, a different possibility.

The great thing about mentors is that they show you paths that often have never been traversed before. It shows you that it can be done because if someone else is willing to be that interrupt, willing to do something different, step out of the mold or break the box, that means that you can do it too. Sometimes that’s all people need is that permission or that little bit of a push to make a different choice to completely expand and exponentials their lives. As I was continuing to have these conversations as a hairdresser, I was like, “What if I could have tools or I could give them something that, yes, they get a beautiful hairstyle or they walk out feeling great about themselves physically, but what can I change for them long-term?”

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I was playing with the tools of Access Consciousness. They changed my life. I started to drop little tools here and there. It expanded into where clients started booking me for full-on sessions. I served and sold ten classes. It was this organic space. It all led from being present because who goes in to be a hairdresser and then walks out and empowerment coach. It doesn’t logically make sense, but when you look at the energy of it, it totally reads, and it’s a natural transition. When the economy is down or times are tough, men go to the bar and women go to the beauty parlor. It’s a natural place where people open up and they’re willing to have levels of vulnerability. It was an easy transition.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients that are hairstylists and salon owners, they all tell me that they feel like they’re a therapist. I have a close personal relationship with my hairdresser. I do. She knows everything about my life, my family, and I know quite a bit about her. I don’t go to a lot of places to have those conversations. It’s an interesting parallel to me when you’re in that position and you are tapped in like, “I’m helping people.” I can see how Access Consciousness can tie in. One of the best things that happened to me is when I went to coach training school and I learned powerful questions that changed my life not only that I was asking myself these questions, I could have conversations with family, friends, and later clients by asking these questions and I could see the potential and the possibility. This is such a marvelous journey. Paula, who do you work with? Who do you help? Who do you dig? We have some people reading that may be your ideal to even chat with you. How does that all work?

There are a couple of things. I do a lot of private sessions. It’s been cool, especially in the digital age. We’re doing this via Zoom. You can connect with people from all over the world. My business has expanded internationally, especially in the past. It was a result of getting on the platforms, being willing to show up in different ways, or be in the question and ask, “How can I reach more people? What else is possible here?” If you are looking for someone that you connect with or speak with you, you can always come to see me. Some of the people that I love and play with a lot, there’s a woman named Simone Milasas, who started Joy of Business. She is an entrepreneur to the nth degree and leads her life with such a level of presence, kindness, and joy.

One of the things that she’s always asked is, “What if your life is the adventure of living?” She’s the one that showed me that your life is your business and your business is your life. We live that and we’re constantly made wrong for it because people were like, “You need a work-life balance, you need to make sure that you set boundaries and all those things.” As an entrepreneur, that’s not a thing for us. We love what I do. Whether it’s working at 11:00 PM or getting up at 5:00 AM to get ready for an interview, it’s not work for us because we love it. When you’re grinding, you need a work-life balance, you need boundaries and all of those things, but that’s the joy of business is that when you’re creating a life that works for you and doing what’s fun for you, you don’t need a vacation from your life. That’s what success is.

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Joy Of Business: Sometimes, all people need is that permission or that little bit of a push to make a different choice to completely expand their lives.


I measure success in the same way. I’m resonating with you. I like that, “What if life is the adventure of living?” I don’t get when people are all over Facebook saying, “Why entrepreneurs? What’s your daily grind? What’s your daily hustle.” I’m like, “If I was hustling and grinding, I would find something else that I wanted to do,” because when I wake up in the morning, I’m like, “I’m excited who am I going to talk to? What client family members can I help?” It is a joy for me. I talked to other people who are working with what I call a job and it doesn’t matter if that’s your own business, because you can turn it into a job. They’re walking around miserable. They want to stop doing what they’re doing. I did what I do so much when I hear people talk about the word retirement, I’m like, “Why would I ever do that? How do people connect with you?” I want to make sure people do know that.

My website is I’m active on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Paula Peralta. I’m most active on Instagram @HairbyPaulaPeralta.You can always connect with me there and you can email me at, an option as well. You made an interesting point talking about that grind hustle mentality. I wanted to speak to that because when you started this conversation, talking about being present with your business, and when you get present with your business, with your life, and with your body, all of those things together can align.

What I’ve looked at is where becoming an entrepreneur puts me more in touch with my body. It has changed a lot of my relationships because you quickly get to see what is a contribution? What creates space? Not from judgment, but just from, “This works for me. This doesn’t work for me.” For years, I would struggle with eating or exercising but when you start to see it as part of the whole and the contribution that it can be, it’s no longer a struggle. If it’s not fun for you, get rid of it. There’s always to be something. If you’re not having fun, ask for more fun to show up. It’s that simple.

I am glad that you talked about the connection. I believe the mind, body, and spirit, it’s all one. When you get in alignment, I never truly knew what that word means. People would talk about work-life balance and they’d be like, “You work too many hours.” You’re like, “I love what I’m doing.” They’re like, “No, you need more balance.” It hit me, I had to be years ago but I went like, “I feel aligned. I’m doing what feeds my body, soul, and spiritual connection to humanity on a regular basis, and I’m feeding my mind, like what more could I want?” I then came up with this, it’s nobody’s business what my business looks like. I say that to everyone. You have to figure that out.

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It is all about creating a life that works for you. That is the joy of business and that is creating your life. You can choose what success looks like. For some people, it’s a number in the bank. A lot of people have a lot of money in the bank and are miserable, do grinding, hustling, and not having fun. There are people that are making a lot of money if that’s your measure of success, loving their lives, doing something that’s fulfilling, and that contributes to people. For those of you now, and in the future that is going to read, you can ask for people, experiences, and things that are fun to show up in your business and in your life. Even as something as speaking to the alignment, going out and spending a little bit of time with nature can change dynamically the way that your business runs. I am a glamping girl if at best. I’m not a wilderness trekker, but what I’ve been making time to do is creating space to go out and put my feet in the grass for five minutes a day. I live in Los Angeles, California, I’m looking at the Palm trees and admiring them. I have a lot of plants in my home because they contribute to me.

There’s something about that gifting and receiving that happens with nature. Business can be a give and take, and that’s when it becomes a grind. That’s when it becomes not fun. If you’re willing to have it be gifting and a receiving where your business gifts to you and you give to your business, and that’s the time spent together, it becomes contribution. That’s not something we learn. You got to get-go as you got to do your hustle, but nature is one of the best teachers and mentors for what contribution looks like. Even if now you’re hustling, grinding, and you’re burning out, go spend some time with nature.

You’re the first person on the show ever to give that tip. You talked about gifting with nature and there is this give back. I live in Mexico, four months out of the year, I live right on the beach. I am here in New Jersey, looking at the ocean, and then some of the time I am in my other home in Philadelphia. I happen to dig the beach, but no matter where I’m living, I have spent time in nature for many years, every single day, which I never did in the corporate. In corporate, I walked into an office, I drove to work, brought my coffee, was in there all day, and drove home. That was my life for several years.

The minute that I quit my job, I knew that I had to spend time, whether it’s taking a walk, listening to the birds, looking at the beach, or putting my feet in the ground. I’m going to ask the readers to breathe that in. There is this gifting of nature and nature’s giving to you, you’re giving back. If you’re reading, there’s something in here, I have found Paula to be incredibly empowering. I’ve already heard some of the amazing questions that she’s put out there for you. I’m going to ask you to make a connection with her. You have been a great gift, hugely inspirational, and I feel connected. Thank you for being a Heartrepreneur and also for being with us.

Thank you for having me.

For the readers, we have free gifts for you. It’s more than a free gift. We have an actual Heartrepreneur community, and I’m going to invite Paula to join our community too. It’s a Facebook Group it’s called Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine. It is a community of about 5,000 people, not only do we do business together, but we also uplift, inspire, keep people more conscious, more present, and we share tips, tools, and resources like Paula has. I’m going to encourage you to join us. We’d love to have your voice there.

I want to conclude by saying if you happen to be reading this, and you’re connected with iTunes, we love it when you give us great ratings and share the show. The word Heartrepreneur stands for, “We help you so you can help others.” It’s all about passing it forward. I’ll leave you with this, now, make your connection with nature, and make your connection at the moment. Just because someone else says, “Don’t go work so much or set boundaries.” It’s up to you. It’s your way of doing it. Have fun on the journey. Thanks for being here and for the heartfelt connection. I’ll see you next time.

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Paula Peralta 640x427 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 239 | The Joy Of Business And Creating Your Life With Paula PeraltaPaula Peralta is an Empowerment Expert, Access Consciousness Being You and Joy of Business Facilitator as well as a Salon Owner and Hair Stylist in Los Angeles. She really does believe you can have it all – and that anyone can make money doing what they love. She is living proof of this, every day. While creating new looks for international and celebrity clients in her Los Angeles salon and traveling the world as a Brand Ambassador and Platform Artist, Paula realised that she loved talking to clients about their lives as much as she liked transforming their hair. Combining her passion for facilitation with her salon business has allowed her to create a space where a client can get more than just a new hairstyle. Her clients can, and do, get coaching and facilitation on the road blocks that often cross their paths. As Paula delved further into helping people personally, she discovered Access Consciousness, a modality that reflected all she believes about creating and generating joy (and money!) doing what you love and being yourself. Paula herself found happiness after being laid off from a high-paying but exhausting job in project management and has never been happier since changing careers and finding happiness – and a six figure income – in multiple income streams. Paula travels the world facilitating Access Consciousness classes on Business, Money, Creating A Life You Love and more, and her greatest joy in life is helping people find their true, unique path to happiness, no matter how different it may be to that of others.

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