November 23

Unveiling The Most Effective Selling Secrets With Allan Langer


HPR 240 | Selling SecretsWith close to three decades of sales excellence, and award winning performances in every capacity, I have turned my experiences and knowledge into a best selling book on Amazon - The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less - and have turned that into a highly successful speaking and coaching career. Sharing those experiences, motivating people to achieve more, training salespeople and business owners to solve instead of sell, to help instead of hinder, and to be selfless instead of selfish, is my calling and what I am meant to do.

My first short story about dogs taking over the world was written on yellow loose leaf paper, and then typed with my grandfather’s vintage black Underwood typewriter when I was eight years old. I then read all three pages to my mom as she sat at the kitchen table, and it was the first time I fell in love. Not only with writing, but with speaking as well. Those two have been the figurative loves of my life ever since.

And now, almost five decades later, I turned my love for writing into an Amazon best-selling book on sales, and my love of speaking and training into my second, amazing career, helping companies and individual reps reinvent their process as well as their selling confidence and results.

Once sales became my profession close to three decades ago, it didn't take me long to learn that most of the training given to the majority of sales reps were tired, coercive, and built on high-pressure, uncomfortable-for-the-customer techniques. The sales "pitch" was the car, and the script reps needed to follow was the engine supposedly designed to take the sale home.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the garage...people started hating sales people, despising meeting with sales people, developing phobias when presented with talking with salespeople. Now, NO ONE wants to talk to a salesperson. And when they have to, they hate the experience. And that experience is what is being trained every day, in every company.

It was with that premise that I started developing my own style, my own ethical yet effective techniques that turned the sales appointment with me into an enjoyable experience, instead of a trip to the car dealership.

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