May 17

How to Mindfully Manage Your Money in Times of Crisis with Jonathan K. Deyoe


Jonathan K. DeYoe AIF & CPWA is an Expert Financial Advisor, Best-selling Author, Speaker & Angel Investor. 

He’s joining us to offer an alternative way to halt the cycle of worry and panic around financial planning at this time.  

Jonathan has appeared in:

  • The New York Times 
  • The Wall Street Journal 
  • Business Insider & Huffington Post (Contributor)

During the current pandemic, Jonathan’s message is clear - we do not need to panic and worry about our financial future as individuals, families and businesses.  

Author of the best selling book “Mindful Money” Jonathan educates business, individuals and parents regarding how to manage the anxiety of the unknown and focus on financial factors that they can control. His message: You do not have to choose between a great financial outcome and living a happy meaningful life. 

When major unexpected events hit, such as COVID-19, those who heed Jonathan's advice are prepared and are in a good position financially. 

Jonathan also helps families educate their younger members to wisely manage any wealth they will inherit. He gives parents the tools to provide their children with firm financial insight that will last them a lifetime - even through uncertain times.

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