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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 31 | The Five-Step Shift to Riches: Creating The Riches You Deserve with Bernadette Boas

28th April 20170

HPR 31 | The Five-Step Shift to Riches


Truly one of the most terrifying sentences in the corporate world is “You’re fired.” It is natural to feel your life spiral out of control from hearing that. However, that should not be an excuse to give up on the opportunities that might possibly come from that door closing. Bernadette Boas, author of Shedding The Corporate Bitch, is someone who is all too familiar with that. She reveals her story where she turned her life around from the worst situations and came up with The Five-Step Shift To Riches. She craftily called those that keep her from achieving success as “bitches” and shares the story of shedding the negativity. Bernadette gives out some of her processes and formulas to riches plus great insights about leadership and the importance of keeping a journal.

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The Five-Step Shift to Riches: Creating The Riches You Deserve with Bernadette Boas

I’m particularly excited that you’re here for this episode because I do have a very special guest. With a pink slip in her hand and the words, “You’re fired,” echoing in her ear, Bernadette Boas went on a journey. She discovered what it took to discover, confront and shed her bitches of fear, insecurity and low self-worth to create and accelerate the riches she possesses now in her business and life. She is here to talk about a formula that she came up with, The Five-Step Shift to Riches, so you can consider what bitches you need to shed to finally create the riches you deserve. Welcome to the show, Bernadette.

Thank you, Terri.

I love that you talk about the word bitch, “Bitches of fear.” How did you come up with languaging it that way and deciding that’s the right word for it?

In an emotional breakdown on a conversation with someone, I was revealing my story and my challenges and all of a sudden, she’s like, “Why are you getting so emotional about it?” I said, “Because I’m fragile. I shedded my bitch and now I’m this happy person.” All of a sudden she’s like, “That’s a great book,” and it went from there.

Tell us a little bit about how you did the shedding and then I want to hear about the book. I heard the words, “You’re fired” in my life, so I know what that’s like or at least what it was like for me. How did you go through this shift?

I realized after I was fired, I had to sit back and say, “Why did that happen?” I was a very talented and skilled individual, but during my own discovery process, I realized that the leadership style I chose for myself was more aggressive and more demanding as opposed to a commanding leadership personality. I hated when I discovered that. I felt so ashamed that I was cruel to other people. I was demeaning, curt, or abrasive. I knew I had to, at the same time, I wanted to put good in the world like Heartrepreneur does. I wanted to put heart into the world and not the type of angst I was wreaking havoc on to so many people. I went through this discovery process that I had to confront those bitches. I discovered that because I realized that people aren’t per se bitches. It is their insecurities, negativities, fears, and doubts that cause them to lash out in that way. That’s why I categorize those emotions, those inner demons as the bitches because that’s what gets people to be not the person they should be.

When I was given the words, “You’re fired,” in Corporate America, I did look back on how I reacted and how I responded, and there was a lot of me that had some corporate bitchiness. How did you decide to write the book and what was that process like?

The same woman I was having a breakdown in front of, when she said that would make a great book or a great brand because we were at a business conference, I said to myself, “I’ve been journaling since I was eight or nine and I have had hundreds of journals. They might be able to tell me something.” At the same time, once Cassidy gave me this idea, I started talking to people about it, “Would you learn from someone who is acknowledging that they were this corporate tyrant and that they’ve made changes and shifts in their lives? Would that be valuable to you?” I was inundated with women and men who said “Absolutely.” I went along and started journaling my story as I saw it right then and there. I did go back to my previous books or journals and looked through them to see if there was something that I could learn from and if there was something that they were trying to tell me.

It was so eye-opening. I believe in journaling and I’ve never read them before. I never would go back to my journals and read them before. I would write, scribble, and then move on. Here, I decided I was going to sit with my words however they were, whether I liked them or not. That’s the confronting. It’s discovering and confronting. I knew if I wanted to change or if I wanted something different, something new, I would have to shift or shed what I didn’t like about myself.

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I’ve been journaling since I was seventeen, which is quite a long time. One of the things I do is I go back every year and randomly pull out five, ten journals and I read through them. The process of journaling and reading what you’ve written, what’s happening in your life, and in your business is phenomenal. 

I admit that I don’t go back and read what I write even today. I purge it and let it take a life of its own, however, to your point, I’m sure there will come a day where I’ll want to write the second, third or fourth chapter of this journey. Therefore, I’ll go back and rely on those journals to help me with that.

It’s great that you’re keeping them. Many people call you a ball of fire. What does that mean when people are saying, “Bernadette, she’s a ball of fire.” What does that mean?

It interprets a leadership style that I’ve uncovered and looked for in individuals. It’s one who does seek out their goals and their dreams despite their fears. It’s one who is bold in how they approach first themselves because I truly believe everything starts with you. They go out and hope to be able to take on life with those fears though they look at them as being simply uncomfortable when they come up. They push through that uncomfortable feeling in order to then realize the riches they want in any aspect of their life. A ball of fire to me is someone who’s bold, risk-taking, ever learning, ever growing and just wanting to be their true self.

HPR 31 | The Five-Step Shift to Riches
The Five-Step Shift to Riches: A ball of fire is someone who’s bold, risk-taking, ever learning, ever growing, and just wants to be their true self.

You talk about The Shift to Riches Formula, so say a little about that please.

I have discovered through my own year and a half, two years leading up to writing the book. I discovered that I did go through these stages almost like the stages of mourning, death or a divorce. I realized that I had to discover myself. I had to confront those things that I loved about myself, but those things that I also didn’t like about myself, actually that I hated about myself. Then I needed to shed what it was that I no longer wanted to carry forward with me while I also enhanced and enriched those aspects that I did love about myself.

Once you discovered, confronted, and shedded all those things, there is no way that you don’t want to create something different, something new, a shift in your life, therefore, you go about upping your game or changing your goals. As you are creating, there’s nothing that will stop you from wanting to accelerate that feeling of freedom, self-love and giving and at the same time learning how to receive. Many of us, especially women, we’re not good receivers, we’re good caretakers. This formula of discovery, confronting and shedding the bitches in your life in order for you to create the riches in your life is a view on the fact that it’s not just about your scale. It’s also about your mindset that has to be worked on each and every day in order for you to achieve your goals.

For our audience who are saying, “I want to do something. I want to take some action at this moment and I want to start my shift to riches,” what’s something they could physically do that’ll start to make a change for them?

If they carried with them a journal and started getting to know themselves physically, pay attention to what makes them happy, what doesn’t make them happy, what gives them joy, what gives them angst or frustration, and then acknowledge those things. They need to decide for themselves, not letting the other people influence them what it is that they want to carry forward and what it is that they want to shift, shed, change or start anew. For me, journaling is a great tool, not just a hobby or a passion of someone, but also a tool that they can use in their business, in their career, in their life and all aspects.

I’ve been coaching, consulting for twenty-something years. One of the first things that I have my clients do is start to carry a journal. It is probably the simplest, the easiest thing, yet one of the best coaching tools because you do get to know yourself, hear your inner voice, get to decipher your real true wants, your likes, your dislikes. Thank you for that. Where can people get your book?

They can go to Amazon and look up Shedding the Corporate Bitch. They can also go to and it’s there as well.

Get her book, it’s going to be very powerful and very helpful for you. It’s easy to remember because here I am talking to Bernadette Boas who is the ball of fire. To our audience, maybe you haven’t been fired, maybe you haven’t had a corporate position. In my experience, it doesn’t matter. We all have these elements and these pieces, male or female, of some bitchiness. Taking a good look at ourselves and taking a look at this process is going to be extremely beneficial. Bernadette, anything else that you want to add?

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You have one life to live and it goes fast. Decide for yourself how you want to live it, what you want to experience, and what you want to leave when this one life is passed on to others. Just be you and live it.

I often say to clients “How do you intend to experience your life?” In every moment you get that choice and you get the power to create that and life is so precious. How can people get in touch with you and find out more about your consulting and your services?

They can go to They’ll see all my services, my training, my speaking and the places that I’ll be. At the same time, they can reach out to me directly at I would love to help them in any way possible.

You have already helped. You’ve been awesome, a true Heartrepreneur. Bernadette Boas, thank you so much for being my guest.

Thank you.

To our audience, thanks for joining me. I’ll see you next time.

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About Bernadette Boas

HPR 31 | The Five-Step Shift to RichesBernadette Boas is a ball of fire mindset leadership coach, business growth coach, keynote speaker, radio personality, screenwriter, and author of her first in a series of books; Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business.

“I grew up in corporate America for twenty-five years in a variety of mentoring, consulting and executive management roles as diverse as Global Vice President of Professional Services Development, Chief Knowledge Officer, and Americas Business Consulting Partner, as well as Director of Business Solutions, Senior Business Consultant, and Retail Buyer. Clients included industry leaders such as Walmart, Office Depot, Sears and many more to discover, propose, implement and support solutions that would drive out significant ROI in their businesses. My vast experience provided me with a corporate and business savviness matched by few, but didn’t ensure the one key factor for success. Upon being handed a pink slip in 2007, I confronted (bluntly) my own bitch of a leadership style and persona; and decided to author, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, as an explanation and record of accountability, so others can understand why ‘bully’ type bosses act the way they do. It wasn’t easy to confront the impact my leadership style had on those around me, but it provided me the greatest lessons learned, best practices, successes and missteps, which has turned into my coaching, training and public speaking business; Ball of Fire Consulting; where I take great pride in igniting corporate and entrepreneurial professionals into the leaders they are meant to be in their career, business and life.”

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