TL: Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio.  I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in, this is Terri Levine, business strategist and chief Heartrepreneur with Heartrepreneur Radio.  I want to thank you for tuning in all the time and making sure that you don’t miss an episode.  And this is another episode that you’re gonna be like, man, I’m glad I tuned in for this one! So, I’m gonna tell you a little bit about my friend who’s joining me today whose name is Russel Guest. And, I met Russell a couple of months ago and instantly when I met him, I thought this is somebody who has a lot of heart, and in addition to that, has a process that can really help a lot of people.  So, I’m very excited to bring him on the show.  He is a new author, he specializes in helping people eliminate their stress, anxiety and fear in minutes, through his simple, effective 3-step process that will virtually enable anyone to live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life, guaranteed!  How ’bout that?  Russell, welcome so good to have you.

RG:  Pleasure being here Terri, thank you.

TL:  You are welcome.  You know I think that most people are walking around with stress, anxiety and fear.  So, I’m really curious, not only what is your process, but how did you even get involved in creating a process like this?

RG:  So basically, I had a lot of my own stress, anxiety and fear that I was dealing with in my life, and I was determined to find a solution that would get to the root cause of the problem.  And as I was going through my life, I just, I couldn’t really find that.  And then when I came across my process, it completely changed my life in such a short period of time, that I just wanted to share it with everyone.

TL:  Wow!  That’s awesome, I have goosebumps from hearing that. And I have to say from spending time with you, you don’t come across as anyone who has stress or anxiety.  You come across as someone who’s very joyful and very at-ease, and you actually for me, made me very easy and comfortable around you, so that’s interesting.  How long ago did you start with this process?

RG:  So, it’s been over 5-years now, at the age of 22 when I first was introduced to this technology.

TL:  So, it’s been over 5-years.  Talk to me a little bit about how you experienced the learning of it, and maybe some of the kinds of people that you’ve helped.  I think that would be very helpful for the listeners.

RG:  Ok.  Well I first learned about this process through a man named Kevin Trudeau and his CD series, Your Wish is Your Command.  And he recommended Thought Filled Therapy, and he recommended that I purchase the book called Tapping the Healer Within by Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Filled Therapy.  And after reading his book, I applied what was in the book and it gave me so much benefits in such a short period of time, that I said, I’m gonna take this to the next level and I want to be a practitioner.  And I took the course through The Callahan Institute in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  And at that point I was much for effective at not only helping myself, but in a position that I could finally help others the way I wanted to.

TL:  Wow, that is really intriguing. Yes, I certainly know who Kevin Trudeau is and I’m real familiar.  So, give us an example, like how does the process work?  What are some of the results people can expect?  I’d love to really dig in a little bit deeper, I’m very curious about this.

RG:  Ok, well the process essentially works by tapping on certain acupuncture meridian points on your body with 2-fingers, maybe your index finger and your ring finger.  And basically, you’re tapping on these points while focusing on something that’s causing you stress.  That stress can be anxiety, it can be fear, it can phobia, it can be anger, rage, guilt, shame, any negative emotion.  And basically, it sends a calming signal to the amygdala of your brain, and the amygdala of the brain is responsible for the “fight or flight” response in your body. And when this calming signal is given to that part of the brain, you can then think of a thought that was at one point, causing you a lot emotional turmoil and you can not only feel ok, but actually feel happy when you think of that thought.

TL:  Wow!  It’s that simple?

RG:  It’s that simple.  This can happen for some within minutes, and others it can happen often times, within seconds.

TL:  Holy cow, that’s amazing!  Within seconds!  I can’t even imagine a process like that.  So, give us maybe an example of a case study or a client who you’ve used the process with and what the result was for them.

RG:  Yes.  Actually, a co-worker of mine, Michelle Clark, age 40.  She had a severe phobia of spiders and it was really affecting a lot of decisions she wanted to make in her life in regard to traveling in other parts of the world, where she knew, ok, there might be some scary spiders there.  And it was affecting her in such a degree that she had been basically bullied throughout her life.  Not to a severe degree, but by family members just kind of poking at her about that phobia.  And she came to me and was able to eliminate that fear and that phobia within minutes.  And it was remarkable for her because she said well hey, now I’m gonna be able to go to British Columbia and I’m not gonna hold back anymore, I’m gonna be able to travel the way I want to travel.

TL:  Holy cow, wow!  So, let’s say that someone was listening and they’re living their life, and like everybody, we’ve got some stress or anxiety.  Or, maybe they do have a fear or a phobia.  Maybe it’s a simple as a fear of heights, or a lot of people have a fear of public speaking or a fear of selling or whatever it might be.  How would they engage with you?  What would you do with them?

RG:  So, that’s where my 3-step process comes in to target, transcend, and transform.  We’re gonna target the specific issue that’s causing a person to stress in their life.  We’re gonna transcend through those barriers by applying the techniques, the Thought Filled Therapy, and as a result, it’s gonna transform that person into the person they ultimately want to become.  And, anyone wants to eliminate those fears that’s holding them back.  If someone wants to speak in front of an audience and they’re feeling very apprehensive and very nervous about that, we’re gonna focus on that thought.  We’re gonna get that person right up on stage in their minds, and we’re gonna walk through the steps.  Tapping on the certain parts of the body while focusing on that thought.  And we’re gonna say that emotion is a “10” in terms of how anxious they are.  We’re gonna take it from a “10” and ideally get it down to a “1” if not a “0.”

TL:  I have to tell you, that’s amazing.  And I loved your words, was it target, transcend, transform?

RG:  Yes.

TL:  So, that’s your 3-step process?  It’s sounds simple, I mean even listening to you talk about it, it sounds simple.  Yet, I have to tell you, when you know, introducing you and I’m saying oh, you can take people through this process and guaranteed.  Like, how can you make that guarantee?

RG:  Through experience.  And through testimonials from people that I’ve already helped.  And you literally have to experience it almost to believe it, because of how fast and how deep it works.

TL:  Wow, I’m just amazed.  So, if there’s somebody who’s listening who maybe is interested and they’re you know, still a little bit like oh, I’m not sure about this. What’s a good action for them to take?  Is there a way for them to learn more, to connect with you?

RG:  Yes.  They can go to my website,

TL:  Great., and I’m gonna suggest that you go over there.  I’m gonna suggest we all go over there and hear.  In order to be Heartrepreneurs and to live our lives, and to do our businesses literally grounded in our heart, filled with love, serving others and doing what we do in business and in live because it’s joyful.  We need to make sure that anything that is in our way, whether it’s anxiety, a fear, a stress, a block can be relieved.  And I find that most people are going through process after process, and spending tons of money hear, there and everywhere, to live that happier, healthier life.  Now, here’s Russell with a simple system, 3-step proven process, target, transcend, transform.  And, it’s not only a simple process that sounds ridiculously easy, right?  Really fast, he’s guaranteeing the process and he has real case studies and experience.  And Russell, you’re a walking, talking case study, correct?

RG:  Absolutely, absolutely.

TL:  Ya, and the audience hasn’t yet experienced you.  And I’m inviting them to do that by going to your website,  But, I have to say, my experience of you prior to knowing this information, if somebody asked me, well you’ve spent a few days with Russell, describe him.  I would say, wow!  He’s so grounded, he’s so calm, it’s great to be around him.  He just makes you feel good, his smile lights up the room.  So, to hear that you had something like that come up, and then you were able to create a process that really makes a difference to people is beautiful.  That’s what’s being a Heartrepreneur is about.  So, I just want to take a moment and just acknowledge you.

RG:  Thank you very much Terri, I appreciate that.

TL:  So, one more time, people can get in touch with you by going to:

RG:  And my spelling is R-u-s-s-e-l-l G-u-e-s-t.

TL:  Perfect, I recommend that you go there.  And will we be able to get a copy of your book by going over there?  Or should we look you up on Amazon?

RG:  No, you will definitely get a free download of my book there on my website.

TL:  Wow!  Did you hear that?  A free download!  I’m even more excited about that, I love it!  I love it, that’s fantastic!  And in the book, will we learn a little bit more about this process Russell?

RG:  Yes, yes.  And also, a lot of other processes as well to help a person stay in a positive state, mentally, emotionally and physically.

TL:  That’s phenomenal.  And I know many of our listeners also reach out and do some type of helping, healing work.  As Heartrepreneurs, they’re really looking to make the world better for everyone. So, many of you might actually be very interested in experiencing this process for yourself, and then finding a way to pass that forward with your own clients.  So, make sure that you do get in touch with Russell at  Download his free book, it’s phenomenal.  And I highly endorse target, transcend, transform as a formula.  I’ve spoken to some people that know Russell, and he’s getting rave reviews.  Russell, I know you’re super busy, you have a lot going on, and I want to thank you very, very much for being here on Heartrepreneur Radio, you add tons of value.

RG:  Thank you Terri, it’s a pleasure being here.

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