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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 58 | How to Achieve Healing Within Meditation with Joanne Barry Colon

29th December 20170

HPR 58 | Healing Within Meditation


Most people don’t like to be by themselves. Most people like connect with friends and big social groups and they never find time alone. For Joanne Barry Colon, alone time is a gift because it gives her time to spend with her angels and spirits and guides and have major, deep conversations with them to know that the path she’s on is the path that she’s supposed to be on and what’s going to unfold next. Joanne is a business owner, personal trainer, nutrition coach, physical therapy aide, natural bodybuilder, reiki master, and crystal healer. She has over 28 years in the health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry. Joanne talks about her book, Healing Within Meditation, and her goal to help women specifically transform their mind, body, and spirit with the help of working out, nutrition, reiki, crystals, and meditation.

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How to Achieve Healing Within Meditation with Joanne Barry Colon

Here we go with another fabulous person. I have to tell you, I don’t even know where to begin with this next guest because I literally have been connected with her for quite a while on social media. I’ve been following her, been stalking her and I’m always amazed at how much she has to offer. Her name is Reverend Joanna Angel Barry Colon. On a personal note, she has a beautiful daughter. She has a BS in health fitness as well as nutrition studies.

On a business side, she’s the business owner of Fitness “R” Us. Personal trainer, nutrition coach, a physical therapy aide and natural bodybuilder, a Reiki master and a crystal healer. She has over 28 years in the health, fitness, nutrition and wellness industry. She is an amazing writer. Joanna is the author of Healing Within Meditation and a book that I have been so excited that I’ve got to receive, read and now enjoying The Power to Release Weight. She’s the coauthor of 365 Moments of Grace, 365 Life Shifts. Joanne writes, health, fitness and wellness articles for community paper. She also offers visual guided meditation through Skype and she lives in Queens, New York. Check out her website which is Welcome to the show.

HPR 58 | Healing Within Meditation
Healing Within Meditation

Thank you so much, Terri.

You have so many different things that you enjoy and love to do. My major question is how did you figure out what your gifts were and what to do with them?

From the earliest age of six, I knew right off the back that I wanted to definitely help people tap into their body and transform their body. My pathway was really guiding specifically women on how to eat healthy and exercise and make it as a lifestyle, not just a short-term goal or a wedding or getting into a bathing suit. That was basically my passion for most of my career up until 2007-ish. I was introduced to reiki or should I say reiki found me because one of the things about reiki is you don’t find reiki, reiki finds you. That’s usually because one goes on a path to want to discover themselves or as some would call it, find themselves and you go into a deeper sense of being and understanding of who you are. It takes time to adapt into that process.

It’s like you have to really peel the layers to get deep into who you really are. Once I was introduced to the Reiki, I was like, “This is amazing. This works really well with my training.” Of course, I had to apply it to me first. I had to make sure it works for me before I can go ahead and start promoting it out and offering it to people to see how it would work for them. One of the things about myself is I do not advocate anything I do not do. If I don’t do it, I’m not going to just promote it just because it’s the thing that we’re doing. Learning about reiki, and then crystals fell right into play with that. I fell in love with crystals. It was like, I walked into a crystal shop and I felt like I was in a candy shop.

How do you figure out each day how to do what you love?

I don’t think it has anything to do with figuring it out. I think it’s a matter of just getting up in the morning and knowing that I’m stepping into my purpose for the day. I’m going to work with amazing clients and I’m going to meet new amazing clients that I know has been aligned to my path to help them. One of the interesting things about me as a trainer is I don’t just take any clients in. I’m very specific on the clientele that I work with because especially now that my goal is really to help women specifically transform their mind, body and spirit with the help of working out and nutrition and reiki and crystals and meditation. It takes a very unique authentic client to want to do that process. Understanding that this is not something you’re going to commit to for a couple of months and then you’re done.

This is a process that I’m going to work with you for a period of time. It could be a year, it could be two years, it could be three years, depending on the journey. Of course, teaching them how to use the tools so they’re not really dependent on me as well. When I get up in the morning, that’s the process. It’s just that I know that this is what I’m going to do. I trust that the universe, God and my angels are all helping me and aligning me to do exactly what it is I need to do for that day. I allow them just to take my hand and guided me through what I have to do.

[Tweet “You have to peel the layers to get deep into who you really are.”]

What would you say to a listener who gets up in the morning and just isn’t sure of what they’re supposed to be doing and who they’re supposed to be talking with? What should they be doing?

I would say the first main key is mediation. Allowing themselves to sit quietly and checking with themselves and eliminating all the outside noise and really becoming familiar with who they are. One of the things I noticed about a lot of people or most people is they don’t like to be by themselves. Most people like to connect with friends and big social groups and they never spend a lot of time alone. Like for myself, spending time alone is a gift, because it gives me time to actually spend with my angels and my spirits and my guides. To allow me to talk with them and have major, deep conversations to know that the path that I am on is the path that I’m supposed to be on. What’s to unfold in the next, let’s say three months or six months, is something else going to come into my pathway, and additional tool for me to use for my clientele or myself.

I do think meditation is the main key for someone who does not know what their purpose is. The best way to really find out what their purpose is, is really sitting quietly and meditating. Meditation doesn’t have to be intense and it doesn’t have to be long. It just has to be you’re just being quiet. You’re being in stillness. You’re being with yourself and allowing yourself to listen and to do hear and connect. When I say connect, it’s connecting with spirit, knowing that there’s somebody higher than you that you can really speak to and really get answered guidance from your spirits.

I love the fact that you’re allowing people to understand that meditation doesn’t have to be some of the things that they may resist, that they can do it in a different way. If there’s one thing that you can say to business owners to just help them enjoy their lives and their work more, what is that little piece that you want to share, Joanne?

I would say be in calmness.

Sometimes we’re giving people business advice, “Let’s go do this, go do this.” I believe that everything starts with the inner game and the fact that you’re talking about the calmness and the stillness and the meditation. I just know that when our business owners are more grounded, they’re going to have more success, which just makes sense. How can people reach you? How can they learn more about your services? How can they connect with you? There’s so much for our listeners, there’s just so much depth here. I could go deeper and deeper. You really need to also definitely follow Joanne on social media because she put so much value out there. How can people reach you and connect and get your books?

They can definitely reach me directly to Facebook. They can get me through my website, My contact information is everywhere from my website on Facebook as well. Most of the time, anything I post on Facebook, it’s also posted on Instagram, so it’s for the late. Rather than having to focus just on Instagram or go back and forth to see if there’s something new. Everything is on one social media, it’s on all the social medias.

HPR 58 | Healing Within Meditation
Healing Within Meditation: Meditation is the main key with someone who does not know what their purpose is and the best way to find out what their purpose is.

I just want to thank you first of all for being who you are in the world. That is why I am so avidly following you on social media. You put out so much value and your Facebook Lives are just incredible. I’m just really encouraging our listeners to connect and to go over to the website and be very happy that you did. For the reminders and how much we just need to be centered and authentic and grounded and I love what you’ve shared with us. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. For the listeners, make sure that you do subscribe. Please don’t forget because I have another wonderful interview coming up for you and if you don’t subscribe, you’re going to miss out. Heartrepreneurs mean that we pass forward. We constantly pass things forward, so please pass forward your experience of Heartrepreneur Radio. Make sure that you leave some great comments and a great review for us and then share us with other friends so other people can hear someone that you’ve just heard and has created value for you like Joanne has. Thanks for listening to Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Barry Colon

HPR 58 | Healing Within Meditation

Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colo, owner of Fitness “R” Us. Joanne has more than 28 years experience in health, fitness and wellness industry. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Studies from Empire State University. Joanne is a Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Aide, Nutrition Coach, Reiki Master and Visual Guided Meditation. She is the author and publisher of Healing Within Meditation. She writes monthly health, fitness, nutrition and wellness articles for The Queens Courier and Tribune. Joanne has been a guest speaker on What Is Your Holistic Lifestyle Show and She Runs The Show Podcast. Joanne’s mission is to educate and help heal your body naturally with movement, nutrition and meditation. She is also a contributing author, with me, on the new Jodi Chapman compilation book just released and is an international bestseller on amazon “365 Life Shifts,” about pivitol moments that change your life.

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