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HPR 65 | Selling And Business Ownership

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode #65 | Nancy Monsipapa Interview

HPR 65 | Selling And Business Ownership


The lure of job security can be a trap. Being an employee is probably the least secure route that you could ever take. You can be let go at any minute, and Nancy Monsipapa was a couple of times. In the end, she realized that she could have more control as an entrepreneur than she could as an employee. Nancy talks about selling and business ownership, and about writing her book, Nail The Sale, to help entrepreneurs reach higher achievement. Nancy believes she’s here to solve somebody’s problem. She says it’s her job to find out what that problem is, and if what she has is a fit, then fantastic. If what she has is not a fit, then it’s her obligation to point them in the right direction. Nancy sees sales and being an entrepreneur as one and the same. It’s all about uncovering the needs that a business or a client or a future partner might have, and then finding a solution for those needs.

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Excelling At Selling And Business Ownership with Nancy Monsipapa

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I’m excited about our guest. Her name is Nancy Monsipapa. After graduating from Miami University of Ohio, Nancy knew that sales was the role she wanted. She answered an advertisement in the local paper for Cutco Knives and she started selling in people’s homes. After several roles in retail, not for profit restaurants and owning and operating a concrete company, she found her way back into sales and never looked back.

Nancy has been recognized as a high performer at several of the companies she worked for in the past. Now she wants to pass her years of wisdom of selling and business ownership to you, the entrepreneur. Her goal is to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, do higher achievement around the world, and to me, that means Nancy is a heartrepreneur. Nancy has a book out called Nail The Sales that we can get on Amazon. Nancy, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Terri, thank you so much for having me.

I’m excited to have you. I’ve got such a kick out of you because I remember Cutco Knives. I remember going back quite a few years when my husband and I first got married. We had literally nothing and all of a sudden, we ran into somebody selling Cutco Knives. We didn’t have knives. I’m like, “Okay, yes.” Then they came into our home and I’m like, “We’re resonating with the story so much.” When you graduated school, was there something you wanted to do that maybe you didn’t get to do and then all the sudden found Cutco? How did that happen for you?

I played sports in college. I was a collegiate athlete and that feeling of the win, that feeling of being successful, of leaving it all on the field, of just going out day after day and giving it your all, I wanted to take that into the next step of my life. I thought in my head, “I’m supposed to be in sales,” but I didn’t have any direction. I had no idea how to get there.

HPR 65 | Selling And Business Ownership
Selling And Business Ownership: As an entrepreneur, I can control where I was headed and how hard I worked mattered.

Not only did you get started, you’ve done a lot. How do you go from Cutco Knives and how do you make your journey? Tell us a little bit about that.

It’s funny when you chase security for a while and security to you starts out as you think it’s being an employee. Then you realize that that’s probably the least secure route that you could ever take. You can be let go at any minute, and I was a couple of times. In the end, I realized that I could have more control as an entrepreneur than I could as an employee. I can control where I was headed and how hard I worked mattered and I could pour love and caring into my customers like nobody else. I went the non for profit and the retail route and then I’m like, “This is crazy.” They’re dictating how I treat the customer or the client and I want that person to feel like a partner of my business. I ended up going into business with my brother who finished concrete, and I haven’t looked back as being an entrepreneur. It’s the way to go for sure.

I started out as an entrepreneurial in six different businesses and I sold them one after another. It’s start one, be successful, start in another and then I did a stint in corporate America as president of a national healthcare company and that was a wow. That’s when I realized that my values didn’t align because I’m coming from partnership and caring and loving and heart and they were like, “That doesn’t belong here in corporate America,” and I’m like, “What?” I say what you say in terms of got out, never looked back. I feel I’m doing what I’ve been doing for about 22 years and I feel at home doing what I’m doing so I’m resonating with you. Tell me what it is that you dig about sales. What do you love about sales?

I found my niche as I created the mindset that I’m here to solve somebody’s problem. It doesn’t matter what it is I was selling, but I have a way to solve a problem that they have and it’s my job to find out what that problem is and if what I have is a fit, then fantastic. If what I have is not a fit, then I feel that it’s my obligation to point them in the right direction. I see sales and being an entrepreneur as one in the same. It’s all about uncovering the needs that a business or a client, a future partner might have, and then finding a solution for those needs. If you have it, fantastic, but more importantly, it’s about knowing that you’ve done the best for the person or the company that you’re with, whether you’re the fit or not. That’s the bottom line.

Several years back, I wrote a book called Sell Without Selling: Lessons From The Jungle For Sales Success and philosophically, it’s totally in alignment. Here is someone that has a problem and if I or you can solve that, and we can give the person a result or an outcome. I almost feel like it’s our duty and our obligation to help them, serve them, and support them. I also feel that if we can’t help them, it’s our duty to also let them know that, not take their money. I totally aligned with you. What is maybe a big tip that you can give someone who’s an entrepreneur who really is not digging business ownership, not really getting it and is intimidated by sales? What’s something you would want to say to that person?

Get a coach, get someone, find a mentor, find somebody that can uplift you through the daily challenges, just the weekly grind. Find somebody that can guide you, maybe a personal friend. It may be someone you know that you would like to emulate. Find somebody that can encourage you but also speak truth into your life so that you can make the tweaks you need to succeed. You became an entrepreneur for a reason. There was a passion that you had. There was a calling that you felt like you were supposed to do. That hasn’t changed. It’s just the way the world has come upon you because you don’t have that cheerleader in your life.

People will say to me, “You’re a millionaire mentor and doing all these businesses so you don’t have a coach.” I’m like, “I have five of them. I’ve had as many as eight at a time.” Right now, I have five. They’re like, “What?” I have a coach that works with me on humor. I have a speaking coach. Even though I speak on stages all over the world, I’m always looking to get better. I have a business strategist, even though I am one. I have a marketing strategist, even though I am one and I have a health and wellness coach. I’ve had as many as eight. People go, “I don’t get it,” and I’m like, “If you want to know why I’m successful at certain things, that is because I have that weekly person that I can go to and that can help me.” We can’t see what we can’t see, so I’m so glad that that’s the advice you gave. Some people will say, “Go do this or do this action or do this activity,” and to me, “None of that makes sense.” Without that cheerleader, without that accountability partner and without the person who’s running a little bit faster, a little bit bigger, a little bit better than you, so you can keep moving forward to get there.

The coolest coaching partnerships that I’ve heard is John Maxwell. He was on a webinar and he told the world that John Wooden was the gentleman that sat down and spoke truth into his life. He’s probably considered the number one leadership guru in the world. He says that he only has a right to speak truth into people’s lives in three areas. He’s like, “You wouldn’t even want me as a mentor in all areas of your life.” It just rings true. What you said is awesome.

HPR 65 | Selling And Business Ownership
Selling And Business Ownership: It doesn’t matter how many times you feel like you failed. You can get up and win today.

He’s somebody I adore. He’s one of the people that I follow in the coaching world. He’s awesome. I know that you wrote a book called Nail The Sales. Tell us a little bit about the book and also make sure that we know where to get it.

I started a podcast called Nail The Sales, and after about four or five episodes, we realized that this is great content. Our whole mantra is that we want to help entrepreneurs reach higher achievement and the information naturally went into a book. If someone wants to get that book, they can either go to Amazon and search out, Nail The Sales or work on Nancy Monsipapa either way. They can reach out to us on our website at and shoot us your contact and we’ll make sure you get a book.

I feel that Nancy brings something important for you. I believe that one of the biggest challenges I hear from entrepreneurs is I hate selling and if you understand as Nancy’s bringing out how much selling is helping people and allowing them to get what they want and being their partner on the journey. It’s not what you may think it is. Sell is not a dirty four-letter word. Nancy, if you have one tip that you’d love to leave an impression with people on, what might that be?

Doesn’t matter how many times you feel like you failed. You can get up and win today.

Nancy, I’m so glad that you and I connected. I totally resonate with you. The kinds of work you’re doing in the world. Keep up the great podcast. I’m looking forward to reading the book Nail the Sales. The book can be gotten on Amazon. You can go over to to connect with Nancy Monsipapa. Nancy, thank you so much.

Terri, thank you. You have an amazing way of connecting with people via your podcast and I was just really blessed to be on your show.

I have to say that when I find people that are very heart based and authentic in sales, I want to share them and I want to make an impact for the entrepreneurs and business owners that listen to the show and I know you’ve done that, thank you again.

Hope you have an amazing day.

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HPR 65 | Selling And Business OwnershipAccomplished Sales Leader and Entrepreneur with successful track record in solution selling. Hungry,coachable, hunter/closer thrives on challenges and loves to win




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