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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 73 | The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey

26th March 20180

HPR 73 | The Blind Blogger

Even former carnival fun fair owners can conquer the Midway Marketplace – at least according to Maxwell Ivey, also known as The Blind Blogger. His secret to success? Doing just a little bit at a time until you build up to the point where they become second nature. Maxwell Ivey is a prolific author of inspirational books, with his latest, “The Blind Blogger’s New York City Adventures” out any day now. Having forced out of the midway, when his games no longer made any money, Maxwell Ivey had to figure out what he could do next.

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The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey

I have with me Maxwell Ivey. He’s a former carnival fun-fair owner turned amusement equipment broker. He’s also a life goals coach, motivational speaker, online media publicist, blogger, podcaster and award winning self-published author. He’s a pretty busy guy. He’s written three books so far: Leading You Out of The Darkness into The LightA Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to SuccessIt’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag: An Easy-To-Follow guide for Weight Loss Success, and The Blind Blogger’s New York City Adventures. This is really incredible so many awesome things under his belt. He works on his own life and that of others by examining every day events and finding the positive life lessons in them. He’s always up for a new challenge or opportunity. Welcome, Max.

HPR 73 | The Blind Blogger
The Blind Blogger: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success

Thank you for having me on the show, Terri. It’s really great to meet you.

It’s great to meet you and I’ve been really intrigued by you. First of all, let’s get the story here. You were a former carnival fun fair owner. How did you make the switch to the amusement equipment broker? I found that fascinating.

I say carnival/fun fair because I believe you’re from the UK and over there they call them fun fair or fairground rides. It’s different from what we call them. Like a lot of things for a lot of people, I was forced into it by one business going out of business. My dad died from lung cancer. Me and my brother weren’t ready to take over running the show ourselves yet. We managed to keep in business for about three years before we ended up having to close up and join with my Uncle’s carnival. A couple, three years after that, I started helping people sell the rides and stuff. I started doing that full-time through my website, The Midway Marketplace.

How does all of that turn into so many things that you’re doing right there aligned with being a life goals coach? Tell us about that.

They are aligned because I was forced out of the Midway, my games no longer made any money, and I had to figure out what could I do next. The one thing I felt I could do that I knew something about already was helping people buy-sell amusement equipment because I had done it for my family. I didn’t think about all stuff I would have to learn in order to do something like that online, which included things like hand coding HTML, building email lists, figuring out this social media as good as any of us can, getting people to list their equipment with me. All that stuff I had to learn, especially after I started my first blog. I’d write about it. People said, “Max, you’re one of these people who’s finding a way, you find a solution. You just don’t let yourself be stopped whether if you’re doing it yourself or getting somebody to do it for you or having somebody teach you how. You just find a way and we find it very inspiring.” The stuff I was doing on The Midway Marketplace led to my second website where I’m known as The Blind Blogger. I’m still getting used to saying, “Known around the world as The Blind Blogger,” but that’s who I am. As part of sharing those every day events that I could find these life lessons in, I was encouraged to write a book. Actually, I was double-dog-dared to write a book. I don’t know about you, but if a really good friend challenges you with the right words, it’s not like you can really say no.

I started writing this book, took me longer than I thought it was going to take to finish it, Leading You Out of The Darkness into The Light. A friend of mine who I met online, Lorraine Reguly from, who has been my editor from the beginning, who actually reached out to me online because she noticed I was having some trouble with my photos. She helped me with my blog on a voluntary basis and then when I needed some help getting my book ready for Amazon and CreateSpace, it was just a natural thing, a friend to trust by. That’s what happened basically, because she’s seen something wrong with my website and said, “Max, I know you can’t tell that this is wrong but it’s not only wrong, it makes you look bad.” She had the courage to reach out to me. Even if I wasn’t blind, I’m finding that a lot of people have trouble reaching out to the person and say, “I think there’s something here you could be doing better.” They don’t want to be seen as stepping over boundaries. They don’t want to offend the other person. They don’t want to make the other person think that they are like one of these know-it-all people who feels like they have the right to tell everybody what to do. In my case, it really helped me, and it might be another one of those places where being blind is an advantage, because she did say, “Your photos are ending up in the middle of your page. They’re hiding half your blogs from people.”

[Tweet “If a really good friend challenges you with the right words, it’s not like you can really say no.”]

It’s a great thing that I went through a great friendship and she’s been involved in finishing this third book. I think while it was my story that I used to enter the Amtrak Writers in Residence competition which is the center part of my third book, I have no doubt that being able to use a professionally-edited manuscript that’s several chapters from that first book in my entry had to help me a lot.

You said a lot of really cool things in here. I really want to make sure the audience catch some of the really key points. When you notice something that’s not quite right that somebody else is doing and you can help them and you can assist them and you can come from a place of service, don’t be afraid to say, “I noticed this and I want to offer this to you.” Then you talked about like a friend trust by. That’s just so true. Here she was helping you and then you’re on the journey together. That’s just perfect. If someone is feeling down and out, they’re not inspired, they’re having some difficulty in their business or in their life, can you give a little bit of inspiration on something that might help them?

You’ve probably heard this before so it’s not going to be anything new, but a lot of cases it’s, “What are you expecting?” and “Have you decided to be positive and optimistic?” or “Have you been disappointed and have you failed so many times that you’re no longer able to even think about seeing the positive?” I understand and I try to tell people these are not things you start today and they work today. They’re things you have to do a little bit at a time until you build up to the point where they become second nature. I think my best example is I’m talking about when you lose the remote control to your TV. You have two choices: you can either decide to watch whatever’s on TV or do something in the house that’s just as enjoyable or you can just tell yourself, “I know that darn remote is here somewhere,” and you keep looking until you find it. When I have a bad day, those are the two things I try to do. One, “Is there something I could do that will make me feel better or that will distract me from this current situation and allow me to get some positive feeling and positive energy in my life?” The other thing is if I get up every morning and tell myself, “Max, there’s something that’s going to happen today.” There’s going to be something good whether it’s a person you meet, an event that happens to you, a situation you find yourself in, it can even be spam email if you approach it the right way. You just have to decide that it’s there and you’re going to keep looking for it until you find it.

Beautiful, I love that. It’s about making a choice, deciding to be positive, letting that become second nature. Your example is so cool, Max, with losing the remote and then, “What’s going to make me feel better or distract me? How can I create the positive energy?” I like even the positive thought of something good is going to happen today. Sometimes things that don’t seem good turn into the biggest blessings. I have a friend that lost her job recently, and at first, she was so down and out, I kept saying, “There’s always good it in. I know you don’t see it now. There’s good in it.” Now she’s in great business opportunity and she’s starting something she’s passionate about. I love that. That’s awesome. I’m kind of curious, just to shift gears cause of my curiosity. Here you go and you write It’s Not the Cookie It’s the Bag, which I love. How come you decided to write a weight loss guide?

Two reasons. One, I wrote the chapter and the chapter went very easily. I said to myself, “Writing isn’t supposed to be hard so this is a good sign that there may be a book here.” The title is actually the title of the first chapter I wrote because of something we started doing here in the house to solve a big problem when you have one person that’s losing weight and you have other people who maybe don’t need to lose weight or don’t need to be as strict in their diet as the person that has the problem does. We got to the idea that if we brought home one bag of frozen dough for cookies, we could make one pan of cookies, split it four ways, everybody gets four or five cookies, nobody’s over-full, everybody feels like they were satisfied a little, nobody feels deprived, and you don’t have that other two-thirds of a bag of cookies sitting in your kitchen going, “Come eat me!” T1hat was the first thing.

I had been working on a book of stories, maybe not quit a memoir but just some of the things that had happened growing up around my family. Pretty much everybody in my family is in the carnival business in one way or another or has been. My editor, she always said, “Max, just write it and let me straighten it out when you’re through.” I was doing that. I had 50,000 plus words which is 250 pages. For people who knit or crochet, I had the world’s worst big ball of string in this document file on my laptop and I was like, “Do I really want to send this to her? Do I want to try to break it up into smaller bits that make a little sense?” Then I wrote this one chapter for this other book and I’m like, “You know Max, I could write this book and this book could be done. This would be easy.” That’s what I did. I basically wrote a book to keep me from having to write another book.

HPR 73 | The Blind Blogger
The Blind Blogger: A lot of people have trouble reaching out to the person and say, “I think there’s something here you could be doing better.”

I love that and I understand that as an author. I’m like, “Yes, I totally understand that.” Max, how can people connect in with you? How can they follow you? How can they find you, and where can they get your books?

They can find me at While it’s not related, they can go to if they want to see some of the stuff I did before I became The Blind Blogger. On Twitter I’m @MaxwellIvey and on I hope people will head over to my YouTube channel and check out some of my videos because I’ve got some of me singing. I’ve got some inspirational stuff over there, but most everything feeds back to the blog. It’s my real estate, it’s my home, that’s where everything feeds off,

I have found you to be one of my most fun and interesting guests so I’m going to start following you, and I want to check out your YouTube channel. I think it sounds very different and very awesome. Thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m hopeful that we can do this again. I tell you, these twelve minutes felt like 30 seconds so I hope we can catch up offline where we don’t have to worry about that clock.

We’ll definitely do that. For the listeners, Maxwell Ivey has a lot to share with you, so make sure that you do go over and connect with him, Just a few reminders, subscribe to the show on iTunes. That way you won’t miss a show. I wouldn’t have wanted you to miss Max and that way you wouldn’t miss any shows. We love when you share the shows. We love when you give us great reviews. We thank you for being listeners. I have a gift for you, avid listener, something very, very valuable that will make a difference in your business. You can grab it for free at It’s my gift to you for being a listener. Thanks again for tuning in here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Maxwell Ivey

HPR 73 | The Blind BloggerHi,Maxwell Ivey Jr. I’m Maxwell Ivey.

My family has been in the amusement industry for generations.

For eight years, I have been helping people find and sell quality amusement rides, games, food trailers, inflatables, and more.

I also offer appraisals and a wealth of links to the amusement industry.


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