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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 75 | How to be True Organizational Rebels with Dr. Barbra Portzline

26th March 20180

HPR 75 | Organizational Rebel

What does it mean to be an Organizational Rebel? Whether you’re tired of the day-to-day grind, or just wondering “What’s next?” beyond retiring in an RV – you don’t have to stay miserable in discontent. Follow your dreams! The P6 Assessment holds the secrets on how to go from start-up in crisis to sustainable business. Dr. Barbra Portzline has been teaching introverts how to be true Organizational Rebels by literally seeing what’s preventing them from walking into their power. Dr. Portzline says things that resonate and help companies in crisis make a plan to get there.

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How to be True Organizational Rebels with Dr. Barbra Portzline

We’ve got a very special show. Why? Because I have on someone that I consider a really good friend and someone who I really admire. Not just for the work she does in the world, but for who she is and how she shows up. She’s truly a Heartrepreneur. My guest today is Dr. Barbra Portzline. She’s the president at Organizational Rebel, LLC. She’s the Founder of Organizational Rebel LIFE which is an online community. She’s the co-developer of the P6Assessment. As you can tell, this is not a sit-still kind of a gal. Barbra is an organizational intuitive. She has a calling to help folks find the most efficient path to improving people, processes, practices, promotions, productivity and profit. We all want all of those things. Barbra, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m super excited to be here with you today.

I’m excited to have you and I think it would be really cool for us to start with how and why did you choose the name Organizational Rebel?

That’s a great question. I grew up with a family where the path was to go to high school, to go to college, to get a job, to wait for that gold watch, to retire, and to die. That was basically it. It wasn’t about having passion over what you did, it was about doing something secure, getting that job, and just doing the day-to-day grind. I would talk to my family and they complain about work. I talk to my friends, we complain about work. It wasn’t until my twenties where I made a shift and I actually moved from the east coast to the mountain area, the southwest, and I started meeting people that really had passion over what they did. It was something that was so new to me. It seemed so simple, but it really was not in my paradigm at all. I went back to school, I started doing some research and studying these people that actually liked their job and actually were thriving when everyone else was complaining. I said, “Who are these organizational rebels? Who are these bad asses that can literally go to work, have a great time at work, and thrive while everyone else is miserable?” When I started my company I really wanted to perpetuate that you can go to work, you can love what you do, you can maintain integrity, and really be a Heartrepreneur, although I didn’t know that term at the time and those are the Organizational Rebels.

HPR 75 | Organizational Rebel
Organizational Rebel: You don’t have to be miserable and stay somewhere if you’re really unhappy.

I totally resonate with that. I get such a smile on my face when we both like to use the term bad ass. Somebody said, “How could you be a Heartrepreneur bad ass?” I love this because Heartrepreneurs are people who have integrity, people who have transparency, people who are authentic and genuine, and they are lined up genuinely with who they are and what their goals are. They’re not afraid to stand in that power. Just like you. I too came out of Corporate America, president of a national health care company. I woke up one day and said, “I’m miserable, I don’t think this is what life is supposed to be.” I thankfully walked out twenty-something years ago, started my consulting and coaching practice. I’ve never looked back, wrote a book called Work Yourself HappyI’m very lined up with where you’re coming from. It’s doing the work you love, loving the work you do, being in integrity and doing what you do to make a difference in the world. So, I just want to celebrate you for a moment.

Thank you so much. It’s so interesting because there are so many people that I meet that really know they want that. They know they want to be aligned with what they do, they want to stand in integrity and be that person, but they’ve never actually had anyone give them permission to do that. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes that’s all people need. They need someone to say, “You can do that. You can follow your dream. You don’t have to be miserable and stay somewhere if you’re really unhappy.” A lot of times we just sit in our heads and we don’t realize that we have a choice.

Well said, really well said. I want people to breathe in and remember, you do have a choice. I’d like to hear a little bit more about your online community. What kind of people are in the community? What happens in the community?

Our online community is based with a lot of solopreneurs and small business owners/entrepreneurs that really want to go from startup to sustainable business. What we have is we have a Facebook group where people are engaged and talk to each other. We have guest experts that will come in and do little trainings on different areas. We talk about communicating your vision, we talk about aligning your business practice with your vision, how to get at customers, and we really try to give people education and support. Because a lot of times as solopreneurs or small business owners, we feel alone and it’s hard to raise your hand and say, “I need help,” or “I don’t know how to do something.” This community really provides a safe space for folks to do that.

I really appreciate it that. I think that people are looking for a community, they’re seeking safe spaces, and I love the start-up to sustainable business. That’s phenomenal. You’re making a difference in the world right there. I have to keep asking you because every single thing that you have that has a title has me curious. What’s the P6 Assessment? It sounds interesting. 

The P6Assessment is a needs assessment that really helps business owners identify where they are in six critical areas: people, process, practice, promotions, productivity and profit, and where they want to be. I work with them to really close that gap between where they are and where they want to be in all of those areas. It really is about empowering people to do that on their own. I always say I like to work myself out of work, so I show them where it is, I talk to them about what they want to work on, and then we prioritize together, and they get support, and match them with the right team member in my Organizational Rebel Alliance, and we help to close that gap.

Organizational Rebel Alliance. I’m digging that. I love that it has these six critical areas. I’m going to repeat them so that people can really breathe them in and remember them: people, processes, practices, promotions, productivity and profit. What would you say is an area that shows up a lot where people really aren’t quite there yet and really need a lot of help and support?

Profit. Number one, a lot of times people I meet, they’re still just getting by and they really want to take it to the next level, but that’s the one area. Of course, they’re also connected. If your people aren’t doing well and they’re not happy, of course, it’s going to impact your profit. That’s usually the one where, when I sit down and focus with people and figure out, “What do you want to work on first?” Of course, profit usually comes up.

That makes complete sense to me. Who would be an ideal client for you? How does someone know if they’re listening, “Maybe I should get in touch with Barbra and reach out?”

I work primarily with two groups. The first group are those business owners that really are in crisis. Those are the people that wake up in the middle of the night panicking, not knowing how they’re going to make payroll, how they’re going to get their business up and continue going. They have so many moving parts that they really need a complete overhaul on how they do business. That is one group. The second group are people that have been doing one job their entire life and they really know that they have a higher purpose, that they’re supposed to be doing something else, but for some reason, they went on this one path and now they’re asking themselves, “What’s next?” Could be someone ready for retirement that doesn’t really want to get that RV and drive all around the country and wants to do something else. Those are the two groups that are primarily the ones that I work with personally.

[Tweet “Energy exists in the universe. Whether you like it or you don’t like it, it has been proven that it exists.”]

I really have to bring up the curious question. What the heck is an organizational intuitive and how did you become that or know that you are that?

That’s a good story. When I was younger, I used to think I was magic. I used to think I could make things happen. I was alone a lot and I went into my own head. I figured things out. I didn’t really have anyone to show me how to do things. I literally was alone a lot. I just went internal like I really aligned with who I was at the core. Then I had years of going to school, going to college, making friends, and I really disconnected from that piece of myself. I actually spent a lot of time going to school, getting degrees, doing whatever I could to just do, do, do, and I never took a step back and really was intentional with the way I was doing things. I just went on this path. I collected a ton of data. I made data-driven decisions.

In my forties, after a series of events, I slowed down a little bit. I started working with some people that did alternative medicine and healers. I stopped moving enough to meditate which is something people told me to do all my life because I was such a type A person. With that, I realized how much I wasn’t listening to my inner knowing which I did have when I was younger. Once I started working intentionally on connecting with that, it really opened up a whole new world for me and a whole new world with working with individuals. As an organizational intuitive, I use a combination of over twenty, 30 years of organizational development experience and a very strong sense of knowing, of reading people, of reading their energy. I literally can see what their blocks are from preventing them from walking into their power. I can see the possibilities for people, which is where I really like to focus. I say things that resonate and then help them make a plan to get there. I don’t know how to explain it any more than that. It just happens.

You are doing a great job explaining it. I loved that you started with talking about you got quiet and you started to meditate because I think that’s so important for all of our listeners. You don’t have to become a Buddha or anything like that. I walk and meditate, just silence my mind. Whatever meditation looks like for you. Getting very intentional, I love that. I believe that when folks do that, they can tap into their inner knowing, some more than others. You’re an organizational intuitive and I think you have more clairvoyant ability. We’re not talking real woo-woo stuff, people, so don’t get turned off. We’re talking about things that exist. Energy exists in the universe. Whether you like it or you don’t like it, it has been proven that it exists. You can go research Einstein and Tesla and Edison, energy is in the universe. 

I’ve seen you actually really know by reading energy what someone’s blocks are. The best part of what you said for me, Barbra, was you not only can see their blocks and you get that intuitive hit, you can see the possibilities and then you can help devise the plan. Because we just don’t want to know, “Here’s a block, here’s a block, here’s a block.” We want someone like you who can then say, “There’s the block, however, here’s what that can open up and let me help you get there.” Am I summing that up pretty well?

Absolutely. That’s what drives me. I am an introvert. I get nervous being around people sometimes. Radio shows, they freak me out a little bit. When I really am in my element is when I have someone in front of me and I see everything that they can do. I say things and they get excited about it. That to me is why I do the work that I do, and yes, helping them get there efficiently and quickly and not in this roundabout way that I did for many years when I wasn’t intentional in my business.

HPR 75 | Organizational Rebel
Organizational Rebel: If your people aren’t doing well and they’re not happy, of course, it’s going to impact your profit.

Yes, and I can honestly say I’ve been there, done that. One of my early businesses, I didn’t know a thing about being intentional. I didn’t know anything about even how to make really good, rational decisions. I wasn’t quiet and I really didn’t make good decisions in that business. This is great. I want to tap into something that you said because when I say this, the listeners may go, “Hmm,” and I think it’s very important. Barbra just told you that she’s an introvert and I do know her and she is an introvert. You might see me, hear me or be all, “You’ve got a TV show and a radio show, and you’re in magazines and this and this and you speak all over the world.” Here you go, I’m an introvert as well. I’m truly an introvert. My preferred style is to be alone. My preferred style is to be quiet. I know that’s shocking. I’ve learned how to perform in the outside world and behave as an extrovert when I need to. I just wanted people to really understand: it doesn’t matter your personality type. You can do what resonates and what your passion is if you find that it’s that important. I really hope that as you’re listening to this interview, you’ll resonate and you’ll want to connect with Barbra. Barbra, what is the best way for folks to connect with you?

The best way is through my website at

If anything that was said here has any resonance with you and that you don’t sit and wait and procrastinate, you just tune in, tap in and take an action forward. I rarely on the show literally endorse someone, as you know if you’ve been a listener for a while. I fully wholeheartedly endorse Barbra. I’ve gotten to know her, I respect her, and I can see the magnificent work she does in the world and the testimonials that she’s getting. I suggest you head over to Thank you so much Barbra!

Thank you, Terri. Thank you so much.

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About Dr. Barbra Portzline

HPR 75 | Organizational RebelDr. Barbra Portzline, is the President at Organizational Rebel® LLC and the co-developer of the P6 Assessment.

With over two decades of hands-on engagement in coaching, practicing, consulting, and teaching, Dr. Barbra Portzline has first-hand experience in the ebb and flow of individual and organizational growth and the pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and dynamics that fuel successful individuals and businesses.

After realizing her psychic and intuitive gifts and rebranding herself as an Organizational Intuitive in her mid 40’s Barbra’s private practice uses a combination of deep organizational development experience and her gift of intuition to help clients 1) discover their soul purpose, 2) remove limiting beliefs and blocks and 3) action their soul purpose into a sustainable business aligned with their vision.

Her work supports a cross-discipline, integrated approach to strategy, which is like no other.

When she is not seeing clients or with her amazing family, Barbra serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Mexico, a Board Member of the ABQ West Chamber of Commerce, and as the Head Honcho Heartreprenuer® & Albuquerque Heartreprenuer® Circle Director, impacting the way business is done in her community.

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