Terri:  Welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio, this is Terri Levine and thank you for tuning in with me.  I have another special guest today and her name is Lisa Lewtan, she’s a Health and Lifestyle coach, and she’s the founder of Healthy, Happy and Hip, I love that name by the way.  She’s an award-winning author, she’s the host of Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed Radio on voiceamerica.com, which is named after her book of course.  And using the skills she developed as successful technology entrepreneur, how interesting, Lisa self-hacked her own mind and body to restore her health, and then go on to feel better than ever.  With private coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats, Lisa helps highly successful, hungry go-getters to slow down, chill out, develop a better relationship with food and stress, look good and feel great.  Man, that’s everything a Heartrepreneur could want, thanks for joining me today Lisa.

Lisa:  Oh, it’s such a pleasure, Terri thanks for having me.  And it’s Lewtan, Lisa Lewtan. No worries!

Terri:  Lewtan.  LEWTAN folks So, Lisa talk to me about this, because here you were as a technology entrepreneur, what was going on to even decide you’ve got to take a look at your own health and well-being?

Lisa:  So, I started the Entrepreneurial thing very young, I was in my early 20’s.  And my boyfriend and I had this crazy idea at the time of starting a tech company, which, back then was not like a really cool thing to do.  Wasn’t like now where people are really interested in kids that age, but we decided to do this, and we worked for years as a bootstrap company.  So, we worked really, really crazy long hours, I was not a healthy eater at the time, was not taking care of myself in way, shape or form.  And after many years of living that crazy, intense way, I literally crashed and burned.  Like many stories out there, I was one of those and I had to figure out what went wrong, cuz Doctors didn’t seem to really get it, and it was a journey for me.  That was almost 20 years ago, and so it took me a long time to really figure out why it went wrong and how did I make it right, and that’s how I got really interested in overall, just health.

Terri:  Mmm.  And how did you approach figuring that out?  I mean, how does one even to that place of being, this is where it went awry, and then this is what I need to do.  How did you know those things?

Lisa:  That’s a good question.  For the first 2 years, I literally went to doctor after doctor, and they just kept prescribing meds, and I just kept not taking them, because I kept saying why would I take something if I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  And nobody seemed to be able to tell me what was wrong with me.  So, I finally got to this point of just utter despair, I had been really depressed, and by that point I had had 2 out of 3 of my children, and I was really struggling to make it through the day, even though I was continuing to work and struggle like we superwomen do.  So, I thought hey, I’m an Entrepreneur, what do I do?  I solve problems for a living, so I thought I’m going to solve this problem.  And I attacked it like a research project, and we didn’t have Google back then, so I had to go to the library and I had to read books.  And I just started reading and reading, and I started interviewing family members in our family about our history, and I started looking at the prescriptions that Doctor’s had prescribed to see what they were trying to treat because they never told me.  And I started going, what’s this, anxiety?  I don’t have anxiety, I was like I had never even heard of it basically.  And so, little by little I was able to kind of figure out what had happened to me, which felt like a stroke to me, but in reality, it was this weird combination of exhaustion, anxiety and ocular migraine, which I never knew I had.  So, you know it was this weird, bizarre, thing and then I said ok, how am I going to make it right?  And we didn’t have all these incredible Health Coaches and functional Doctors around, at least not in my orbit, so I had to do it on my own.  And I started experimenting, I started just paying attention to my body, which was a radical move for me.  I started experimenting with food, and sleep, and exercise and caffeine, and stress and my thoughts, and I literally became like a project for myself.  After years of doing this, well, very quickly I started feeling better, but I was like how am I gonna feel great?  And I kept going with it and eventually, I went back to school to learn more, and I started helping other people, and I really want to help other people avoid that burn-out because it’s so easy to happen, it really, really is.  We’re just, we can get in that place of not taking care of ourselves and it can be very dangerous.

Terri:  Wow, you know I love the way you’re describing this.  Because what happened organically, something that happened to you, and you used your kind of inquisitive nature from being a Technology Entrepreneur and said, let me take a look at this, and let me experiment and let me kind of figure this out.  So, I love this, I think it’s such a great, wonderful approach.  So, let’s say that you’ve got an Entrepreneur who is just really busy, and active and a go-getter as you said, having a difficult time.  Lots of stress in their lives, they’re not eating the way they should, maybe their blood pressure’s up.  What would you do or say to them?  How can you get them to really take a look at themselves and begin to make some shifts and changes?

Lisa:  I think that’s a very realistic situation.  What I usually start doing with my clients, is we do an over-all, like let’s look at your life, and we look at everything.  Everybody thinks about food and exercise, but that’s just a tiny piece of it.  We look at:  are you having enough fun in your life?  Are you learning new things?  Are you feeling financially secure?  Like, how are your relationships?  And I really take a very, high-level look at everything, and we can set some goals and experiment around that, so it’s not this overwhelming fear, like I have to change everything!  And it’s just one thing at a time, and sometimes small, little actions can cause really big changes in someone’s life, and once you start moving in a positive direction, you have momentum, and you’re really motivated to keep going with it.

Terri:  Now, I love those.  I say this to clients so often, I’ve probably said here on the Radio Show, so people will be like, I’ve heard Terri say that!  I say a lot of times:  slow and steady wins the race, slow and steady.

Lisa:   Yeah

Terri:  Right?  And I absolutely find that just the pace of the world nowadays, it seems like at everybody wants to jump into everything, creating more stress both mentally and physically, so I mean, I love what you’re advocating.  And if somebody works with you, what kind of things do they work on, what do you do with them that really helps them feel better, look better, and have that relationship?  Cuz I think it is a relationship that you need to have with your body, with eating, with listening to your body.  How do you do that actually?

Lisa:  People come to it from different angles, and I really like to meet people where they’re at.  And, what you just before, it’s this new relationship with your body.  With women, our relationship has been, oh I hate my body!  That’s what we kind of think of when we think of our bodies, which is so sad.  And what I like to say is our bodies talk to us, our bodies are gonna tell us what’s going on, if we slow down and listen to them.  And so, literally just taking even a few minutes every morning to have some quiet time, listen to our bodies, checking in with ourselves, getting to know ourselves in a whole new way.  And how can we nourish ourselves in a way that’s gonna really sustain us.  So, I’ll ask women a lot often times, what do you do to replenish yourself?  And they’ll say, well, I’ll go get a manicure.  And I’m like, is that really replenishing, or is that like a maintenance?  And they’re like no, it isn’t, it doesn’t at all, so we try to come up with ways, what are things besides food that we can use to really make us feel good, and fill up that well.  Because we’re all busy taking care of everybody else, and we need to feel nourished in our own way.  But, every client is different, everybody is going to have different needs, and I like it cuz it’s a puzzle, I like to figure it out.  What’s gonna motivate this particular person, what is it that’s really gonna make the biggest difference for them, and how they’re gonna get the biggest bang for the buck.  And so, I think that we can’t all fit into the same formula, we’re all different people.

Terri:  I love this.  I love your approach, I love the customization, I love how much there is in listening and tuning into your body.  For my own self, I got very ill maybe 11 years ago now, and I was forced, because the nature of my illness, the neurological disease, that it slowed me down, it stopped me in my tracks which I wasn’t used too.  And I realized after a couple of months of a pity party, that it really created some magic in me in getting connected with my body, and learning to listen to my body and be at one with my body.  And I think the reason I’m able to do what I do now, and I’m in fairly good health even though this disease is still with me, is that I really take extraordinary care of myself.  So, I love what you’re advocating.  I think every business owner, every Heartrepreneur needs this.  So, how can our listeners connect with you, get in touch with you?  Where can they find you, where do you hang out?

Lisa:  I’m everywhere.  The easiest place is to find me on my website which is www.healthyhappy&hip.com.  That’s healthyhappy&hip.com.  They’ll also find me on Facebook, Healthy, Happy and Hip.  And I have a coaching group in there too so just friend me, Lisa Lewtan, and I’ll bring you.  Tell me you want to come into our coaching club.  It’s a really nice community where we share tips and all sorts of ways to stay healthy, way beyond just food.  I offer courses all the time, that you can find out on my website about fermenting, what does it feel like to take a break from sugar, or to take a break from alcohol or some other foods, and a lot of other things.  So, come say hi!

Terri:  I love it, I love it.  And what attracted me to connect with you was:  Healthy?  Yes.  Happy?  Yes.  Hip?  Why not! I fell in love with it, I think it’s so great.  And I highly recommend that folks get to know you, go to your website, definitely look into the Facebook community.  So, one more time Lisa, would you give the website so everyone can have it, cuz I really want everyone who’s listening to have more health and more happiness, and to be more hip, let’s do that too.

Lisa:  Thank you, it’s Healthy, Happy and Hip.  Healthy, Happy, Hip.  I know it’s hard to remember, you’re going to back and go, what was it?  But it’s Healthy, Happy and Hip.  And also, you can look up Lisa Lewtan, if you forgot.  Lewtan.

Terri:  Perfect.  Well, it has been a delight having you.  I want to thank you and I just wish everybody who’s listening, let’s all be Healthy, Happy and Hip.  I think it’s really cool, I think it’s really important, and I think it will help us in our businesses of Heartrepreneur.  So, thank you Lisa, and to the listeners, thank you for tuning into another episode of Heartrepreneur Radio.  We really appreciate any tune-ins that we get, love to have some of your comments, some of your likes on the show, some of your shares.  We do the show for you, our listeners, and another phenomenal guest who’ll be joining me shortly.  And don’t forget, you just heard today from Lisa Lewtan, Healthy, Happy and Hip.  See you next time!