12 Reasons To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

12 Reasons To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency


Hiring a digital marketing agency is a smart decision for businesses wanting to shine in the online world. Today, Dr. Terri Levine offers invaluable insights into how a digital marketing agency can elevate your business.

From carving out a strategic marketing approach to boosting your brand image, these professionals bring a myriad of benefits to the table. By using their expertise, you can swiftly tackle technical challenges and achieve enhanced visibility in the vast online marketing landscape.

Additionally, with a digital marketing agency on your side, you can harness the prowess of analytics, craft a professional website to pull in leads, manage pay-per-click advertising, and ensure your webinars and landing pages reel in the right audience for reverse marketing.

It’s time to propel your brand to success with the aid of a digital marketing agency.

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Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:47] The top reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency 

[01:07] #1 To define a strategic proven marketing approach

[01:43] #2 Efficiency and overcoming technical barriers

[02:05] #3 Enhanced visibility for all online marketing

[02:23] #4 To truly engage the audience

[02:31] #5 Brand image

[02:45] #6 Analytics 

[02:59] #7 To have a professional website that generates leads

[03:21] #8 To manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

[03:46] #9 To make sure all your webinars and landing pages have a lot of the right people for reverse marketing

[04:01] #10 It helps you become more of a thought leader in your industry 

[04:10] #11 Cost-effectiveness

[04:43] #12 Working with a trustworthy digital marketing agency can result in a long-term amazing business partnership and relationship which continually grows your business

Golden Nuggets:

  • You should make sure you have a brand, and it’s being communicated extremely well across all social media platforms [02:34] 
  • Your website is the headquarters of all your digital marketing efforts, where you funnel all your traffic [03:05] 
  • Working with a top digital marketing agency in your niche is affordable and very cost-effective [04:14]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, it’s Dr. Terri Levine, and welcome to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast, I hope you’re subscribed, and I hope that you’ve given us a five-star recommendation and we’ll keep sharing. All right, I asked my client family members, “What are the top reasons why you hired a digital marketing agency?” I think this might be helpful for you. If you think about the fact that online competition is more fierce than ever, if you’re not doing digital marketing correctly, then it might not work for you. If it seems complicated, “I’m going to do it myself,” it might not even be cost-efficient.

So, let’s discuss some of the reasons that the client family members that I asked told me they use digital marketing, and see if any of these resonate. The first reason was to define a strategy, a strategic proven marketing approach. Nothing complicated, nothing ambitious, it’s something that would take a small investment and give an optimal outcome. The second reason was efficiency, and overcoming technical barriers, and not having to learn all of this digital marketing stuff; SEO, and rankings, and captions, and keywords, and meta tags. And instead of you having to be in the business of being a technician, you can continue to be in the business of transformation.

The third reason is enhanced visibility for all online marketing, every single thing, from email, to websites, to landing pages, to funnels, to social media, so that you could create more impact and more influence for more income. And the other reason was to truly engage the audience. So, once you get eyeballs, how do you actually engage them? Reason number five was brand image, making sure that I have a brand and it’s being communicated extremely well across all of social media. I think we’re on six — I’m not even sure, it doesn’t matter — analytics. My client family member said they want full control. They want to actually know what’s working, what’s not quite right yet so it can be fixed in work well.

One of the top reasons was to have a professional website that actually generates leads since most people’s websites don’t. I think of a website as your headquarters of all of your digital marketing efforts, where you funnel all your traffic, where you get eyeballs on your products and services, and a conveyor belt of qualified prospects raising their hand every day. Another reason was to manage pay-per-click advertising. Hey, PPC literally changes almost every single day. And so, even if you went ahead and learned it a week ago, a month ago, it’s going to actually be very different because it changes all of the time.

So, those are some of the top reasons, there’s many other things. One of the things they didn’t say, that I definitely will say that I love, is making sure all of my webinars and all of my landing pages, not just have a lot of eyeballs, have a lot of the right people so they raise their hands through reverse marketing, and I can get to help them. In addition, it helps me really become more of a thought leader in my industry. The last reason that my client family members named was cost-effectiveness. Listen, it is important to realize that working with a top digital marketing agency, specifically in your niche, is affordable and very cost-effective.

To understand the tremendous value, just consider hiring all of these technical experts, and building the right infrastructure on meta tags, and SEO, and all these different things. Unless you’re a very large company, it’s just not going to happen, and this way, it can happen. And finally, in my experience, when you work with a trustworthy digital marketing agency, it can result in a long-term amazing business partnership and relationship so your business continually grows. If those aren’t enough reasons, I don’t know. So, go ahead and tell me your top reasons.

And also, be sure to click the link so that we can look at your business, look at your websites, your funnels, and give you some free advice. We are here to help, we’re here to serve. See you on the next episode of Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. Bye for now.

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