How to Build and Sell Courses Successfully

How to Build and Sell Courses Successfully


When coaches and consultants embark on the journey of building and selling courses, they aim for both freedom and profit in their business endeavors. However, they often encounter challenges in achieving these goals because many people don’t go through the courses.

So, how do you build, sell, and profit from a digital course? Tune in to this enlightening episode, where Dr. Terri Levine uncovers the biggest challenge facing course creators today and sheds light on why so many individuals purchase courses but never complete them. Additionally, she explains why offering discounts is an ineffective strategy for attracting customers.

She introduces a revolutionary approach to course creation through micro courses. A micro course is a digital course designed to solve a specific problem for your audience, and it can be completed in under 60 minutes.

Micro courses not only solve the problem of low completion rates but also open doors to building a lifestyle business that generates profits while providing you with freedom and flexibility. As Dr. Terri Levine puts it, “Micro-courses lead to macro freedom.”

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:50] What’s in for you in today’s episode: How to build and sell courses

[01:10] The biggest problem with courses right now

[02:02] The issues that arise when individuals purchase your course but fail to go through it

[02:10] #1 Buyers fail to achieve results because they haven’t gone through the lessons

[03:16] #2 You miss out on the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing

[03:25] Why discounts are a poor way to get customers 

[04:17] The solution to building and selling courses

[04:23] What are micro courses?

[05:04] Why micro courses are a big opportunity for coaches and consultants

[06:09] Get help and support in creating your micro course


Golden Nuggets:

  • When buyers don’t go through your course, they fail to achieve results, leaving you with no tangible testimonials. [02:11]
  • If you’re struggling to get good testimonials, it’s likely because individuals aren’t fully engaging with your course material. [03:02]
  • Discounts are a poor way to attract customers because every time you discount, you attract lower-quality customers. [03:25]
  • A micro course is a digital course designed to solve a specific problem for your audience and can be completed in under 60 minutes. [04:23]
  • Micro courses are the first step in building a lifestyle business that generates profits while providing you with freedom. [05:03]
  • “Micro courses lead to macro freedom.” ~Dr. Terri Levine [05:57]

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Full Transcript:

Hey there, it’s Dr. Terri Levine. Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. Make sure you subscribe, we love when you share the show, and make sure that you get a quick lesson from what I’m teaching you here today. I’m excited to be with you and to assist you. Today, we’re going to talk about how to build and sell courses for both freedom and for profit. Two of my favorite words. If you wish to build, to sell, and to profit from a digital course, then this podcast is going to be one you want to listen to over and over again because I’m actually going to show you how. 

Now, before we get there, we need to address the biggest problem with courses right now. And that is that no one really cares about them. That’s the truth. So, by that, I mean it doesn’t matter if you have successfully created a course, sold a course, or if I have, I want you to ask yourself this question; who really goes through it? I don’t know about you, I don’t remember the last time I went through a course, being very transparent here, from start to finish. There’s PDFs, there’s videos, there’s worksheets, there’s hundreds of hours of content. And frankly, it’s too much. And that’s what most people do with courses. 

They buy the course, they watch maybe, I don’t know, one or two videos. And then, they never open the course again. And the person who sells it is like, “I don’t really care, they bought it.” Oh, well, that’s pretty bad. You should care because if people don’t go through your course, you’re going to run into a couple of what I consider pretty gigantic problems. The first problem is your course buyers won’t get results because they actually didn’t go through the lessons. They didn’t learn, therefore, you won’t have tangible testimonials to sell more courses. 

Now, by tangible I mean a testimonial with a specific result. When you watch my testimonials, you’ll see things like this, they usually start this way, “Hi, my name is blah, blah, blah. And as a direct result of working with Terri…” Not a wishy-washy, “Oh, yeah, Terri’s great. I loved her course.” It’s factual. So, if you’ve seen Dr. Barbara’s recently, it starts with, “Hi, my name is Dr. Barbara Portsline. As a direct result of working with Terri, I went from X income…” I know that the latest one was something like 600,000, or something. I don’t really remember the numbers. 

So, if you are having trouble here without getting good testimonials, that’s because people aren’t going through the course. Now, the second problem is if your course buyers don’t use the course to get results, you won’t get what I call word-of-mouth marketing. And so, then what do you have to do? Well, you’ve got to discount your course just to get a sale. My feelings are that discounts are a pretty poor way to get customers because every time you discount, you’re going to get lower-quality customers. Customers who only buy things at a discount, in my experience, don’t really use the courses they buy. 

They buy things at a discount just because psychologically they like to get a discount. So, this brings us back to the hook. No one really cares about your course — I’m sorry to disappoint — or my course. This is why coaches, consultants, and course sellers have migrated over the years to a high-ticket model. Now, that creates another problem when you spend all of your time trying to get high-ticket clients, and then you spend the rest of your time doing what? Doing the client fulfillment, doing the work. So, where does the cycle end? When will you finally get the freedom that you started the business for in the first place? So, let me give you this solution. 

Micro-courses. What is a micro-course? It’s a course that can be completed in under 60 minutes. It’s a digital course designed to solve one problem for your audience. Moreover, this is a course that your audience will buy, will use, which to me is really important because I am in the business of transformation, and will get results from. And if you build it right, the thing starts selling through word of mouth rather than sitting on some digital shelf somewhere collecting more digital dust. So, the number one reason that micro-courses are such a big opportunity that you might be missing right now is that micro-courses are the first step in building a lifestyle business, which is what I teach. 

That generates cash while giving you more time and freedom to do the things that you want to do. So, if you can remove yourself from your business without sacrificing income and you’re still transforming lives, this is where it’s at. So, what’s the real beauty of a micro-course? Well, you don’t have to spend months planning it, building it, and then selling it. If you know what you’re doing and you do it correctly, you can assemble your micro-course and start selling it in as little as seven days. Within the next seven days, you can have a micro-course built and selling really, really fast. 

Now, I recently showed this to 50 people, and they all, 100% of them, adapted the micro launch method. Micro-courses lead to macro freedom. So, let me know if you want some help creating yours, I’m happy to share that with you. Reach out to me, send me an email at Terri, See the logo. And in the subject line, just put the words ‘micro-course’ and I will reach back out to you and provide some help and support. Thank you for tuning in today here at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. 

Put the micro-course concept to work today. Reach out to me by email, subscribe, and share the show. Thanks for joining me. Bye for now.

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