How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Subscribers

How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Subscribers


Establishing strong relationships with subscribers is essential for businesses. It serves as a powerful tool for lead generation and helps foster customer loyalty.

Tune in to this insightful episode with Dr. Terri Levine as she shares invaluable tips on how to build strong relationships with your email subscribers. She emphasizes the power of addressing subscribers by their names, highlighting how this simple gesture enhances personalization and strengthens the bond between sender and recipient.

In the discussion, she explores the concept of emails as a ‘two-way street where you and your subscribers actively participate in the conversation. Learn how incorporating elements such as pleasantries, feedback requests, and testimonials fosters an environment conducive to open communication.

Moreover, Dr. Levine emphasizes the significance of meeting subscribers at various stages of their buying journey. Whether they’re just discovering your brand or ready to purchase, tailoring your email content to resonate with their specific needs and interests is key.

Additionally, she encourages injecting personality into your communications, urging individuals to showcase their unique principles and values. By injecting personality into your emails, you not only differentiate yourself but also forge deeper connections with your audience based on shared principles and authenticity. Tune in for more tips!

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:42] Tips on how to build strong relationships with your subscribers

[01:08] #1 Always address your subscribers by name

[01:22] #2 Remember that emails are a ‘two-way street’

[03:42] #3 Timeliness is key

[04:49] #4 Meet them where they are in their buying journey

[05:56] #5 Tell a personal life story and link it to a takeaway

[07:19] #6 Have some personality

[09:15] How to condense your freebies into a 5-day email course

[10:18] 7# Use a personal sign off

[10:39] Get Dr. Terri Levine’s help in crafting your 5-day lead-generating email course:

Golden Nuggets:

  • Addressing people by their names improves connections and keeps your emails personal. [01:12]
  • When communicating with your subscribers, strive to create a two-way conversation by incorporating elements like pleasantries, soliciting their opinions, and requesting testimonials.  [01:28]
  • Buyers are at different stages: there are people just getting to know you, people who know that the problem you solve is important and are interested, and then there are people who understand that you are the one to solve their problem. At each stage, you need slightly different kinds of emails. [04:45]
  • When engaging with your subscribers, allow your personality to shine through. Differentiate yourself and emphasize your principles and values. [06:56]
  • Subscribers choose to buy from you because they have built a relationship with you and truly enjoy your personality. [07:46]
  • Subscribers should experience transformation by being on your list, so providing concrete value and being entertaining and unique is crucial. [08:58]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, there, it’s Dr. Terri Levine, and welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants and I’m glad you tuned in. Today, I’m going to tell you how to build strong relationships with your subscribers. I’m going to give you my little cheat sheet. I write 5-day email courses, both for myself that generate tons and tons of leads, and I also do it for client family members. So, my goal is to help you gain more subscribers, and also to build a deeper relationship with your subscribers by email. So, my first tip is always address your subscribers by name. Name builds connection. 

Now, your subscribers might know that your emails are automated, yet it still keeps it personal. Number two, tip number two: Remember that these emails really are a two-way street. Communicate with your subscribers and strive to turn it into a two-way platform, not a one-way platform where you’re kind of shouting out whatever the heck it is you want. You want your subscribers responding, and you want to have some personal dialogue with them. So, one of the things you can do is you can add pleasantries at the start of your email like, “Hey, how have you been?” I always think of it this way, I speak to my subscribers just the way I would speak to a friend. 

So, I find that including short pleasantries in my email the way I would with a friend projects the friendly tone that we want to have. And then, I can do lots of things with my subscribers. I can get them to respond by asking them their opinion about something. I could survey them, or I could survey my audience and I could share the results. I could ask subscribers a question. I could ask them a favor. I could thank them. And I could also ask them, “What are they thankful for?”

I can ask them for a testimonial. I could challenge them to do something. I could talk about why I created my community, who is a part of the heartrepreneur community. And I could assure people that they are not alone and they could come over to Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine on Facebook. I often will share my latest personal learning or learnings. What have you learned recently? I think learning out loud helps position you as an expert while you retain the authenticity and the humbleness that you need for people to trust and like you. I think it’s good to share something insightful that maybe you found on social media, or maybe even a hard lesson that you’ve recently learned.

How about this one, “What does success mean to you now?” You can share your favorite tools, your favorite resources. Maybe share a big win in your business or your life. Or maybe something you didn’t realize how to do and now you do. It could be a favorite book. So, those are those tips. Now, let’s talk about the next tip, which is timeliness is key. Align yourself with what is actually happening in your subscriber’s lives right now. You want your subscribers to feel like they have a front-row seat in your business and in the industry. So it means holidays, and special occasions, and different times of the year, seasons. Provide updates on your business or any trends that are happening in your niche. 

And you can share things like your own New Year’s goals. We could talk about Valentine’s day, or, “Hey, it’s your birthday.” You could do a weekly recap of everything subscribers have missed, or something that’s happening tomorrow, or something that just happened. You can do —  just think about that — a yearly recap of end of the year. You could wish them, whatever; Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas. You can talk about your own priorities and that they’ve shifted. You can share the hottest new trends. You can tell them what you’re working on. So, there’s a lot in there. 

Tip number five is meet them where they are on their buying journey. I talk about this a lot with my client family members. Buyers are at different stages. There’s people just getting to know you. There’s people that know that the problem you solve is important and are interested. And then there’s people who are understanding you’re the one to solve their problem. So, at each stage, we need slightly different kinds of emails. We have to speak to people where they are, they will look for you when they’re ready to really solve their problems. So, in your emails, you can talk about why is your topic important. 

You could bust common myths that subscribers have when it comes to whatever problem you solve in your industry. You could break down the most common sales objections that you encounter. You could teach them how they could get unstuck, potentially, and out of a plateau. How to overcome sales objections and show them some of the mistakes people make there. All right. On to the next tip. Tell a personal life story. And then, really important, link to a takeaway so your subscribers can actually learn. 

So, share personal stories. Things that have changed your life, things that have made you who you are today, and be the expert that they’re looking up to. So, as an example, when I share stories about things that have happened in my life, I talk about how those things have actually made me a better entrepreneur. You could do an email about the one thing that made all the difference on your journey, or something shocking that you did and here’s why. Or maybe even something embarrassing that you did. Or something you’ve spent a huge amount of money on. 

Or a big risk that you took that paid off. Or a person you stalked, for example. Or the worst piece of advice you’ve ever gotten. The most influential person in your life, and why. You could rant about something in the industry and tell subscribers how to avoid something in your niche. You can share a secret, and you could also talk about maybe how you overcame something through this secret. You could talk about who your mentor is and what you’ve learned from your mentor. You can share any top regrets that you may have. And then, the other thing is have some personality. Look, humans buy from humans. We do business as people. 

So, with your subscribers, let your personality come out. Be different. Highlight your own principles, your values, and so much more. Just like how you don’t make friends by keeping quiet and neutral about everything, express your personality. Look, maybe competitors have the same product or the same service, subscribers choose to buy from you because they built a relationship with you and they truly enjoy your personality. So, truly let your personality come out, your personality shine. It’s so important that you be who you are. So, I take a strong stand. You can share before and after, kind of take a trip down memory lane. You can talk about how you throw rocks at a common enemy. 


You can talk about a charity that you support. You can share a big change in your life. You can tell them, “Don’t do this at all.” my goodness; share your goal, share your dreams. You can even tell a funny joke. Share what keeps you up at night. Or some kind of a miracle that happened. Or describe yourself in three words. Or, I don’t know, a bad first date, why it was. A behind-the-scenes photo of you and your business. Why you started doing what you do. How you personally manage stress and anxiety. Share about how you have challenges and always provide actual value. 

Look, at the end of the day, subscribers need to have some kind of an experience of transformation, whether it’s small or whether it’s huge, from being on your list. So, you have to provide concrete value and be entertaining and unique. So, look at all your freebies, for example, narrow it down to the most essential, which I’m going to tell you needs to be a five-day email course. It’s crushing it, period. You can share a checklist, you can talk about the big picture. Within the five-day email course, we give actionable tips. The content has just been published. You can offer your five-day email course for free for a limited time. 

In the email course, you’ve got intentional tips in there. You can share your most popular articles or all of your freebies. Or an interesting statistic about you or the industry. If you’ve been featured on TV, news, radio, podcast, you can talk about, “Hey, I’ve been featured here.” I’m trying to think. Oh, you could share some simple hacks. You can answer a burning question. You can host some kind of a challenge for your community. And my final tip is to use a personal sign-off. And a lot of people don’t do this, so it’s really important that I truly state it. End your emails strong. Include your name, include an image of yourself, potentially. If you want me to write your five-day lead-generating email course, email me. Terri, TR-R-R-I.

So, that’s the word. Heart R-E-P-R-E-N-E-U-R. It’s right up there on the logo. In the subject, just say, “Five day,” and I may write your five-day email course. Subscribe, share the show, and we so love your reviews. Thanks for tuning in today at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants.

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