October 18

How to Go From Fear to Freedom with Dr Vidhya Kumaranayakam


Dr Vidhya Kumaranayakam is a Healer and a Teacher, she consults in Preventative Healthcare/General Practice and is a Bob Proctor Coach training to be a therapist.

She has a background in Mental Health as an NHS England Mental Health Director and an interest in holistic Health especially when it comes to the power of the mind, the mind-body connection and spirituality.

Dr Vidhya has developed the which she uses to enable those she serves to Heal, Empower, Awaken, Rise and Thrive to live the life they want. Her movement and program is called Warriors of Love and Light where she also holds free monthly bootcamps to enable deep emotional healing, clarity over ones life purpose and igniting the calling of Conscious leaders. She is a publisher, CEO of Athena Publishing House Ltd and Author of three books. The most recent release is a #1 Best Seller.

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