Did you know that YouTube is not just a platform for entertaining videos but also a powerful search engine? Dr. Levine highlights the significance of YouTube as a hub where people actively seek answers to their questions.

Instead of tirelessly searching for client family members, you can position yourself as a credible expert by providing the answers people are already seeking. With your own YouTube channel, you can effortlessly reach a wider audience as they discover your content and recognize you as an authority in your field.

Don’t miss the opportunity to establish yourself as the go-to resource and attract qualified prospects. Tune in and learn awesome tips you can share on your YouTube channel and start harnessing the power of YouTube to grow your client family!

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[00:33] Introduction to the show

[00:50] Why you should have a YouTube channel

[01:30] Awesome tips you can share on your YouTube channel

[02:40] Episode wrap up


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Full Transcript:

Hey there, Dr. Terri Levine here from Heartrepreneur agency. Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants; the short podcast that truly gives you tips that you really need to move forward. Do you have a YouTube channel? You want to have a YouTube channel. Well, why? To me, YouTube is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s a search engine, people go there searching for help asking questions. And if you are able to do even short videos… Videos are so easy to produce nowadays, right? All you need is a phone, that’s all you really need. Just do a short video trainings or video tips. 

Let me tell you what I have my client family members do, I have them create 100,  yep, 100 1-minute videos. By the way, some of them bring this out in two to three hours, they set aside time in their calendar. Others do three a day, four a day, whatever. What kind of tips? Well, let’s say that you’re a business consultant like I am, I could do a tip on how to be found in search engines. I could do a tip on how to pick a longtail domain. I could do a tip on how to hire a VA. I can do a tip on which social media platform has your exact target audience. 

They’re one minute, so they kind of go like this, “Hey there, Dr. Terri Levine here from Heartrepreneur agency. And today, I want to teach you why you need to have a YouTube channel. First of all, YouTube is one of the largest search engines and it is owned by Google; the largest search engine. Second of all, people are already looking for answers that you have. So, instead of hunting for client family members, people will come to YouTube and find your answers and see you as a credible expert.” That’s pretty much it. And then, just give them a call to action. “So, follow me here,” or, “Go watch my webinar at sixfigsinsixmonths.com,” or whatever your call to action is. 

Take this tip: 100 1-minute videos, I’m telling you it is a huge game changer, and it doesn’t take long, and you can do it. The power is always in your hands. Be sure you have subscribed to the show, and be sure that you share the show. That means a lot to us, and your five-star reviews means the world to me. Create an extraordinary day, go get working on that YouTube channel. Bye for now.

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