How To Make More Money By Going To The Beach

How To Make More Money By Going To The Beach


Many entrepreneurs face burnout due to the relentless demands of social media posting and scrolling, combined with the constant pressure of responding to DMs and client calls. This not only drains their energy but also stifles their creativity.

In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine unveils the secrets to making more money in your business without succumbing to burnout. Discover the causes of burnout for entrepreneurs and learn how Dr. Terri Levine eliminated burnout and started making more money by spending time at the beach.

Dr. Terri Levine emphasizes the importance of nurturing your creative skills and prioritizing creativity within your business. Additionally, she explores the factors that can diminish creativity and delves into what the creative component of your business truly entails.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:47] Today’s theme; How to make more in your business without burnout

[01:06] Causes of burnout for entrepreneurs

[01:44] How Dr. Terri Levine eliminated burnout and started making more money

[02:14] Creativity by John Cleese:

[03:12] Things that diminish creativity

[03:35] What does the creative component of your business entail?

[06:01] Facebook group:

Golden Nuggets:

  • “The greatest killer of creativity is interruption.” ~John Cleese [02:19]
  • In the content creation industry, it’s crucial to prioritize enhancing your creative skills. [02:47]
  • The creative component of your business is the most important aspect. [03:30]
  • If you are a coach, consultant, content creator, personal brand, or solopreneur, you must recognize that creativity is your most powerful skill. [04:59]
  • Creativity is a weird machine; it can’t be forced. When you try to force it, it exhausts your brain. [05:12]

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Full Transcript:

Hi, there. Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I am your host, Dr. Terri Levine and I’m glad you’ve joined me. Today we’re going to talk about how to make more money by going to the beach. Really not kidding. I want to talk today about burnout. 

Now, it did happen to me when I was CEO of the National Healthcare company many years ago. And I actually find it happens to almost all entrepreneurs because down deep, there is stress and anxiety for many entrepreneurs. And I do believe that a cause of burnout for entrepreneurs is the constant social media posting, and scrolling, and sending, and responding to DMs, and responding to clients, and doing client calls, and then commenting all over social media. You know what I’m talking about, right? Okay. Literally, just saying all that can cause me burnout by itself. 

Well, I eliminated burnout years and years ago from my life, from my work, and I actually make a lot more money, and I have more ease than I’ve ever had, and more joy. So, how does that happen? Well, it may sound weird, I spend more time at the beach. Now, if you don’t like the beach, or you don’t live near a beach, substitute something you love instead. I happen to love the beach. Now, while this might not sound logical, I can tell you for sure, the less time I spend online, the more time I spend without the internet and sort of chillin’ at the beach, the more creative ideas that I have for my business. 

No stress, no anxiety, zero burnout. There is a great book on creativity by author John Cleese. And in the book, he says, “The greatest killer of creativity is interruption.” So, when I’m at the beach, I start thinking about unique content, better offers, how to better serve my client family members. So, by the time that I’m literally back at my computer, back at my desk, I’m happily creating content and serving my clients. 

The few rewards that I spend at the beach, that leads me towards a lot more creative ideas. I actually think of myself as a content creator, not a business consultant, not a coach, not an entrepreneur. My job is to create content that will serve my audience every single day. So, if you’re listening to this podcast, then you’re also in the content creation business. 

Finding ways to enhance your creative skills needs to be a priority for you. What I actually find fascinating is coaches, consultants, content creators, constantly talk about hustle, and grind, and cars, and seven figures, and bigger houses, and more followers. All of that diminishes creativity. All of which work to diminish your creative powers. The creative component of your business is the most important aspect, and that component is positioning content and offers. All of these require creative solutions that increase your overall sales and therefore increase the amount of money you make. 

So, just to be clear, this way of thinking isn’t for everyone. There are some folks who prefer to hustle their way to making money by sending a bunch of DMs and pumping out more low-quality content, hoping the engagement gods will eventually send them some traction in the DMs, and comments, and getting on more calls. They’re willing to, otherwise, exhaust rather than empower their creative engines just to squeeze out a few extra short-term bucks. So, I call these folks ‘the non-life enjoyers,’ and I have nothing but respect for their hustle and grind. 

Then you have a small minority of people who prefer to play the game by working not harder, smarter, creatively. We’re the Heartrepreneurs of the game. There’s about 8,000 of us who have either figured out how to leverage our creative powers to build leverage businesses that allow us to generate more cash flow in the long term while spending more time at the pool or at the beach, and all without putting our mental and physical health at risk. So, here’s the bottom line. If you’re a coach, consultant, content creator, personal brand, solopreneur, you must realize your most powerful skill is your creativity. 

It’s where the genius truly operates in you. Creativity is a weird machine, it can’t be forced. And every time you force it by trying to pump out more content, send even more DMs, do even more work when you’re mentally tired or otherwise brute force it, you’re actually exhausting this part of your brain. I never feel like I’m working because my work looks like the opposite of hustle. I can be quietly listening to music, yet working on my creativity on how to best serve my clients. I am for sure enjoying my life not hustling and grinding. Anyway, if you’re someone who wishes to make more money from your business without the burnout, and then if spending more time at the beach, or by the pool, or making more of the stuff that sounds good, join me and the other Heartrepreneurs at the beach or poolside. Go to our Facebook group, which is Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine, and join our community of professional life enjoyers. I’ll see you there. I’m headed to the beach. Bye now.

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