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BlogIncrease The Conversion Rate Of Webinars

April 28, 2017

Webinar Magic

magic 230x300 - Increase The Conversion Rate Of WebinarsWhile I mentor my students to automate their businesses through webinars, many of them also need training on how to get their webinars to convert.  Unless you know your conversion rate optimization you may be leaving a lot of money on the table in your marketing.

I have found that many of the same clients who don’t know their webinar conversion rates also don’t know their website conversion rate.

Let’s focus right now on nothing but conversion rate because it really does not matter how many eyeballs you get to your website or webinar unless those people convert into sales.  So, how do you measure conversion rate?  What is conversion rate?  Very simply, this is the measurement of the number of unique visitors to your website or webinar that actually makes a purchase.

webinar 300x200 - Increase The Conversion Rate Of WebinarsWebinars are my very favorite form of marketing because they can be automated and running 24/7 to attract your perfect target audience to watch them.  They position you, if you do them right, as a credible expert with a solution to your target audience’s problem.  I’ve had clients sell thousands on a webinar because the conversion rates can be as high as 20% to 40%.


In my own business, almost all my marketing is done with webinars and I get a huge ROI with webinars while I am sleeping as they are all automated.

I believe this is the most powerful marketing tool now available and recommend every type of business add this to their arsenal.

The problem is, most people who come to me for my coaching and consulting, don’t have the kind of webinar that speaks to their target audience, creates emotion and actually teaches and educates their audience.  Most of them are sales pitches.

Clients show up asking for my help because they believe they need help with conversion rate optimization services.  Not true.  Where I find they need the help is in crafting a perfectly done webinar that creates emotion, that really addressed their target audiences number one problem and that also solves a large part of their ideal client’s problems and that shows they can create a real result for clients.




Here are some of the things we work on that quickly improve their webinars so that they convert prospects into clients without selling.


First, we make sure that people find the webinar through emails, autoresponders, opt-ins, Facebook Live and social media posts and sometimes Facebook ads.  The webinar is part of your signature file and social media profile, too.

Everything you do or say drives people to watch your webinar.  Why do they want to watch? Because you address their biggest issue and give them a real result – a solution to their biggest problem or help to get to their biggest goal.

Next, you offer some type of a bonus if they watch the webinar.  Something that has high value and that helps them achieve their goal or outcome. You can give away a template, a checklist, a gift, a book, an e-book or anything else that has high value to your target audience.




When putting your webinar together focus on creating massive value by helping and educating and solving your target audiences problems and giving them results fast. Remember, they came to learn and not to be sold.


Not until the very end, after you delivered value, do you even mention your service or product.

Imagine that I created a lot of value for you with a webinar, like this one, and then asked for just a few minutes of time to explain how my service or product could be a solution to their problem.


After the webinar I am also certain to send follow up emails with more value and offers to connect with me for more of the outcomes they desire.

These emails continue to provide value and to increase my target audience’s interest in my products and services, without selling.

Want to improve your webinar conversion rate?  Create a highly valueable webinar first, that really provides a solution to the number one thing that is bugging your target audience.  Demonstrate that you can solve their problem or get them to their goal and then get only your ideal target audience to watch your webinar with your free gift that they want at the end.

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