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27th December 20172

I first heard that years ago. Sometimes we make a solution to a problem much more complicated than it ever needs to be. I have a tendency to do that myself.

Not bragging, stating a fact here…due to my intelligence, often when I am confronted with a problem, my default setting is to go to that intelligence for a solution.

You know what, I can mull, ponder, concentrate for hours getting myself frustrated and exasperated in the process.

Then along comes one with a lower level of schooling, looks at my quandary, and says why don’t you do B, then D will fall into place, then you only have to do K to anchor it. Because of my vantage point, all those letters were somehow included in my “solution”, but the other cut out all the unnecessary steps…made it simple and made it better.

That has, in fact, happened to me a few times. When I used to do carpentry work I would get to a point on some jobs of facing one of those conundrums…I needed to do three steps at once with two hands and five tools. I would get very exasperated at what I was seeing, but I was seeing it from only one perspective. More than once, another..that did not know carpentry would bend down, look at it and say…how about if you do this? about feeling like a fool with egg and flour on my face…..

All of us have moments that we get so wrapped up in a problem, that we begin to wonder if a solution is possible…or is it just going to become a growing sinkhole?

You seem to have yourself in a bind. What do you do?

In an earlier article, I mentioned that you should not forget those at the bottom of your business ladder. YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE INSPIRATION WILL COME FROM. Include all team members in these discussions. Let there be a free flow of ideas…sit back and listen without input. You may be quite surprised at the gems that pop up. I’ll give you an example.

A semi-tractor trailer rig comes to an underpass. He stops before going under.
The sign says 13’2″ clearance. The driver knows the rig has a 13’3″ height. What’s he gonna do? The road leading to this spot is narrow, windy, with high banks right up to the pavement. He can’t go forward. To reverse would probably take a day to get to a point to take another road..and that road would take another day to get to his destination with a load of perishables. There are policemen all over…directing traffic. There are a couple big rig wreckers trying to see how they can get this rig under the underpass and on its way.

Remember, the answer is simple. Think about it.

Part of the reason we tie ourselves in knots in business over some solutions is our perceived customer expectations.

Because, it seems, every product or service hits the market is labeled as “new and improved” we have unwittingly taken that as our paradigm.

But why? Who dictated that? Is it working?

Every week there is some new whizbang gadget, doodad, thingamabob being advertised on TV. They quickly move to store shelves being sold under the brand name “As Seen on TV”.
I will admit some of those widgets draw me, but then I start asking myself…do I Need this, it’s just a gimmick, do I get refills of the magic stuff…

And how many of those products will be still available in a year, or even six months?

Madison Avenue is very proficient at making us Believe we need the new, the shiny, the bells…to what end?

They will make millions. You will make a lotta sales for a short while…then things dry up and you have to have the “pros” recreate you..and recreate you. Is that really the way to maintain a consistent, quality customer base?

Your brand keeps changing, so how do your customers really know who you are?
Our Chief Heart-repreneur ® recommends that each of us create a 1-2 sentence…Core Unique Positioning Statement. How do you very succinctly define your product or service, and why it is unique?

Then that becomes your mantra, your credo, your motto…and the only time it gets changed is when you totally change the focus of your business.


Keep in mind, fine-tuning and adjustment are not recreating…that is refining. Refining is cleansing, purifying..removing unwanted material, all in the name of enhancing the original, but the original is still clearly seen.

An example…the common mouse trap…a piece of wood, with 3-4 pieces of bent steel wire attached has been made by one company for over 100 years. It’s very effective and is still sold in many stores. I just looked at their website, they now have about a dozen models they are marketing/selling. A quick glance tells me they are all variations of the original for varied locations/applications. But that original mousetrap is still being made and sold.


For us here, our Chief has studied and practiced many ways through her years in this arena. She has found techniques and tools that are consistently productive and effective in growing your business. She is a world leader.

Are you going to listen to her and then say… I like my way better, even though I am not where I want to be? My way is better.

If that is your attitude, she will tell you… I don’t think I can help you. YOU will be better with another and there are many others out there.


Listen to the pro with the proven track record.

Figure out how to get the big rig past the underpass?

A little boy walking by, that loved trucks, looked at them and said… Why don’t you let some air out of the tires?

Tim James

Tim James has had a number of life experiences that provide him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.


  • Taz James

    27th December 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Thank you T.


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      28th December 2017 at 10:15 am

      I really dig the articles you write. Thank you for creating value. Heart-hugs, T


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