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15th September 20172

Making Money As A Coach

Are you in the business of coaching?  Thinking of entering the field of coaching?  There is money to be made in coaching and the money is in all different types of coaching from sports coaching to health coaching to career coaching, sales coaching, and business coaching.  Let’s explore some of the types of coaches and talk about the kinds of dollars they are making.

Because health and fitness are such a large area of interest, let’s talk about one of the biggest weight loss and fitness coaching companies – BeachBody.  Have you ever wondered how do BeachBody coaches make money?  Here is the formula. They make 25% commission from their own website.  They also receive a 25% discount on all BeachBody products and programs. If they build a team of at least 2 coaches they also receive customer leads.  So, the question is can you make money being a Beachbody coach?  Yes.  Since you are paid on your efforts it will depend on how much you can sell.  If you believe you are good at sales and marketing then this can be a great fit for you.

You might be wondering how to make money being a Beachbody coach.  Here is the formula that will make you successful if you pursue becoming a Beachbody coach.  You must focus on Shakeology and build a team of coaches.  Why?  You will have a product that people use up and order more of. This means you will generate recurring revenue vs. a program sale which is a one-time commission.  The build of coaching money comes from Shakeology commission.

One of my clients who is making money as a Beachbody coach figured out the formula to make money with Beachbody coaching.  She says you can you make money as a Beachbody coach and now she has grown her business to show other coaches step-by-step how to make money as a Beachbody coach.  She watched my webinar and then came to me and asked me to help her create a high-ticket signature coaching program. Since there were so many Beachbody coaches who needed help making money with Shakeology she created a 3-step proven and simple formula to teach other Beachbody coaches how to actually make a lot of commissions.

If you want to know how to make money as a health coach, then you will want to expand into other forms of coaching. Most new coaches don’t make a living just from health coaching. They run wellness programs and weight loss programs and might sell things like protein shakes, supplements, herbs and essential oils. Many health coaches also do retreats and workshops and even consulting to make money.

I always contrast business and life coaching with sports coaching. If you even look at how much money do high school football coaches make, coaches in these other areas tend to make a lot less. When you go deeper and look at how much money does a basketball coach make who coaches a college team, of course, the amount goes up and if they coach a pro team the salaries are even greater.

The word “coach” became so popular that even the TV show The Voice is now calling their professional singers coaches. We are taking coaching to an extreme in pay when we consider how much money do the coaches on the voice make. Several of the coaches like Blake Shelton and Adam Levine who has been with the show long-term are making over $13 million.  This takes the rate of a coach to much higher levels.  I remember wondering how much money do The Voice coaches make and then finding the answers and knowing that holding celebrity status gives you more pay, that is for sure!

Let’s get realistic.  How much money does a coach make who is doing life coaching or business coaching?

According to Sherpa, the average coaching salaries are that  Executive Coaches make $325 per hour, Business Coaches make $235 per hour and Life Coaches make $160 per hour.  Still, great numbers if you are already in this field or are thinking of joining the business or life coaching field.

I recall suggesting to a client who wasn’t sure if she wanted to do business coaching or life coaching, to find out how much money does a life coach make.  When she saw the difference and calculated making these dollars for five to ten years she selected business consulting.  When I started as a life coach, going back several decades, I never looked into how much money do life coaches make.  I just did this form of coaching because it resonated at the time.  As my business involved the market kept showing up asking for my business expertise since I had been very successful as a business owner in many ventures and also had sales, marketing, and operations experience running large corporations. I never got concerned about money and never looked into how much money do coaches make.  I joined the profession of coaching because I felt called to be a coach.  I just noticed when the market as asking for my business expertise and accepted that sometimes you choose the market and sometimes the market choices you.  The market clearly requested my business coaching.

If you are more passionate about being a life coach then you must learn how to make money as a life coach.  I did 7 figures when I was life coaching so it can be done. This webinar I put together for you will show you how to do this so be sure to have a notepad handy and stay until the end of the webinar for the bonus I give you.

The world of business has been very good to me.  I am grateful every day that I walked out of corporate America a few decades ago and followed my calling to help people by becoming a coach. I have coached over 5,000 people in business and life issues all over the world and gotten to speak on stages in many different countries from audiences of a hundred to many hundreds.  I have written best-selling books in the coaching field that have transformed lives and businesses and I have even trained and certified thousands of coaches and now am helping business consultants.

Want some other info on the profession of coaching and making money as a coach?  Join here and I will answer your questions.








  • Frank Chamness

    28th November 2019 at 9:25 am

    I share your view for the most part, I think that a few points
    are worth having a more detailed look to understand what is happening.


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      29th November 2019 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks for your comment and I do agree there is a lot more here and I have written more articles and many books on the topic.


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