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*schema doneBlogMarketing Automation: Cause For Celebration!

April 25, 2016

Small Business Owners Dream: Marketing Automation

Every small business owner is faced with trying to find the time to do marketing while trying to balance all the other tasks they must to.  This balance of time is a struggle for the entrepreneurs I mentor. There is great news and cause for celebration! Today we have a great deal of marketing automation tools to help us save time so that we can always be marketing. Now we can balance all the tasks we need to do as business owners.

First let me answer the question, ‘what is marketing automation’, before I explain how to implement automated marketing in your business. Marketing automation is the use of any software or technology that allows you to market on line doing repetitive tasks automatically. This can be through email or social media or through your website. In many cases the software or technology may encompass multiple channels such as social media plus email and automate both for you.

Imagine the benefits of saving marketing time by using marketing automation software to always be marketing for you!  Can you see why I am excited about this? I consider this cause to celebrate and in my business at as well as in my business partnership at we take full advantage of such software and I strongly recommend this to all my marketing clients at

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