Unlock Six-Figure Success with a Year-Long Marketing Plan

Unlock Six-Figure Success with a Year-Long Marketing Plan


Get ready to take your business to the next level with a year-long marketing plan. A marketing plan provides the roadmap to keep your marketing strategy on target, ensuring you’re making steady progress month after month. The most successful businesses have a plan in place before they start their marketing journey. This plan helps them stay laser-focused on their goals and the strategies needed to achieve them.

Join Dr. Terri Levine in this electrifying episode, where she reveals the damaging impact of lacking a marketing plan and provides a simple guide to crafting the perfect plan tailored to your business. Get the inside scoop on how to customize your marketing plan and supercharge your Six-Figure Success. Don’t miss it!

Key Highlights From The Episode;

[0:00] Episode introduction

[0:10] Today’s focus; Having a year-long marketing plan 

[1:04] What does the lack of a marketing plan mean for you?

[1:22] How to create a marketing plan

[2:48] How to get Terri’s help in customizing your plan 

 Golden Nuggets

  • Having a year-long marketing plan helps you to know what you are doing for the entire year [0:45]
  • Lacking a plan means you are not focusing on the consistent day-to-day growth of your company [1:04]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, welcome back to the Modern Coaching Method podcast. I am your host, Dr. Terri Levine. Today, I just want to talk to you about having a year-long marketing plan. Do you have one? I find that most coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs actually don’t have one. And, if you’ve subscribed to the podcast, and you have been listening and watching the podcast up until now, you’ll know that everything that I teach puts you on the right path to success. Quick little tips, every episode gives you a tip you go implement, and you will be able to create more impact, more influence, and, of course, more income. However, I want you to have a marketing plan so it’s laid out in front of you, and you actually know what you’re doing for the entire year.

Now, people who have come to me with marketing plans, I typically find either don’t have the right actions, and, or they don’t actually implement what’s in the plan. Most people actually don’t have a plan. So, what that means is, you’re not then focusing on the day-to-day consistent growth of your company. And I really want you to grow every single day so that you can touch more people’s lives, do what you love, love what you do, and make a big impact. So, I’m going to ask you to get one of those giant wall-to-wall calendars with room to write on for every single day of the year.

And I find them at Staples, or whatever, usually for like 10 bucks. By the way, I usually buy them when it’s not going to be the year end, like, middle of the year, or whatever, when most people aren’t buying calendars. Then, on the calendar, you write down every marketing endeavor, every single thing that I’ve been teaching you in the Modern Coaching Method. You note on the calendar what action, marketing action you’re going to take on what day or what time. Maybe it’s an appreciation event, or maybe it’s a particular advertisement, or maybe it’s a place that you’re going to give a talk. And it can just be general ideas, following the guidelines that I’ve been teaching you here at the Modern Coaching Method.

Now, whatever you do, don’t take the wimpy way out. And I say that with a lot of love, and a lot of respect. Don’t say, “Oh yeah, I’ll just keep the marketing plan in my head.” Come on, come on, we can be honest with each other. If you are planning to do that, then you’re going to be like most entrepreneurs who don’t begin and don’t have six and seven-figure success, and don’t make a big impact or big income. Make sure you use the calendar, make sure you follow the episode so you can create your marketing plan. Now, I’ve given you a lot of marketing ideas, a lot of marketing strategies.

If you want help in actually customizing your plan, you can send an email directly to me, terri@heartpreneur.com. You can actually send me an email, I read my own emails. And then, I will see if we can set some time aside for free to help you with your marketing plan. So, feel free to send me that email, and just in the subject line be sure to say, “MCM,” for Modern Coaching Method, marketing plan. I have a lot more coming, so make sure you subscribe.

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