Master Reverse Marketing

Master Reverse Marketing


Step into the realm of reverse marketing and discover the power it holds to transform your coaching or consulting business. Terri Levine, a renowned business coach and consultant, unravels the secret behind ensuring a triumphant reverse marketing strategy – by offering a rock-solid guarantee to your customers.

In a world fraught with skepticism, courtesy of numerous ill-intentioned “experts,” Levine insists that extending an unconditional guarantee can serve as a beacon of trust for your audience. This guarantee underlines the confidence you have in your product or service, simultaneously assuring your clients of its supreme quality.

What’s more, Levine emphasizes the significance of crafting high-value offers that carry minimal to zero risk. The catch, though, is these should be items your prospects are eager to grab, not what you’re merely interested in selling.

Intrigued? Dive deeper into this enlightening episode with Dr. Terri Levine, as she unfolds more invaluable insights on how to design a thriving reverse marketing strategy tailor-made for your business. Your journey towards brand visibility and increased customer reach begins here.

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:42] Today’s focus; Tips on how to make a successful reverse marketing strategy for your business 

[0:51] #1 Give away things that are high value and provide a low or no-risk

[1:11] #2 If you are new in business, find a credible expert to test your products or services and recommend them

[1:26] #3 If you have been in business for a while, create a testimonial reel

[2:35] #4 Have your crowd perceive you as an expert 

[4:01] #5 Create consumer awareness guides 

[4:14] #6 Make sure you have a guarantee

[5:04] #7 Ensure your hype isn’t greater than your product

[7:15] Why you should take the risk with an unconditional guarantee

[9:03] #8 Limit the amount of time that you offer a product or a service at a discounted price

[11:14] Episode wrap-up and call to action 

Golden Nuggets:

  • Stop promoting yourself as an expert and let the market position you that way [3:23]
  • “A guarantee creates safety for your prospects.” [4:17]
  • Make sure your hype isn’t greater than your product [5:04]
  • The bigger the guarantee, the more sales you make [5:58]
  • Scarcity and urgency get people moving faster [8:13] 
  • “A confused mind doesn’t buy.” [10:07]

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Full Transcript:

Hey there, welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I am Dr. Terri Levine from Heartrepreneur Agency. Now, I want to tell you how to get people to kind of route around you based on your sales and marketing using what I teach: Reverse marketing. So, how do we do that? You want to give away things that are high value, that provide no risk or low-risk. And you want those offers to be things that your prospects truly want. Not what you want to sell them, what, based on research, they have said they’re interested in. Now, if you’re newer in business, you want to find a credible expert to test your products or services and then to recommend it.

So why? Well, this brings you a lot of leverage, and it gives you authority in your niche. Now, if you’ve been in business for a while, then you’ll create a testimonial reel. So, people can live vicariously through your client family member’s success, and then, they’ll feel comfortable trusting you and your programs, your services. If you think about our society, we like to purchase from experts, are you currently an expert? Are you considered, not in your own mind, in the minds of others, an authority in your field and on your topic?

Now, I’m not talking about calling yourself a public figure, an expert on social media, or elsewhere, it’s not cool. It’s about your ego, and it doesn’t really serve your prospects. I’m talking about people looking at you and your niche and saying you’re the expert. When I started in this industry 30-something years ago, I was on a television show, and they introduced me as the guru of coaching, and I went, “The what?” Well, somebody else was saying that about me, I wasn’t claiming that. Now, I did get too egotistical, and I claimed that for a while, I’ve learned, it’s never ever cool.

So, I really want you to have your crowd seeing you as an expert. How do you do that? You publish original thoughts, you publish original ideas. You take a position, and you’re willing to speak your truth and share your own opinions. I have my own very strong opinions about the coaching and consulting industry and about the fake experts in the field, I share that, I speak of that often. Also, you want to have a proprietary process, system, method, program for your clients. So, first thing, take a stand in your niche, your views actually matter.

Then, become a published author. I’m not talking about sitting around writing a lengthy book, that’s a big waste of time. Write a simple report, write an ebook, write an article, write some blogs, all of those things enhance your credibility. Just stop promoting yourself as an expert, let the market position you that way. Now, if you haven’t read my book, and I suggest you do, ‘The Conversion Equation,’ I actually teach in that book how to create value in education for your audience, and how to actually reach them. You don’t have to be one of these people shoving products and offers in people’s faces, you simply offer one solution.

So, what I do is I teach my client family members to create consumer awareness guides, they’re not ads, they’re not pitches, they’re a way to develop your authority so other people go, “Wow.” In addition, make sure you have a guarantee. Why? A guarantee creates safety for your prospects. In fact, I prefer that you’d be brave enough to take all the risks. Now, if you’re panicking about that, then you don’t understand that people need trust. They are burned out with the scammers out there, the fake experts, the programs, the courses, all of the things that don’t get them results.

Now, if you’re going “Oh yeah, Terri, I fear taking risks,” sell them something else, sell them something you can stand behind. Understand human behavior, people are not going to instantly trust you. They’re bombarded every day with ads. So, let me tell you a story about the founder of L.L.Bean. And he said the way to grow a business is to memorize this very important statement, “Make sure your hype isn’t greater than your product.” Now, I follow that advice in all of my businesses, and that is dramatically increased sales, or ability to help people.

I’ve helped more people, and I stand behind every offering, or, if I can’t stand behind something, I wouldn’t dream of offering it. I’m going to share a quick story with you. Years ago I made a purchase, it was a very very expensive service. And the business said, “If we don’t do what we say we’re going to do, you shouldn’t pay us. So, we’re not even going to run through your charge for 30 days.” “What?” And if you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days, we’ll never charge you. I grabbed my credit card and I gave it out. Would you be willing to take a risk like that in your business? Be honest.

In fact, the bigger the guarantee, as my client family members will tell you, the more sales they have. So, if you’re sitting around fearing a guarantee, okay, you’re going to have fewer sales, and you’re not going to be helping people to make a decision by taking away the fear that they have. So, in my experience with over 6000 client family members, the bigger the guarantee, the faster people will say yes. And don’t concern yourself with the one person who might ask for a refund. Who cares? Keep your eye on the right ball. Look at all of your services, look at all of your products that are sold because you’re taking the risk, not on the refunds, there may be a few.

Rory Fatt, he founded a company called Restaurant Marketing Systems. Even though I don’t do restaurant marketing, I was fascinated with how he did his marketing. So, Rory had a ‘I will double your restaurant’s profit in 119 days or less, even in a tough economy, or get a full refund guarantee.’ Here’s what I loved about that” 119 days. He even told you the exact number of days that it would take, it’s pretty freaking incredible. Think about it, today, most people are skeptical, they’ve been burned out by many fake experts, that’s why you want to take the risks with an unconditional guarantee.

Now, one of my guarantees is that, if you become a consulting client, you actually have to use my strategies. If you use them, and they don’t work, of course, I’ll give you back your money, plus additional money because I feel like I owe you that. At one of my masterminds years ago, I guarantee that, at the end of the mastermind, if you didn’t feel you had gotten 10 times value, and I can determine the value, the mastermind attendee did, I give you a full refund, plus, I pay for your travel, because they had come to a destination. That was my way of compensating someone if they were unhappy for their time.

Now, that actually didn’t have anyone raising their hands, and it could have, and I wasn’t afraid of that. One other thing I want you to think about, as strange as it sounds, scarcity and urgency definitely get people moving faster. People tend to procrastinate, not you or me, other people. At an event that I did years back, I only had 20 of my coach training packages to offer, I had no more. Once they were sold out, the only way to get them — as they were discounted at the event — was to go online and buy them at full price. I finished speaking on stage to look at my cohort, who was at the back table with the 20 coach training packages, literally bombarded with fires, I could barely see her, she was covered up. There were over 200 people who were pushing and shoving, and literally, throwing credit cards at her.

The desirability and the urgency went through the roof. Now, of course, I was in integrity. After 20, they were gone. So, I encourage you to limit the amount of time that you offer a product or service at a discounted price. And please, please don’t do what so many of these fake expert and marketers do, they claim that something is scarce or limited. Yeah. Then we go to their website and the timer is still going a week later, a month later. And then, we find out they lied. That really hurts credibility, and I don’t want that to happen for you. Heartrepreneur is about transparency, authenticity, and integrity.

So, my findings are that limiting time works really well. Deadlines are things that human beings respond to. When prospects don’t have a time limit, they tend to put it off and procrastinate. So, when I limit time, plus quantity, let me tell you for myself, for my client family members, desirability is increased and a lot more buying happens. Limit your offer. Create a time deadline, keep it simple with one offer. I say this to my client family members all the time, a confused mind doesn’t buy. So, some things that you can do as a takeaway: Begin offering free gifts or bonuses with a deadline.

At my bootcamp — and we’ll put in the link here that you can go through it for free, 100% — there are amazing bonuses, and they do have a deadline, and I do have a certain amount to give out. I often in my business use fast action or early bird-type bonuses. I also limit how many people can join my programs each month and each year, which makes my programs even more desirable to my audience and it has them raising their hands faster to get help. It’s not a sales technique, I want you to get that. This is just me understanding human behavior and having a very big desire to help the right people, and knowing, sometimes, they need a loving kick in the pants.

I noticed the more urgency I create, the better. People respond faster. And if I add in risk reduction, they know they have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain. I believe it is my role to help those people who are sitting on the fence, to help them move and get into action. Just stop waiting for their success. Since I know my process works, I just want them to move forward. Join the bootcamp, the link is here, it’s totally free because I am here to help you. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this. Share it, please give us a five-star review. Bye now.

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