Mastering Email Marketing

Mastering Email Marketing


Many individuals find creating an effective email strategy for their business challenging. They often encounter challenges such as engaging non-buyer subscribers and struggling to attract qualified prospects. Additionally, striking the right balance between content and promotion in email writing remains a common challenge.

In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine shares a fascinating case study, highlighting the challenges faced by one of her clients who struggled to convert email subscribers into buyers. She shares valuable insights on how to craft compelling emails that resonate with your prospects and turn your email subscribers into loyal customers.

Furthermore, Dr. Terri Levine discusses effective attention-grabbing techniques to ensure your emails are impossible to ignore. She underscores the importance of incorporating hooks in the opening sentence of each email and adopting polarizing stances.

Tune in and discover strategies for repelling clients who aren’t the right fit for your business, along with how to apply Dr. Terri Levine’s email strategy to your business.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:58] Today’s topic: Creating an email strategy for your business

[01:16] A case study of one of Dr. Terri Levine’s clients

[02:40] How to write your emails 

[04:34] The Conversion Equation:

[05:06] Effective attention-grabbing techniques to ensure your emails are impossible to ignore

[05:41] How to repel clients who are not a good fit

[06:53] How to apply Dr. Terri Levine’s email strategy to your business

Golden Nuggets:

  • When writing emails to your prospects, show them that you relate to their pain points, then offer them a solution. Avoid focusing solely on why your services are exceptional or discussing their features. [02:53] 
  • Each email should have a hook in the opening sentence. [04:27]
  • To ensure your emails are attention-grabbing, take polarizing stances and share hot tips. [05:06] 
  • For high-ticket offers, it’s crucial to repel certain prospects to avoid investing time in clients who are not a good fit. [05:47]
  • To enhance your email strategy, send out at least one email per week to your prospects. [07:13]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, it’s Dr. Terri Levine here. Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches and Consultants. Today, I’m going to actually take you through a case study of how I helped a high ticket coach land 30 calls, and earn $139,268 in less than 90 days with my email formula. I’m going to give this formula to you today. So, today, I’m going to share with you how to create an email strategy to sell coaching, consulting, any type of service. I’m going to give you my attention-grabbing technique to make your emails almost impossible not to open. And I’m also going to show you how to repel folks that don’t fit, and attract only dream clients, and a lot more.

So, let me tell you a bit about the client that I refer to in this case study. This client came to me, had a high ticket offer, it was $4,000. They’re in the health and wellness niche. And most of his email subscribers were nonbuyers, much more difficult to sell to. His list was built mostly through Meta Facebook ads. So, he had a problem, people joined his list either because they clicked on an ad to join the list and get a special report and they subscribed, or they became part of his Five Pack Welcome sequence. And then, they really never heard from him after those five emails.

And then, no regular emails were going out. And, actually, even worse, he didn’t know what to write about in his emails. He didn’t know how to balance content with promotion. And he actually didn’t believe it was possible to book calls for a $4,000 offer. So, here’s how I solved his issues. First, I implemented my very easy email marketing and regular email campaign into his marketing, versus relying on automated emails 100%. Now, why? Some people purchase right away during a welcome series, whatever, most do not. So, broadcast emails that go out regularly close that gap.

So, how do I do this? Well, I actually use a framework by copywriter, Ben Settle, for a lot of my own strategic framework. So, how to write your emails. Well,l first, begin with customer research. I know that’s kind of boring, people don’t want to do that, yet it is very profitable. Once you know your existing prospects’ desires, show them that you relate to their pain points, and then offer them a solution. Now let me tell you what not to do, don’t focus on why your services are amazing or talk about the features of your services. Do build a bridge from your prospects’ mind to your services, and not the other way around. So, how do we do that?

First, I want you to search Google for keywords that are related to your niche and to your services. And when you add the words to your search ‘and Reddit,’ R-E-D-D-I-T. ‘And Reddit,’ it makes a difference. So, for example, I could be doing, “Grow your business and Reddit.” Why? Google will return Reddit threads relevant to your niche or to your offer. Click on one of the threads and start scrolling through the comments. What are people saying they do want? What are they complaining about? Take a whole bunch of notes.

Then you can create email ideas that will radically boost your chances of sales. Then open each email you send out with a pain or a desire that your market has and inject a lot of value into each email. A tip, or strategy, as well as a transition to an action. Book a call, fill out an application. So, using the example of growing your business from this client case study, the pain was he was not getting enough qualified prospects. You might have that problem. So, I gave him my email idea, sample email, lead magnet template that increased the number of prospects that signed up for his lead magnet.

And then each email had a hook and an opening sentence. By the way, the formula I use for sentences comes from my best-selling book, ‘The Conversion Equation,’ it’s on Amazon. Then, you do a value section where you share the lead magnet. Again, I have a template. And again, follow the book ‘The Conversion Equation.’ Next, we give a call to action with the offer. The four steps to this come from ‘The Conversion Equation’ with a ton of samples. So, now I promised a little something at the start of this, right? I’m going to give you an attention-grabbing technique to make your emails almost impossible not to open. So, here’s my secret.

Number 1: Take polarizing stances. Number 2: Share Hot Tips. And number 3: Use contrast. So, let me give you an example. Some hypothetical subject lines that make a reader curious to keep reading. “Get more prospects with one simple template,” “Why you should market less,” “What can entrepreneurs learn from plumbers?” Okay, now quick word of caution, avoid being Clickbaity. Keep in mind that contrast and controversy really do work well. And you also, with your email, you want to repel poor-fitting clients, so how do you do that? The word that I used here is repulsion. You want to repel some prospects away to move better prospects closer and to avoid spending time with prospects that don’t fit. So, for high ticket offers, repulsion is key.

So, at the bottom of each email, you can disqualify prospects who aren’t a good fit. When you say something like, “If you aren’t ready to invest in yourself and your business, don’t apply.” Or, “There is no money-back guarantee.” “If you aren’t confident you’ll earn an ROI, don’t apply.” Or, “This program or this course isn’t easy, it takes a lot of hard work.” Or still, “I can’t guarantee results.” Now, why would I add these things? Well, the idea is that you’re just attracting eager buyers through reverse marketing or raising their hands, and you filter out the leads unlikely to buy.

So, let’s look at the results of applying the secret system to my client’s email list. So, here’s his results. In less than 90 days, this email strategy produced 30 calls, an income of $139,268. So, now let’s apply this to your business 1) Identify your prospects, pains, and desires. 2) Map out those insights into email ideas. 3) In each email, follow the conversion equation, lead with value. Pitch a call using repulsion, and use contrast and controversy for attention. 4) Send out, at least, one email a week, ideally more. I have used the same strategy, so here are some of my personal results.

I helped a life coach earn an extra $15,987 a month for over 16 months now, and counting. I generated over $249,000 in sales for my own course very recently. I took a failing [Inaudible 7:07] and I turned her business around, literally, in less than four days with a launch email series. I have helped dozens and dozens of coaches, clients, and other service providers grow their sales with email. I’m here to help you. If you want more buyers from your email list, I am totally rooting for you. Stay tuned into Digital Marketing for Coaches and Consultants. Share the podcast.

I love your reviews and I’m truly here to help you. Raise your hand and let me know what you need. Bye for now.

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