Maximize Referrals – Unlock The System

Maximize Referrals – Unlock The System


Maximizing referrals is crucial for any business looking to expand and attract new customers. However, many misconceptions exist around the subject, including the idea that simply providing good service is enough to earn referrals. In reality, this is not the case, as offering quality service is expected by most customers.

To truly maximize referrals, it is necessary to have a systematic approach for acquiring referrals from current clients and their network. In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine dispels common misconceptions about referrals and provides a comprehensive guide on how to maximize referrals. She shares the essential elements of a referral system and explains how to implement it effectively.

Listen in and learn how to take your referral game to the next level!

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:50] What’s in for you in today’s episode; How to maximize referrals 

[1:12] Misconceptions surrounding referrals

[1:40] #1 Just because you have good service, a client will refer others to you

[3:03] #2 People refer automatically 

[3:27] How to get referrals from your client family members 

[3:54] The components of a basic system for getting referrals

 Golden Nuggets:

  • Almost everyone provides good service. So if a client family member gets good service from you, they are not going to be that impressed because they expect good service… [1:54]
  • Emotions significantly impact referrals. [2:09]

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Full Transcript:

Hey there, it’s Terri Levine here at the Modern Coaching Method podcast. I am so glad that you have tuned in. And our whole purpose is to help you as a coach, consultant, transformational specialist, increase your influence, your impact, and your income. Today, I’m going to teach you how to maximize referrals. And this has to be one of the most fun thing that I love to teach. It’s how do you actually get referrals? Most people get them occasionally, and they really don’t ask for them. There’s a lot of misconceptions around getting referrals. So, let me go through those first, and then let me help you.

The misconceptions are that if a client family member is really satisfied, and you’ve provided good services for them, they’ll automatically refer. And the second is that they will refer so automatically, you won’t even have to ask them. Okay, both of these beliefs, in my experience, are very, very flawed, and will end up getting you little to, potentially, no referrals. Now, in case you disagree with me, which is totally cool, let’s go through the logic. Let’s look at the misconception that, just because you have good service, a client family member will refer others to you. I’d say hold on just a minute.

Although it may go against your logic, almost everyone provides good service, there’s very few people that really don’t provide good service. So, if a client family member gets good service from you, they’re not going to be that impressed because they expect good service. And so, the thing that plays into referrals, more than anything else, are emotions. It’s not just, “I got good service,” it’s an emotion. It’s an emotion that, “Oh my gosh, I was only making $80,000. Now I’m making 180,000, and I’m so emotionally excited,” or, “I dropped 20 pounds, and I’m so excited about that,” or, “I have a better relationship with my spouse,” whatever kind of coaching or consulting you do.

So, the first thing that you really want to do is not just give good service, that’s a given, it’s to know and love your client family members. And I really mean that. And believe me that if you really love on them, if you really have their backs, and you really take care of them and deliver on the result, they still aren’t going to refer. You’re going to get closer, and I’ll show you what to do. The second fallacy is that people refer automatically. Nothing in my experience in 31 years in this industry could be further from the truth. Even if they’re really satisfied, about 75 to 85% of them, it won’t even dawn on them to refer anyone. Now that I’ve dispelled the common myths, let’s get you some referrals.

How does that sound? Would you like that? Okay. So, how do you actually have your client family members refer? First of all, you have to establish a system. Now, if you haven’t watched episodes, 31, 32, and 33 of the Modern Coaching Method, make sure you do. I map out the entire coaching journey and I teach it to you, and those are the episodes that you really need to go back and tune into. So, you want to plug your client family members into a system as soon as they come on board. Let me give you a really basic system for getting referrals. First, you have to do your job of making sure that your client family members really, really know that you love on them, that you have their backs, and that you care about them and for them and the results they get.

Second; next, you have to let your client family members know how much you actually like working with them. I don’t think people tell people often enough how much they enjoy having them as a client family member and appreciating them. Third; you have to specifically ask them who do they know that you can help. Not, “Who can they refer to me?” “Who can I help?” And the fourth is offering to give a free gift or to speak with any friend, or relative of theirs, or business acquaintance, or family member, whatever it might be, absolutely free of charge. Giving them a true deep-dive breakthrough so that they get this incredible gift.

And they could actually try on what you do, and how you do it, and who you are, and, in the meantime, get an incredible result with no strings attached. All right. In the next episode, I’m going to teach you different ways to generate these referrals. Make sure you’re tuned in, subscribe to the Modern Coaching Method podcast. And definitely, go over and watch six Figs in Six Months. The link is right there. Take notes, and I’ll see you here next time at the Modern Coaching Method. Bye now.

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