Have Your Online Ads Stopped Working? SPACE ADS Will Put You Ahead Of The Crowd

Have Your Online Ads Stopped Working? SPACE ADS Will Put You Ahead Of The Crowd


If you are wondering what advertising mediums to go for next year, you have come to the right place. It is no secret that advertising has become a crowded field and many advertising mediums have high costs and low returns on investment. 

Eliminate the advertising mediums with a high cost and low return on investment (ROI) and opt for those with a high ROI to lower your spending and get more clients in the long run. Ads are not just about how many client family members you get. They are also about how much it costs you to acquire a new client family member.

In this episode, Teri talks about “space ads,” why you should go for them, and how you can use them more effectively. 

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Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:00] Introduction

[1:27] Why Terri recommends space ads and not social media ads

[3:00] Preferred location to place your ads in publications 

[3:47] Does the size of the ad matter? Find out

[5:00] The kind of publications to place your ads in

[5:34] What to keep in mind when considering where to place your ad

[6:37] Episode wrap up

Golden Nuggets:   

~ The cost of ‘space ads’ is relatively low; it depends on the publication, the size, and the location you choose. It can fit almost any budget. [01:17]

~ It’s not about how many client family members you get from an ad that counts; it’s the cost to acquire a new client family member. [01:40]

~ The location of your ad in a publication will make a difference. [03:30]

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Full Transcript:

“Hey, welcome back to The Modern Coaching Method Podcast. I’m Dr. Terri Levine, your host. And today I’m going to talk about something that you probably have never thought of. Instead of using social media ads — which are getting less and less and less of a return, by the way, all of a sudden, so are Google ads. Believe it or not, I recommend traditional ads. Yeah. I’m talking about ads in magazines and newspapers. So, you may wonder why, and these really, really work, especially today. And I’m not going to talk to you today about how to write a great ad. If you want to know how to write a great ad, you can pick up a copy of my book ‘The Conversion Equation,’ or you could watch past episodes of The Modern Coaching Method.

Have you subscribed, by the way? Okay, what I’m going to teach you today are the specifics of different advertising mediums so that you can make the best use of each. And I’m going to discuss, just today, what are called space ads. And you see space ads in your newspapers, in your magazines, in any kind of print publication. And yes, there still are print publications. And yes, people still read them. So, here’s why I recommend space ads versus social media. The cost of a space is relatively low, depending on the publication and the size that you choose. However, in my experience, space ads can fit almost any budget. In fact, some of my new clients who are more startups, they are not at $100,000 yet, they’re having a huge impact with space ads, just like I have had. 

Now, it’s not about how many client family members you get from an ad that counts, that’s like where people place their eyeballs and that’s what they think. What is important is how much does it cost you to acquire a new client family member. So, even if the advertising in a newspaper or magazine has cost you a little bit more, you need to test and find out is that still pulling and giving you a great result. So, what I have done — because I always tell you, I pull back the curtain and tell you everything — I have done the same ad in two or three publications. And then, I see where the new clients are acquired from. I eliminate the publications that are too costly, and the ones that have a low client family member acquisition costs are the ones that I keep. 

Now, locations and publications, it does make a bit of a difference. So, the preferred places that I like to place ads are on the back page of a section, okay? In the back page of a section. The upper right-hand corner of a page is my second choice. If it’s a newspaper, I always want to be above the fold, not that a lot of people read newspapers — my husband still does. (Laughs) If it’s a magazine, I like to be in the center page. And I also look for either being a fifth of the publication, or, at least, a third of the publication. These guidelines, they can be mixed and matched, and you do have to test, test, test. 

So, now I’ll answer this question: Does size matter? The size of the app matters. Yes. Huge. It makes a very big difference. So, I’m going to share a little secret with you. The biggest impact on results in ads is how good is the ad. That’s actually super important, not the size. And the second most important is where are you running the ad? What kind of a publication? Now, don’t get me wrong, I really want you to get me right. An effective client-centered ad with a killer headline (teach you that in ‘The Conversion Equation’) powerful copy (I teach that in ‘The Conversion Equation’) with a very strong offer (I teach that in ‘The Conversion Equation’) will pull any conventional ad.

And in my experience looking at my ads, my client family members’ ads, they can pull not just 25% more response, we’ve had over 1,000% better response doing it right using the conversion equation. So, the most important thing is how you say it and what the publication is. So, how can you use today’s knowledge to your benefit? Because that’s what we’re here for. Probably going, “Well, Terry, I don’t know which publications to place my ads in.” So, I want you to start thinking about some locations. Certainly, a newspaper, so location. Local publications in your local community. Any freely distributed newspapers. 

In Philadelphia, we have several of them. And we also have several Center to Mind, Body & Spirit, I’ve used all of those. And then, there’s like those Penny Savers, or those Valpak kinds of things, their specialty magazines, I have done many, many ads in yoga magazines. So, here’s what I want you to keep in mind when you’re really considering where to place your ad, it’s what is your target audience reading. And, by the way, the way that I know that is by serving my target audience, and I ask them what they read, and I advertise where they are reading and in what they are reading. 

The freebie publications that come out, sometimes people toss them, and they don’t read them. So, when a freebie paper or magazine says, “Oh, we’ve distribution of 30% or 70%.” That doesn’t mean readership. However, the ones that people pay for have more eyeballs, and more intent on reading, and they will have higher costs. So, you just want to do some testing here. Here’s the funniest thing, though. I bet you don’t use these, and I bet you’ve considered or used social media ads. These work so much better, and almost no one’s using them. 

So, in The Modern Coaching Method, I share all the secrets, and I want you to have them so you can have massive success. By the way, when you test an ad, don’t get into any long-term contract. What if the ad doesn’t work? You don’t want to be locked in. All right. Now, if you have any questions, go over and watch the webinar at sixfigsinsixmonths.com. The link is here. And then, you can actually ask questions and leave comments as you’re watching the webinar. And guess what? I will personally respond to you. Enjoy, and I will see you next time (subscribe) here at The Modern Coaching Method. Bye now.”

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