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PressIs Personal Coaching Your Next Career?

January 13, 2015


While healthcare jobs, salaries, benefits are being cut, the field of personal coaching is booming. In fact, coaching is listed as one of top 10 fastest growing professions in the United States. In the near future it’s expected that having a personal coach will be as common as having a financial planner or a personal trainer.

Many healthcare professionals are flocking to the field of coaching and feel like they have rediscovered their professional calling. So, what is personal coaching and why are healthcare professionals launching new careers as personal coaches?

What is Coaching?

Generally speaking, people want more from life than they are getting. More time. More money. More personal happiness. Many people are struggling to create the life they really want. The field of coaching emerged in response to this desire to have a better life. People found that when they hired a coach, they were able to create the life they wanted without struggling.

There are many, many reasons to hire a coach. Some people hire a coach because they want to:

  1. Make more money and spend less time working.
  2. Reduce the amount of stress.
  3. Balance the demands of work and family.
  4. Rediscover the passion in their work.
  5. Work smarter, not harder.
  6. Put more fun in life.
  7. Start or grow a business.
  8. Transition to a new career.

A personal coach is an objective partner that is totally committed to the client’s success. A coach 1) dramatically expands the client’s perspective so the client sees new opportunities and innovative solutions; 2) helps the client identify obstacles and move easily and quickly around the obstacles; 3) assists the client to make better decisions with less effort; and 4) keeps the client focused to insure the client’s short-term and long-term success.

Most coaches meet with their clients three or four times a month for 30 minute coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone, which makes it easy and convenient for the client and enables the coach to build a practice without geographic boundaries. Fees for coaching services range from $250 a month to well over $1000 a month for highly specialized coaching.

We often are so caught up in day to day living that we forget we have the power to create a life that is filled with joy, passion and contentment. Coaching is a way to help people discover what they really want from life, from work, from themselves. A coach is the partner who, like an athletic trainer, can push us to grow, to be stronger, to be better … to be a winner in the game of life.

Why are healthcare professionals becoming personal coaches?

Healthcare professionals are going through rocky times and the profession of rehab therapy is collapsing around us. Many clinicians are choosing to select a more positive, healthy profession which will still allow them to have a positive impact on others. Some healthcare professionals are being forced to find new ways to supplement their incomes. For many of these healthcare professionals coaching is the answer.

Healthcare professionals are finding that they make natural coaches and have the right skill set to succeed in this growing business. Think of the skills and talents that led you into healthcare as you look at what makes a great coach:

  • Excellent communication
  • Ability to work with large variety of client types
  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Motivational
  • Goal-oriented
  • Promoting optimal function
  • Open to new principles and applications

Much like a healthcare professional, a coach focuses on bringing out the best in his or her clients. As a coach, you are an active listener who hears what the client is saying, as well as, what the client is not saying. When you speak, you endorse your clients by speaking the truth from a compassionate and objective perspective. Through your strong communication skills you encourage, motivate, and move people to reach their own greatness.

In addition to helping others live a more satisfying life, healthcare professionals who become personal coaches enjoy other benefits. The freedom and financial benefits of coaching allow many coaches to work less, spend more time with their families and still make more money. It is not uncommon for successful coaches to earn six figure incomes while working from the comfort of their homes.

As the demand for coaching continues to grow, so do the opportunities. Many coaches choose to build a private coaching practice working with individuals, groups or businesses. Others may become corporate coaches hired to work internally for consulting companies or even large firms such as PepsiCo or Pizza Hut. Still others learn coaching skills as a way to bring greater value in their role as a healthcare manager, clinician or professional.

With personal coaching as an option, healthcare professionals are able to once again find the meaningful work they were meant to do and enjoy a profession that is growing. The coaching profession calls out for highly motivated professionals who want to help others achieve a better, richer life and who want to enjoy those same qualities themselves.

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