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February 17, 2020

You might wonder why President’s Day is important to you as a business owner. Maybe it is a day where your children are off from school or you realize banks are closed and don’t think beyond that for the meaning of President’s Day.

I am spending time today to relay the importance of this day to my client family members on their weekly group consulting call with me. I don’t care if George Washington never lied or a cherry tree was chopped down or not. I do care about creating Heart-repreneur® leaders who are authentic, transparent, and in integrity. To me, that is the heart of this holiday. Taking time to look at your own leadership and seeing where you can improve as the president, CEO and business owner of your company.

In my book, Stop Managing Start Coaching, I talk about the things that great leaders do and the things that managers do and I stress the big differences between leadership and management. I am a believer in leading by coaching and if you have not yet learned coaching skills and have a business, work in an organization or a company, then you seriously need to do so.

My Post 7 300x300 - President's Day - Why It Matters
President’s Day Lesson

Why coaching?  Coaching is based on open communication between two people. Managing is one-way communication based on command and control models which have been proven ineffective. To be an effective leader to grow a successful company and to have independent contractors and employees help you you need to build trust which comes from open communication.  Managing is dead. You can manage behaviors and can not manage people so stop wasting time and money on management courses and reading books on management.

I have trained over 1200 “managers” to become coaches. They have learned to shift from being directional to become great listeners who ask powerful questions, make powerful observations and powerful requests.  They have become open and curious and are consultative in their approach with employees and support their employees and help them grow. In case after case when managers shift to coaching morale has gone up, the sick time has gone down, productivity has increased as have revenues and profits.

If you are ready to transform then Stop Managing, Start Coaching will guide you.


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