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I Want To Help YOU!

Do You Want A FREE Business Strategy Session (Valued at $1,000) With Terri Levine, The Business Mentoring Expert – So She Can Solve Your BIGTerri16549editppGEST Business Challenges And Create A Stream of New Paying Clients For You?

I’m Terri Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur® and founder of Heartrepreneur® LLC, and a business mentoring expert.  You can read more about me here: 

I am fortunate to wake up each day with massive business success doing what I love and loving what I do.

I have a VIP Private Client Business Coaching Group where I actually consult with business owners to grow their businesses.

I am always looking to see if there is another lurking business superstar out there who might like my help.

If you qualify to have a business coaching strategy session with me there will be zereo selling.  I mean none. No strings. Zero.

I offer this session to share and give huge value to business owners who think they have superstar potential.  If that’s you and you qualify, you can decide after the session, without me selling a thing, if you want help implementing the Heartrepreneur® Business Coaching Blueprint that I create and customize for you during the session or if you are going to do it all yourself.

I don’t need to sell you.

You get to try me on and I get to create value for you and then you make your own decision.

I know my Heartrepreneur® Business Coaching Strategy Session has immense value. Because I know I can bring that kind of value to you, I am willing to PAY YOU $100.00 if you feel like I wasted your time on the session.

How can I make that offer?

I’ve been coaching, consulting and mentoring for over 30 years now. I’ve worked with clients from all over the world. People in hundreds of different industries. I know my business coaching creates great value and in one session you will realize this.

If you think you might have superstar potential to rock your business and have the desire to really create an awesome business then get excited.

During your Heartrepreneur® FREE Business Coaching Strategy Session with me (if you qualify) I will:

  1. Help you create your Heartrepreneur® Business Coaching BluePrint
  2. I will also identify the inner blocks and fears that might be sabotagging your business growth
  3. I’ll show you the path to becoming a celebrity in your niche so you can dominate your market

We will spend 60 minutes on the session and I will not make any offer.  When I say none, I mean zero, zilch, zippo, nada.

The only way you will find out about my VIP Private Business Coaching Group is if YOU ASK ME.

Isn’t that how heart-to-heart relationships are built?  I am the Chief Heartrepreneur® so I better follow what I teach!

If you qualify for a FREE Business Coaching Strategy Session with me, the worst case scenario is that I pay you $100.00. I know that isn’t the case.

I know what will happen is you will be excited to finally have the right blue print to get you to that 6 or 7 figure income.

Why do I give away my time?  I love doing these sessions because I get to help a struggling business owner and create a plan with them.

The world of business has been great to me, so during the sessions I get to give back and make a difference and I’m at a place in my career when “sales” doesn’t make a real difference to my bank account. And, finally, of course, my best clients that I can profoundly help and serve, are found through these sessions.

I do not expect you to hire me and I will not tell you about my VIP Private Business Coaching Mastermind.  My best clients do ask me after their free session and if that’s you great, and if not just as great.

I know naturally the right people will be attracted to my program.

Once you complete the application here: give us 48 hours to decide if you qualify for a session.  I will only select a few people.

If you are accepted you will first speak with Dion who will discuss your business challenges and your goals. If that interview goes well, Dion will then alert me and I will send you a calendar link to schedule your FREE Business Coaching Strategy Session with me.

If Dion doesn’t feel you are a fit, he might be able to recommend other resources for you.

We do business as Heartrepreneurs, which means we are in full communication, and we are transparent and authentic. If you are late or miss your call with Dion, you will not have another chance.

We value your time and we expect you do the same with us.




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