Guerrilla Marketing For Rapid ROI With Mentor Terri Levine

Guerrilla Marketing With Mentor Terri Levine

Guerrilla Marketing is based on using your time, energy, imagination and knowledge to reach your marketing and sales goals with unconventional low-cost and high impact Guerrilla strategies and tactics.  My role as your Master Certified Guerrilla Trainer and Coach is to customize and create Guerrilla marketing strategies and tactics for your business.


My role as your Guerrilla marketing consultant is to analyze your current marketing strategies and tactics and then co-create a Guerrilla marketing plan and calendar with the right actions to achieve your business growth goals.

I am a virtual mentor working with you by phone, online or on-site (if necessary).

We engage in a consulting journey that start s with me understanding your business and your customers. I will first conduct a marketing audit and situational analysis for your business and run your business through the 16 Guerrilla Marketing Competencies Test.  Together we will determine the exact marketing strategies necessary to get the best ROI from your customized Guerrilla marketing plan.  Marketing strategies are where Terri Levine excels!  These strategies are crucial to your Guerrilla marketing  plan.  Terri will nail the best Core Unique Positioning Statement for your business and provide the right competitive advantage strategy for your business.  

What Do I Receive As Terri’s Client?

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Terri will provide you with over 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons and co-create your Guerrilla Marketing Calendar for the selected weapons.  Clear budgets and ROI will be determined for each weapon and you will have a consistent Guerrilla Marketing Message and media all weapons.  You will also receive a comprehensive Guerrilla Marketing Communications Plan that includes your brand identity, your brand value and your brand strategy as well as ideas to increase your brand loyalty.  In addition, Terri’s consulting will include pricing, product and service reviews and determination of your ROI and when & how you will start making profit for each service or product you sell.

Terri’s mentoring will help you determine pricing objectives, strategy and your channel integration and distribution strategies, too.  You will have an external and internal marketing plan along with Terri’s expert recommendations for your marketing mix and relationship marketing plan.  Your Guerrilla Marketing Calendar you provide your metrics to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your Guerrilla Marketing Plan.  Your comprehensive Guerrilla Marketing mentoring will give you the most complete on-line and off-line marketing plans and strategies.

Why Choose Terri Levine?GuerrillaMarketingforBeautySalons

Terri Levine, PhD, is known as The Business Mentoring Expert for a reason. She has helped over 5,000 business owners create massive success.  She is a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach and is a Licensed Hidden Marketing Assets ConsuGuerrillaMarketingforSpasltant and holds a PhD in clinical psychology specializing in organizational behavior.  Terri has written almost  20 books with many bestsellers and is a sought after speaker for conferences and association meetings and is also a popular guest appearing on TV, radio, in the news.  She is a columnist for many publications and a mentor for Strongbrook and on the faculty of CEO Space.  She also is also the host of her very popular radio show The Terri Levine Show – Business Advice You Can Take to The Bank heard on iHeartRadio and downloaded by almost 10,000 people each month. (

Terri was recognized as one of the top 10 coaching gurus in the world by and was the named the number one female coach in the world by them as well. She was personally selectjay conrad levinsoned to author Guerrilla Marketing for Spas and Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons with the “father of Guerrilla Marketing” Jay Conrad Levinson. 

She has been recommended by top marketing gurus in the world including Joe Vitale, Scott Hallman, James Malinchak, Mark Victor Hansen, Dave Lakhani and Joel Bauer.  

How To Be Considered For Terri’s Mentoring

Terri’s goal is YOUR success and she wants to provide her services to all those who are serious about growing their businesses using Guerrilla Marketing who want to increase their ROI.  This is why she provides a free strategy session to those who qualify.  These sessions are held on the phone with serious business owners who might be interested in her Guerrilla Marketing services.  She provides a free strategy session, that is not a sales pitch in disguise, for qualified applicants. She never pressures or pesters anyone in any way at all and won’t waste a second of a business owner’s time.  In fact if you feel like she wasted a second of your time let her know and she’ll immediately send you one of her best selling products for free.

Before you go any further you need to know Terri can’t help every business owner.  She can only be of benefit to people who are serious about business growth, have the resources of time, money and energy to grow their business and are willing to listen to her expert advice.

Here’s What To Do If You Want A Free Strategy Session…

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If you want to schedule a free strategy session with Terri, complete the form below.  You’ll see a form with a few questions about your business and what you are looking to accomplish.  Once Terri has that information, she’ll do some market research on your business and she’ll set up time to conduct your strategy session if you qualify.

What Services Does Terri Provide?

Terri’s virtual mentoring is provided as a Comprehensive Guerrilla Marketing service. She provides her clients JumpStart mentoring with consulting follow-up and done for you and done with you services.  Her full Comprehensive Guerrilla Marketing program is delivered over 3 months and includes phone or web meetings and unlimited texts and is $10,000 (payable in 3 installments).

In person mentoring is $2,500 per day (at Terri’s offices in either North Wales, PA, Atlantic City, NJ or Playa Del Carmen, Mexico).

Terri is available to come to your office for one-to-one mentoring upon request.  On site visits are $3,000 per day plus accommodations, lodging, airfare and transportation costs.

Dr. Levine is also available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences around the world. She also delivers 2-days, one full-day, and half-day presentations. Terri knows how to expertly speak to audiences so they are laughing as they are learning. Her stories and sense of humor engage audiences and are educational, motivational, and entertaining. Audiences and meeting planners love Terri’s valuable and actionable talks about Guerrilla Marketing.

Her keynotes and workshops are always customized based on the needs of the audience, the geographical location of the talk, and the demographics of the audience. She has spoken in 5 countries to audiences of all sizes and she allows adapts her presentations for the audience.


fran harris“My professional basketball career has given me the chance to play for many elite coaches. Yet I’ve rarely seen anyone who possesses Terri’s heart and insights into peak performance. Her unique approach to leadership puts her in a class by herself which means she gets a big high five from me!”
~ Fran Harris
Author/Television Producer/Speaker,



“Having coached wDiane Allenith Terri for over two years, I became more confident, direct, compassionate, and tough-minded. I ask for much more from my clients than they would normally ask of themselves. I learned these skills because that’s how Terri coached me. That’s a real testament to her. ”
~ Diane Allen,
Business Coach and OD Consultant









Chris Forbes


JoeVitaleandTerriLevineTerri Levine is riveting. She inspires and educates, informs and instructs, and every minute is a delight. She’s the best speaker I’ve heard in a long, long time.”
~ Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc

“As CEO of multiple companies (including two named to the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America), I have hired many professional speakers for our company events. In addition, I have attended many top business seminars. I must say tscott-halmanhat your presentation was powerful, persuasive and provided valuable, actionable material that the audience could put to use immediately, in both their professional and personal lives. I find your warm, energetic style captivating.”

~ Scott Hallman
CEO, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

Feel free to contact Terri Levine by text: 215-527-0634

Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

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