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It’s no big secret that the corporate ladder’s top rungs are mostly dominated by men. But what about high-performing, high-earning women executives? Is there a realistic way for them to smash the corporate glass ceiling – for good? Vindya Vee shares the secret to elevating your career and crushing the obstacles in your way to living an ‘exponential life’. Whether it’s money, a promotion, running your own business, or even doing a total U-turn and beginning
HPR 98 | Changing Lives Through Music
Instant fame is a double-edged sword: it can be used for you or against you. From being the popular cheerleader, playing sports, and participating in extracurricular activities, you might go to the top or bottom of the totem pole. This was exactly what Jada Vance faced after being eliminated from American Idol. But she managed to get up and wipe away the tears by turning her tragedy into a triumph. Jada used her fame by
HPR 97 | Abundance Mindset
Success in big organizations is all about interaction with people and managing expectations. It isn’t the talent of the teams, it is the mindset – that “can-do” attitude. Tim Fives has refined that so business leaders cancapture that essence of how we choose to view the world. Maybe you’re tired of constantly procrastinating at work. Maybe you need some help with your abundance mindset. Tim shares how just one action can break this vicious cycle. It
HPR 96 | Computer Drafting
If you believe in workplace culture, it is crucial to treat your employees well and trust them for that turnaround. Having happier employees means happier clients, which means they’re working harder, as proven by Bryan Luoma, engineer and founder of computer drafting company Cadsourcing. One of their company’s most astonishing core values is die-hard service: not only to the clients, but also to your fellow employees. Cadsourcing works with architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers throughout
HPR 95 | Copywriting For Women Entrepreneurs
For women entrepreneurs of a certain age group, learning how to adapt to the modern market is essential for survival. A method that will certainly help you out is blogging – just one of the many technological offshoots of copyediting, copywriting, and proofreading for businesses. Yvette Williams, PhD says that in order to connect with your clients, you must first establish your voice. Fortunately this task is completely achievable with the help of an excellent
HPR 94 | Transforming Organizations
Transformation is a constant in all successful companies. This is why Esther Weinberg highly recommends us to shift perspectives every once in a while. Esther is the founder of the Mind Light Group which specializes in executive leadership training. Together with her team, she helps mid to large media companies, their employees, and especially their executive leadership teams to find and mentor dignity, leadership, and personal power in the workplace. When was the last time you
HPR 93 | Leadsology Book
Looking at what’s current in terms of marketing techniques, we hear about online funnels and Facebook ads. But do these trends hold up to the hype? It’s an idea that attracts many, essentially because the value proposition is that you can set this thing up, do very little work, sit on the beach for half an hour a day and let all the money wash over your beautiful body. But the actual process is a
HPR 92 | Neuromarketing Analytics
There are so many people with professions in marketing, but nobody’s stopping to examine the psychology behind it. Why do people perform tasks the way they do? Why are they assigned to do certain projects and not others? Neuromarketers like Chris Dayley can answer all these questions and more, including how we can get people to do things without manipulating them outright. Chris talks about disruptive advertising and how neuromarketing and psychology-based analytics can help
HPR 91 | Unapologetic Optimist
We cannot hear above the noise. Our lives are filled with so much chaos, we have to get quiet in order to listen and be guided. Explore the quiet and listen to your inner guidance. Take that leap of faith. Step into the unknown. And learn not to apologize for choosing to be optimistic! Dale Smith Thomas talks about the concept of unapologetic optimism. As president and founder of Winners by Choice, Dale inspired thousands to
  Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that people will wake up in eight years’ time and go, “Things have changed so much.” Ever heard of the story where the boiling frog sits in a tub, the heater is turned on, and the frog does not realize that it’s up to boiling point until it’s too late? For many, that’s going to be the situation. Caroline Stokes, host of the Intelligent Recruiter Podcast, notes
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