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HPR 157 | Finance And Economics
  A lot of business owners are in situations where they need to restructure because of debt. Jim Mosquera, Principal at Sentinel Consulting which is a small business financing and debt restructuring firm, has a self-developed knowledge of both economics and the financial markets. Jim is also a nonfiction author. He’s published three nonfiction books in the Escaping Oz series, which are about finance, economics, and social psychology. He’s also the author of the Chandler
HPR 156 | Digital Marketing
  There is so much mixed messaging around digital marketing that we get confused on what to really do. Kasim Aslam, founder, and CEO of Solutions 8 and the author of The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing has spent more than a decade helping over 500 organizations grow and scale using a unique, proven, and proprietary process called the Digital Business Builder. He dives into digital marketing and the biggest mistakes people make
HPR 155 | Creativity
  It all starts with the why. Why are you doing this? Why does this matter to you? If you don’t know that, you’re either barking up the wrong tree or it’s not powered with as much energy and love as you have. Jeff Leisawitz, award-winning musician and producer, a critically acclaimed author, and an internationally distributed screenwriter and director, says it’s essential to know the why. As Jeff goes deep into the topic of
HPR 154 | Two-Week Notice
  A lot of people are doing work that’s no longer fulfilling them. It’s really just that job where they go and get the paycheck, but they’re miserable. Corporate exit strategist Amy Coats believes that also bleeds into other relationships as well which can be an issue. Amy says the online space has a low-entry-fee. You can easily get a Facebook page if you need to, get started, and start helping people in a more
HPR 153 | Powerfully Communicate
  “Sometimes with technology, folks tend to forget that on the other end of a computer screen is an actual human being.” Julia Wojnar, founder of Unleash Your Presence, says and believes this, making it her mission to help people learn how to communicate better. At the heart of every decision made in business and life is that bridge of communicating powerfully one’s ideas. Julia helps us do that by talking about the common troubles
HPR 152 | Offline And Online
  In a world that is too caught up with the power of the Internet, businesses have now overlooked the power of print and how it can work together with social media to grow your business. Marrying the two is Crystal Lindsey who is an industry leading social media expert, professor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She shares her journey of how she came about being known in social media, while giving some great tips on
HPR 151 | Transforming The Mindset
  Finding your own way and paving your own path, making a decision to change and go for it, takes a lot of courage. Georgia Woodbine is no stranger to that journey. As one of the world’s leading authorities in personal and professional development, she has transformed herself, and now her mission is to help people with that by transforming the mindset. She distinguishes between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset, highlighting the importance of the
HPR 150 | Digital Advertising
  The current technological landscape has changed the face of advertising in businesses. Now, we have come to the age of digital advertising where we leverage various online and social media platforms. For businesses still treading the waters and transitioning from traditional advertising, Paul Potratz provides help to fill in on that. Paul is the CEO and owner of Potratz Advertising, an award-winning full-service digital advertising agency specializing in video and social media services. He
HPR 149 | Right Brain Thinking
  As much as we don’t like to believe, our way of thinking limits our capacities. Oftentimes, we let our left brain thinking dominate most especially in our work. We’re taught to be critical and to believe there is only one answer, so we fail to tap into our right brain thinking, the part of the brain where we are more creative. Together, we can be more resourceful. Stephanie Staidle talks deep into the neuroscience-based
HPR 148 | Catalyst For Change
  Everybody wants to change. We hear almost every day, whether in business or in our personal lives, how much people desire to change a particular aspect in their lives. Yet when you explore deeper into that desire, you find how it’s almost unresolved. Not many people change the way they wanted to and the reason for that is maybe they don’t understand what it is they want to move towards to. As a catalyst
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