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HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion
  For entrepreneurs who are juggling life, work, and everything in between, Connie Benjamin discovered that it’s possible to have it all in the right time and the right order. Connie is an international speaker and the author of the book, Women with Fire… 6 Secrets to Purpose, Profit & Passion. She shares that working day in and day out, all night, all day, she was stressed out, overwhelmed, and losing everything that was most important to her. She felt like she was being
HPR 115 | School Climate And Culture
  A lot of teachers are unhappy in their profession and approximately 50% of students do not want to go to school. That’s what Dr. Clete Bulach concluded from his interviews with teachers and students from every school district in the state of Georgia. Dr. Bulach is a retired Ohio school superintendent and an associate professor emeritus at the University of West Georgia. He began writing a book about a school climate and culture that
HPR 114 | Accelerated Aligned Success
  For a business to be successful, it should be aligned to your soul purpose. Success coach, speaker and mentor Rachel Nelson works with clients around the world helping them succeed by combining spirit and strategy for accelerated aligned success. She relates how she was trying to create her own business listening to other experts that were saying you have to pick a profitable market niche and build your business around that. She realized over
HPR 113 | Leading Great Teams
  Being a team leader can be one of the best experiences of your life. Jeffrey Davidson of Leading Great Teams LCC says that honesty and appreciation are what leads teams to greatness. Jeffrey knows being a leader, you need to have a boundary between your team members, but at the same time he came to appreciate them, got to know them, understood what their strengths were, what their weaknesses were, where they want to
HPR 112 | Heart-Centered PR
  It’s good to have strong goals, but what Diane Dennis, founder and president of Inspired Media Communications, find is that unless what you do is tied to your deep core values and stirs your heart and gets you passionate, then you’re just going to do a business strategy that makes you tired and feel depleted. Diane has worked with bestselling authors, coaches, speakers, organizations, and businesses to create a solid brand to garner media
  The nature of the mind is to think. It keeps bringing up thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories 24/7. In meditation, we try to master the mind, but it starts with just simply observing it. Meditations are the type of thing that unless you practice it daily for some time, you are not experiencing the benefits. People give up because they need sit for ten minutes. If you sit in meditation with the expectation that
HPR 110 | Soul Language
  When heartrepreneurs have this desire and knowing that they’re here to do something profound and allow that to steer the car, it becomes much easier than when they try to fight that. That knowing is the soul language according to master intuitive Jennifer Urezzio. Jennifer says soul language is a paradigm to put tangibility to soul. Most people are more awake than they acknowledge. It’s whether you decide to participate in that consciousness or
HPR 109 | The Resonant Horse
  A horse can be a teacher and catalyst. Mindy Tatz Chernoff, founder of The Resonant Horse, a novel in innovative approach to feeling, partnering with horses as teachers and catalysts for change and transformation, started taking care of a pony at eight years old. Through the journey of life, after having many years of experience with horses, she realized that brushing them, caring for them, and tending to them creates neuro connections in the
HPR 108 | UnTalk Therapy
  Express yourself. Get in touch with your anger. Always be honest and open about what you’re feeling and thinking. Never go to bed mad at each other. All of these things have been absorbed into the culture and has become second nature. However, when people get upset, they can’t do any of those things. They do the exact opposite. No matter how many times we try to do what the therapist says, we can’t
HPR 107 | Living Family History
  Losing a loved one in death is a stress unlike any other. Unexpectedly losing someone integral to your world is life altering. Losing his mother helped Bryan Renslow build Living Family History. Bryan considers the greatest treasury that mankind has ever made is our human value, the experiences that we create as we live each day. When he lost his mother, he didn’t want the value of who she was to leave so he
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