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HPR 191 | Improving Your LinkedIn Profile
  LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform in the world. As such, it has become a go-to place for many professionals to check up on each other’s credibility and figure out why they should work together. This is why it has become more important to maximize your LinkedIn profile, and our guest, Rhonda Sher, is going to take us through it. Rhonda is a keynote speaker, LinkedIn strategist, bestselling author, and business networking expert.
HPR 190 | Thinking Like A Publisher
  Content marketing has become more challenging through the years as more products and publishers are emerging in an ever-competitive market. Leticia Mooney says the answer to taking your content marketing to the next level is by thinking like a publisher. Leticia is currently the CEO of the Australian content strategy company, Brutal Pixie. She shares her knowledge on how we can maximize our skills in producing content that works, as well as how to
HPR 189 | Identifying Your Passion
  No matter how accomplished some people are with their cubicle jobs, they are somehow trapped in a void that keeps them thinking whether or not they made the right decisions in choosing their professions. Linda Clay, a business and lifestyle strategist, shares some useful tips on how you can figure out your passion and what you really like to achieve in life and in business. — Listen to the podcast here: Identifying Your Passion
HPR 188 | Reboot Your Life
  A lot of women have spent their whole lives focused on serving others either as a wife, a mother, a daughter, or even in their other relationships and career. It’s no wonder that when they’re going over transitions or life shifts, they find themselves at a rock bottom or feeling discouraged and sick of starting over again. Our guest is Sheila MAC, a Lifestyle Reboot Specialist who helps women reboot, get back on their
HPR 187 | Publishing A Book
  In the business world today, books are the new business card, and one that is unlike the rest because it won’t get thrown away. Amazon #1 bestselling author Donna Gunter shares how publishing a book is going to help your business. By leveraging your knowledge to gain authority status in your industry, Donna proves how books have become the ultimate marketing tool. She tells you all about it in this episode, along with personal
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