Episode Blogs

HPR 138 | Health And Wellness
  Going into a diet is so much more than losing weight. It is about taking care of both our physical and mental health. Nowadays, people tend to skip meals in order to lose weight fast. What lies underneath that is the anxiety that is eating up your mentality as well. Registered dietitian Shelley Rael believes there is always a better way to become healthier. She thinks that contrary to doing things fast, we must
HPR 137 | Online And Offline Safety
  The world is not as safe as it was, even more so with the vast information that’s available to us through technology which helps people concoct more ways to be bad and take advantage of others. We now have both the offline and the online world to deal with. College students are very much vulnerable to these threats like cyber hacking, cyber bullying, cyber security, and more from posting in social media all the
HPR 136 | Anger Management
  As someone who has anger management issues growing up, Bernard Golden, founder of Anger Management Education in Chicago, talks about anger and how to overcome them in times when it is all we have. He provides some great insights and strategies on dealing with our intense emotions. Many people lose sight of a lot of things because all they feel is anger. Bernard touches on some reasons why people fall into this feeling, and
HPR 135 | Control Your Life
  A woman who knows how to turn a tragedy into a triumph, Mary Shores shares her personal experiences of going through a number of traumatic experiences in her life and overcoming them. She bravely took control of her life and picked up the pieces in order to rise again and start her own business. Years later, she has bounced back and became successful. Giving inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, she provides some great tips about
HPR 134 | Recalibrating Life
  For some of us, there are those moments where we find ourselves not happy with our current situation anymore. We need some change in our lives. We need to recalibrate. Allen Vaysberg is someone who is all too familiar with that situation. Sharing his own personal story of finding happiness through recalibrating his life, he offers some great insights for us who have walked the same path. He shares his program called SEAMLESS, which
HPR 133 | Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
  A lot of times, what keeps you from stepping outside your comfort zone are psychological roadblocks. The problem is that if we avoid something over time, it’s not going to get any easier. Andy Molinsky’s goal and work are to help people understand what the challenges are. Andy is a professor of Organizational Behavior and International Management at Brandeis University’s International Business School. Andy says he gives people the tools not to create some
HPR 132 | Spirit Of Resiliency
  Success is an equal opportunity experience because we live in a time where there is no reason why you can’t succeed. It comes down to how hard you work to get there. However, along the way, a lot of people give up and quit. Millennial game changer and author Marcia Bennett says the core value of resiliency made her keep going to achieve what she wanted to achieve. Marcia embodies the spirit of resiliency.
HPR 131 | Overcoming Procrastination
  A lot of anxiety is the result of unmade decisions. Procrastination, in and of itself, causes you to be more stressed. It’s an endless loop, so you will feel less stressed when you overcome this habit. Eric M. Twiggs is an expert in overcoming procrastination and the author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination. As a certified life and business coach, Eric has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with executives
HPR 130 | 90-Day Book Breakthrough Program
  Everyone has a unique story to share with the world, but too often, we feel intimidated, blocked, and overwhelmed when we attempt to put words down on paper. As a writing coach and founder of the 90-Day Book Breakthrough Program, Dallas Woodburn’s passion is helping entrepreneurs finally get out of their own way and write the book that is burning inside them in just 90 days. Publishing a book can unlock amazing opportunities, raise
HPR 129 | Digital Commerce
  Most people have websites that are not profitable or that are out there only as a marketing tool for them. Probably people aren’t even finding them unless they already know who they are. E-commerce expert Greg Jameson says when people find you and start to build a relationship with you, they feel comfortable making purchases from you. Greg Jameson is often referred to as an internet pioneer and has been at the forefront of
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