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HPR 212 | Introducing Yourself
  Introducing yourself the right way is essential in creating the right impression for the person across you. A weak introduction makes you appear weak as a whole, and ultimately, the other person won’t be enticed to go into business with you. Charlie Cina has leveraged his expertise in sales and marketing to work and collaborate with many different billion-dollar brands. Together with Terri Levine, Charlie goes into what makes for a strong introduction. Learn
HPR 211 | Mindset Change
  The world tends to frown upon those who are not reaching for worldly success. That is why many of us find ourselves chasing what others want of us to achieve, forgetting who we are and what we truly want in the process. Tibor Nagy is all too familiar with this struggle. A former architect, Tibor found his true self after experiencing difficulties chasing a false definition of success. Now, having embarked his own personal
HPR 210 | Digital Customer Experience
  In this hyper-technological age, adaptation is important in order for a business not only to survive but to truly flourish. The digital customer experience is one significant part of the process that dictates how well your business is going to do in the long run. Ian Reynolds, Partner and Chief Solutions Architect at Zibtek, joins Terri Levine to discuss the rise of the website as one of the most important ways a business keeps
HPR 209 | Finding Your Purpose
  Most of the time, finding your purpose can seem like a vague, nebulous instruction that you can’t quite act upon, as hard as you may try. However, directed properly, this might just be the first important step you can take to send you moving forward on the road towards true success. Business strategist and author of Money Management Mindset, Israel Duran, joins Terri Levine as they discuss the importance of purpose. You can’t keep
HPR 208 | Free From Fear
  Anybody who’s trying to run a business knows that what goes into the businesses is everything that’s who we are. If there are underlying fears about who we are, that automatically bleeds through into our business. Andrew Hackett’s specialty is focusing on these underlying fears, these unconscious fears that stay deep within us. Andrew is the international best-selling author of Free from Fear and the Fearless Series. Today, he joins guest host Sam Mak
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