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HPR 180 | Delegation
  Time is valuable for entrepreneurs, and mastering delegation is what keeps it valued. Gwendolyn Young, the founder and CEO of Your Virtual Admin Expert, unravels the key for entrepreneurs to staying in their genius. A lot of times, we believe we can do everything and we cannot afford assistance. Gwendolyn trumps that idea as she believes delegation is not a cost but an investment. Find out from the genius herself where to find these supportive
HPR 179 | Intuitive Eating
  Fibromyalgia is a burdensome incurable disease that deals with chronic pain. Lana Nelson, author of The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating for Every Body, talks about how she has been dealing with pain from fibromyalgia for over a decade. Through trial and error, she discovered that something as simple as food can help you minimize and even get rid of the pain. With Lana’s recipe template, she offers a guide on what to buy and
HPR 178 | Communication Styles
  Corporate culture and productivity are well-defined by communication styles. Tension in the workplace arises out of miscommunication, and when this happens, it is best to consult with Kathy Marcino, a business growth and communication coach and co-founder and co-host of 4 Chicks Chatting. Kathy shares some ways to avoid tension in communication and gives some hacks to finding out your communication style and understanding how you communicate. On top of that, discover other communication

How to Format a Business Memo

Posted by james on May 9, 2019

Category: Business
Memo writing seems like it’s out, but it’s a great skill to have when you need to get out professional and detailed information to the masses. Learning the correct format and when to use a memo versus an email is the best way to start utilizing memos in your business. With the rise of email communications in offices, memos have seemingly slipped onto the back burner. However, they do still have an important place in the business
HPR 177 | Eating Healthy
  Many of us take for granted the gift of good nutrition. We’re constantly on a quest for the next greatest thing. When Shelley Rael decided she wanted to be a registered dietitian, she didn’t know the path it would take. However, she was determined to get through it because she finds it important for people to understand how nutrition affects their body. Hearing people talk about their struggles with eating and trying different diets,
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