Episode Blogs

HPR 173 | Gratitude, Health, Happiness
  Not all of us are blessed with good health and happiness, and that is why only a person with a grateful heart can see adversities positively. Cancer patients can either view their illness as the endgame and dread every single day battling it or turn that viewpoint from a struggle to a blessing and live to the fullest. This is how Shauna Marie MacDonald’s late husband positively dealt with cancer which in turn motivated
HPR 172 | Energy Healing
  Good vibes are contagious, but are we all aware of what it really means? It is the vibration or energy that a person releases from being happy and positive in life. It’s not just about the mood, but also about the energy a person has. Some people seek for doctors and psychiatrists to heal physically and mentally, but there is a branch of alternative medicine that is entirely unique. Daniel The Healer, an Intuitive
HPR 171 | Realtor Authenticity
  Building trust requires every person to be transparent. With the sense of transparency comes authenticity, the thing that real estate agents really need to master. Some agents think that the keys to making listings multiply are being presentable and showcasing achievements, but for Christopher Stafford, that’s not the secret sauce. A top producing real estate broker and coach in one, Christopher gives back by sharing tips on how to be the best entrepreneur and
HPR 170 | Blind Blogger
  In today’s time where technology has made life simple, it is surprising that many people still make things complicated and prepare a list of excuses to be lazy. When you want something so bad, nothing can ever stop you from getting hold of it, not even being blind. The blind community may not see anything physically, but a vision is not just what you see, it also means your purpose and that doesn’t require
HPR 169 | Authentic Copywriting
  How pro are you when it comes to writing copies? Some copywriters believe that a skill in telling stories is the foundation of a good copy, but for Lee Rowley, it’s all about authenticity – taking the time to fathom clients and show that you truly understand them. A veteran in the field of sales copywriting and owner of Lee Rowley Copybranding, he shares his journey to authentic marketing to cultivate trust and captivate
HPR 168 | Mindset For Success
  The process of choosing a career takes a lot of pressure when you have not figured out your identity and purpose yet. Frequently, our degree in college is totally different from the career path we choose. Taking a leap of faith is tough, and Regan Hillyer can attest to this. A self-made multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, and mindset coach, Regan talks about the mindset of success and shares her entrepreneurial journey – from figuring what
HPR 167 | Intentional Networking
  Being intentional is getting very clear about where you put your time in order to help you advance a goal you have. So many times, a day gets away from us and we just spend our time doing things we’re not even sure about. Kim Bohr, CEO of The Innovare Group, Inc., a boutique strategic organizational consultancy, joins us to talk about intentional networking. Realizing how many people do not tap into their network
HPR 166 | Passionate Volunteer
  Co-founder of Life Enriching Communication and certified trainer with The Center for Nonviolent Communication Eddie Zacapa shares how being a passionate volunteer had made a difference in his life. He started doing it twenty years ago. Now, his passion for volunteering is still burning. Eddie says volunteering, together with nonviolent communication as a form of feedback, is a very good combination because it eliminates judgment. He also gave an overview of his book, Essentials
HPR 165 | Hypnotic Principle
  How do you make things work? How do you make your career flourish? How do you make your business a success? You’ll hear a lot of negative advice when you’re starting a business, a new endeavor, or any new thing that is off the beaten path. Hypnotist Jason Linett had heard all of these at some point in his life, but instead of being disheartened, he set a hypnotic mindset of what he is
HPR 164 | Decoding Your Dream
  We all have dreams and want to uncover the meaning behind them. What could be more interesting than to know that the meaning of your dream is a solution to a current problem that you are facing? Layne Dalfen, founder of The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal, has been studying dreams for 45 years. She sheds light on how the solution to something that’s bothering you arrives in your unconscious before it gets to
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