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Posted by Chief Heartrepreneur® on  May 1, 2015

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Posted by Chief Heartrepreneur® on  April 30, 2015

Category: Tools & Resources
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Success In Todays Marketplace For Small Business Today I’ll reveal some important marketing tools you need to know if you want to build your brand.  First of all a logo is not a brand. Branding is a much deeper process. Sadly many of our business mentoring clients, when they first meet with us, think that their tag lines, ads, and logos are the marketing strategies they need to grow their business. Your brand is what differentiates your product
Business Tips for Small Business At Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc we get asked again and  again for our number one growth strategy for business. Today I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal the advice we give our clients.  Most business owners are trying to get more clients, patients or customers and hunting for them non-stop.  This is costly and time consuming and the least effective marketing strategy to use to grow your business. So, what is
What Are Commonly Missed Tax Deductions? Small business owners often miss some of the tax advantages they are entitled to.  I was chatting with my husband who is a financial advisor and he was sharing the deductions that even some CPA’s have overlooked.  This felt so important to me I had to instantly blog about it.  My knowledge in this area had been week so I used the information I got from my husband (MeLevine@FinancialGuide.com)
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