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October 2, 2017

How To Know Which Coaching Program Is Right For You

You might find it odd that as a business mentor and business coach myself I am reporting on other coaches programs.  I like to know what else is out there as prospective clients might be better served with other programs.  I don’t believe I am the perfect fit for every business owner and don’t believe every prospect is right for my programs.  So I decided to invest in other coaches programs so I would know more about them and could refer my clients to those programs if/when a fit. I don’t take affiliate fees.  I just speak from the heart about what program I feel they will get the most benefit from.  I tell my prospective clients that I will listen to their needs and then help them formulate an action plan and if I have something for them that will help them I will tell them and if not I will do my best to refer them to the right resource.  Then it is up to them to quickly pick a program, pick a date, and invest in themselves quickly. An action is rewarded and thinking about things won’t make you more money, in my experience.

Adobe Spark 232x300 - Roving Reporter - Coaching ProgramsSo I selected two programs that I felt might be a fit for people who wanted a coach and who I could not help.  One is The Fletcher Method and the other is Bill Barren’s programs offered through Bill Barren coaching.  Bill Barren, I found, also has coined the term “best business coach in Oakland” – self-proclaimed.  He talks a lot online about how to make 100k a month and I am certain this appeals to prospects as they want to make 100k a month.  I believe people sign up for his programs and believe they will figure out how to make 100k a month when they take his programs.  I don’t know how many actually make 100k a month and have interviewed 15 clients from many of his programs including the big shift and the average income after the programs were about $5,000 per month. I found online that he also refers to himself as “Bill Barron master of enrollment” and I do believe he is great at enrolling folks in his programs. My finding on Bill’s programs is there is solid basic material and the programs are applicable to newer coaches.

The Fletcher Method comes from programs like Bill’s and also from Taki Moore and again I have had a lot of clients who worked with Taki.  I see much of Taki’s work in Fletcher and do like the way the information is organized and presented.  I just am not a fan of teaching people Funnel’s and a large segment of what I saw had to do with Funnels.

With both programs, I suggest you check out Bill Barren reviews on Google as well as The Fletcher Method reviews on Google. I think it is always worth seeing what others who have invested have to say.  I did notice on Google another person who had a similar program to Bill’s and that is Russ Ruffino.  While on his site he has positive reviews, Google quickly came up with a search on Russ Ruffino ripoff.  Now, this doesn’t mean he or his program IS a ripoff.  It just means do some homework and talk to people who invested in any of these programs before you expect some of the results they claim.

I am not going to promise you, or anyone, you will go to 100k a month without a lot of hard work and money spent in and on your business. That’s just me.

Hope something here helps you.  Let me know.

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