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BlogWhat Does Satisfy Mean To Customers?

June 2, 2017

Do You Really Know What Your Customers Want?

When I ask my consulting clients how they know their customers are happy they tell me things like, “they don’t complain”, “they come back”, “I think they are”.  So, how do you REALLY know that your customers are satisfied? And actually, do you only want satisfied customers or do you want raving fans?  I am certain you want raving fans!

Adobe Spark 300x300 - What Does Satisfy Mean To Customers?I recommend you use a survey tool like Survey Monkey or Google Forms and survey all prior clients and all current clients.  Why? Meaningful, authentic, honest feedback from clients will really help you better conduct your business.  If I am a client of yours and I have a problem with you or your business you can find out about it and then fix it.  If you never ask me, most likely I don’t tell and I might go and complain about your business on-line and offline or simply leave your business and do business with one of your competitors.


When a company fixes a problem they actually are seen with a favorable light from their clients and actually become more loyal to the company… they might turn into one of your raving fans.

If you are thinking that people won’t take the time to complete your survey, I recommend you give them a gift card to Itunes or Starbucks and you will see how quickly they do respond for a $10.00 gift card.

I also recommend you use the information from surveys to make improvements in systems and operations and also use them as a marketing tool to show prospects.

Once you build your survey use it frequently. You want to hear your clients all along the journey and over a period of time.

How are you going to put this to work to create raving fans in your business?



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