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BlogWhat Does Satisfy Mean Internally and Externally For Customers?

July 22, 2017

Internal Customer Satisfaction Leads To External Customer Satisfaction

Adobe Spark 3 300x300 - What Does Satisfy Mean Internally and Externally For Customers?I am certain you want to have happy customers in your business.  You want to have satisfied customers. I suggest having loyal customers comes from satisfying customers internally so they become loyal. Internal satisfaction comes from having happy and satisfied people working in your business. You actually need to care about them as much as you do about your external customers. You want your own workers to feel important and special and to develop loyalty with them just like your external customers. Highly satisfied workers give me and do more to your organization and will go beyond customer expectations as well. With all the competition in the marketplace today you must retain happy and satisfied employees who will help you win and keep customers.

Your company must realize that internal customer satisfaction is what leads to external customer satisfaction. Today’s customers have a lot of choices with regards to who they purchase from. If they get stellar customer service from the internal team of your company there is a great chance they will be happy and become loyal customers of your company.  Before you focus on the external satisfaction of your customers you need to begin with internal satisfaction.

When I mentor a business and get them focused on improving their own employees and teaching them success principles and coaching skills, employee behaviors change and so do employee actions. I mentor the businesses on the principles in the best selling book “Stop Managing Start Coaching”.  As the internal employee morale increases and employees gain personal development tools and training they actually have increased satisfaction at work. This internal satisfaction translates to how happy they then make your customers and then your external satisfaction increases and so does customer loyalty.

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