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BlogMy Secret Process For Getting Premium High-Ticket Clients

29th January 20182

The Proven Formula For Attracting High-Ticket Premium Clients To Your Coaching Or Consulting Business

I am going to give you my exact step-by-step process for attracting high-ticket coaching or consulting clients into your premium offering.  I will list them here and then do a deep dive into them in this article.

  1. Know the exact result your target audience wants to receive
  2. Be certain you know how to get your client family members the result they desire
  3. Create a high-ticket signature coaching/consulting program with your premium package offering
  4. Make your offer irresistible with guaranteed results
  5. Give away valuable content leading people to discover your program
  6. Have a brief consult with prospects to see if they are a fit for your program
  7. Enroll client family members into your high-ticket premium package

This formula is simple and it allows you to create real transformation for the client family members who hire you.  It also allows you to create a six and seven figure income and to work few hours so you can enjoy your family, free time and vacations.

Even if you are just beginning your coaching or consulting business, this formula works.  You don’t need a big list of people or a lot of prospective client family members.

In fact, it’s pretty simple.  You find out what your target audience wants to receive that will help them overcome their frustrations and get them to the outcome they desire. You make certain you can deliver on the result they want. Then you create a package that allows you to deliver the result they want and you guarantee if they do the work, they will achieve the outcome they are paying for.  You take pieces of the program and give that away on blogs, podcasts, in articles, teleseminars, live events, webinars, and on social media and youtube videos.  Pick 1-3 of these tactics to give away your content.

You simply offer this content free and invite people to a 10-minute chat to see if you can help them.

If you speak with them and can help them, you offer them the opportunity to become a client family member.  If you can not help them, you send them on their way and/or recommend something or someone else who can help them.

This model allows you to focus on creating value and serving your target audience.  This process moves you away from selling and allows you to easily attract high-end clients who love you and are excited to be part of your high-ticket signature coaching/consulting program.

The only thing you need to do is to focus on creating value and developing one program that gives client family members the result they desire. Then you give away content and invite the right people to become client family members.  

Here is a case study of one of my clients, JoAnne.

JoAnne did not have a big list. She had about 200 people on an email list and less than 2,000 Facebook followers.  She had been offering coaching services for $500 a month and was having trouble attracting people and the clients she had were leaving after 3 months or so.  JoAnne was frustrated and was considering getting a part-time job so she could make a living.

I helped her discover what her ideal prospects wanted as the number one result they were willing to pay for.  Then I helped her create a high-ticket signature premium priced coaching program.  I helped her take pieces of that program and turn those pieces into content that we gave away on social media, YouTube, blogs, and podcasts.  The first month she got 1 new client at $3,000.  The second month she got 3 new clients at $3,000 per month.  This is month 4 and she has 4 clients each paying her $3,000 this month.  She is making more per month working only a few hours per week than she made in almost a year struggling to find clients and her clients are getting real results and are thrilled to pay her fee.

With only 2 people a month (at minimum) she would make $6,000 a month. With 4 people she will average $12,000 a month and have a six-figure business.

She no longer has to hunt for a lot of clients and her business is simple and effortless.

I am shifting her to a group model this month and she is charging each client $2500 for an 8-week program with guaranteed results.  She can take 6 people per month into that program. She will work about 10 hours a MONTH and make $15,000 in that 6 week period.

Can you see why I suggest you create a high-ticket premium coaching or consulting program?

I actually show you how!


  • Chris Kenber

    31st January 2018 at 7:05 am

    Thanks for sharing your formula! Not all my clients on the other hand are high ticket. I enjoy a challenge and my clients are from all walks of life


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      31st January 2018 at 4:17 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Chris. I love all types of people and working them as well. I recommend you first create your 6 or 7 figure business giving people massive value and huge solutions and then you can help others with low and no-cost programs.


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