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March 16, 2020

Corona Virus Got You At Home? Scared? Wondering How To Survive And Make Money?

I understand. You are living in a situation where the media and social media may have you fearful. It is possible you may not know where your money will come from or how to keep your job or your business open. Today you may be concerned about a recession, depression and the stock market. You don’t know what to expect. Quarantines… for how long?  Curfews and marshall law in effect as well as travel bans and social distancing.

Ok, let’s wash your hands off the panic and look at how you can help others, stimulate the economy and create income for yourself while making a real difference to society.

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Thrive During Coronavirus

My Story

Over 25 years ago I decided to change careers. I said goodbye to corporate America where I was president of a national healthcare company and embraced a new career. I became a life coach and business consultant.  Happily, I said that I no longer wanted to fly to locations or drive to offices anymore. It was time for me to work from home. My time had come to do work that would make a big difference. I didn’t realize that I’d go from a high-six figure income to seven figures very quickly simply by helping others make changes in their lives and businesses.

Right now is the very best time ever to start a life coaching or business coaching/consulting career. Why? You can work from home. Also, you will determine your own hours. And very importantly, you can truly make a difference to those in need and so many are in need and more will be with the virus hitting our world. When people are in chaos and fear they turn to life coaches. When businesses are in turmoil they turn to business coaches/consultants. Your service is needed.

You get to work from home. Potentially you can make a six to seven-figure income.

And you will do work that is so gratifying.

Let’s look at the steps to take so you can be up and running fast.


Action Plan

First, you want to choose which business resonates with you. Life coaching is helping people with life issues like a career change, relationships, health, wellness, mindset, goal achievement, etc. You may not have special training in this area right now. That is ok. Just decide if you did know coaching skills to help another person transform in what area might you want to help them?

Business coaching/consulting means you will want to help businesses with operations, or sales or marketing. You might even work with teams and on leadership development. Again, don’t worry about learning the coaching/consulting skills. Right now simply pick what resonates with you most.

Here is some super good news as you are getting into action. Either business only requires a phone, a computer and internet access. That’s it!

Your next decision is to determine who you will help. Will it be moms? Perhaps it will be women in their 20’s? Or maybe you will help a small business with 4 employees? Or a retail business or a restaurant?  All of these are examples of the type of thinking you need to do right now. Determine the kinds of people your business will help.

The Missing Pieces

Once you have decided the type of coaching/consulting and you know the audience you will help, you need to quickly learn how to do coaching/consulting. I don’t believe right now you have time for a long training program and you won’t want to travel to take a course. It is best to do a fast home study program that costs very little and gets you making money fast.

Next, you need an automated educational webinar that will bring leads right to your door. Once you learn the proven formula for creating this webinar leads will flow in.

Follow along!

The steps are simple…

You will now determine your fees. I teach my client family members how to charge both retainers and hourly fees that quickly get them to $10,000, $20,000 and in some cases over $40,000 a month.  Keep in mind they work when they want from home only twenty hours a week or less.  You can expand your new business by running on-line seminars and trainings which is exactly what people want.

Read this final step – it is very important!

Don’t Forget!

I was able to have 30 clients in the first 30 days of my business and many of my client family members have followed my proven plan to get started fast. You can too!  You must do one thing … create a Core Unique Positioning Statement®. What is that? That is a brand and branding message that is unique to your business and tells who you work with and what the results are that you get for them. Then, do a great job doing what you say you will do for your clients and they will refer more business to you.

Your goal is to keep your happy clients coming back and also referring more business to you.

Are you curious yet?  You should be!  I have helped over 5,000 people become life coaches, business coaches, and business consultants. They are doing what they love, working from home, making great money and helping others.

This is the time. This is your time. Take your work and life experience and turn it into a work from home business. Just be certain to get trained so you do actually know how to coach/consult. If you don’t invest in learning these skills, your clients won’t get results, won’t stay with you and won’t refer.

The potential in this industry is massive. This is a great wake-up call for you to control your income and your destiny.

I am here to help you.

Let me know what questions you have in the comments.

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