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BlogThe Secret to Successful Law Firm Marketing

December 28, 2015

Law Firm Marketing Done Right

attorneymarketing 225x300 - The Secret to Successful Law Firm Marketing

Just because attorneys can advertise doesn’t mean they know how to do it the right way.  A sign, like the one on the right, or some of the advertisements on television are examples that show us that law firm marketing is in need of professional help. All marketing worth doing begins with a plan. It’s the same for lawyers. Before spending a dime on any marketing invest in a law firm marketing plan. The kind of plan that is the secret to law firm marketing success, in my experience, is a guerrilla marketing plan.  This plan is the type of plan that works and actually is achievable and has gotten my clients results.

The guerrilla marketing plan for lawyers follows the same 7 sentence structure as all guerrilla marketing plans:

  1. Write the physical action you want potential prospects to take as a result of your plan (call your office for a consult, etc)
  2. Create a competitive advantage your law firm will use to and stress to get prospects to take the first step
  3. Define your ideal target audience
  4. List all the guerrilla marketing tactics you will use
  5. Summarize your target niche
  6. Explain who your law firm really is, very very clearly, and be certain this comes across in all of your marketing
  7. Dedicate a percentage of your projected gross profits to marketing.  I usually recommend 8% to my clients

Other Marketing Techniques for Lawyers

Once you have your law firm marketing plan I also recommend you list your law firm on findlaw. Findlaw is a business of Reuters that gives legal information online.  It is a great way for you to create an online marketing presence.  I think it is one of the best online marketing services for law firms. People will search terms like FindLaw or find law or find lawyers and others and all those terms will land them at and they can then find your firm.

I firmly believe guerrilla marketing is what you need for your offline marketing and findlaw will help with your online marketing and that you should also investigate a web design company I happened to come across that focuses on law firm marketing.  I have not researched the company on my own and suggest you check them out. They are called blackfin, They focus solely on law firm marketing and SEO, design and content to gain conversion for the law firms they represent as clients.  They also have a no contract policy so they sound very promising.  I recommend you look into them if you are serious about gaining more client work.


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