The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist

The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist


Launching a product or service is a pivotal moment in any business journey; it marks the transition from development to market presence. However, it can be challenging and requires careful planning and execution to stand out in a competitive market.

In today’s episode, Dr. Terri Levine delves into a comprehensive checklist for successfully launching a product or service in your business. She shares her expertise and invaluable tips to ensure your next launch is a resounding success.

From creating an attention-grabbing explainer video to the power of engaging on social media, hosting events, and building valuable content, you’ll gain a step-by-step roadmap for a successful product or service launch.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[1:00] Checklist to use when launching a product or service in your business

[1:10] #1 Create an explainer video

[01:22] #2 Send an email that explains what you are launching

[01:37] #3 Have someone try what you are launching and obtain a testimonial from them

[01:53] #4 Send the ‘because email’

[02:10] #5 Engage in 7 days of social media posting to promote the launch

[02:19] #6 Go live on your social media platforms to discuss and showcase what you are launching

[02:35] #7 Update your social media bios with links to your new product or service

[02:52] #8 Make a list of 5-10 people that would be happy to share your new product or service 

[03:15] #9 Hosting a launch event for our product/service

[03:51] #10 Create value-driven content for your launch event

[04:09] #11 Give a bonus 

[05:07] #12 Run a value-packed webinar 

[05:16] #13 Do joint ventures

[05:28] #14 Do affiliate marketing

[05:38] #15 Put a banner on your website 

[06:23] Get help;

Golden Nuggets:

  • An explainer video informs the audience that you have developed something new and explains why they should take a look. [01:15]
  • When planning the content for your launch event, ensure it provides value and isn’t just a sales pitch. [03:51] 

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Full Transcript:

Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m Dr. Terri Levine, I’m happy to be with you. I hope you are digging the information that I’m sharing, I hope you’ll share it around, and I hope you will apply it. So, we’ve been helping a lot of client family members at Heartrepreneur agency launch programs, services, new products, new offerings, lead magnets, challenges, boot camps, you name it, runs the gamut. And I’ve created a kind of a checklist of some of the things that we’ve been doing other than using ads, and things like that.

So, the first thing I have my client family members do is they create an explainer video. It is a video. Goes out by email, and it basically tells their audience, “Hey, I’ve developed this new thing, here’s why you should take a look.” The second thing that they do is they send an email, not a video, with pretty much the same content in the video because some people watch videos, some people read. And it says that I have this new interesting cool thing you might want to take a look at. The third thing that we do is we have someone try this new thing, whatever it is, a new program, product, service, lead magnet, and we get a testimonial from that person, and we send the subscribers an email with someone who’s already tried it.

And the final thing that we do is we send one more email, which is, “Hey, this is why I think you should take a look.” So I call that the ‘because’ email, like, why is this important? Now, the next step is social media. And, on social media, I ask the clients, or we do it here at Heartrepreneur agency, to do at least seven days of social media posting, promoting the launch. Seven days. And then, I ask them to go live wherever they choose; Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, I don’t really care, where they’re discussing, and sharing, and showing their brand new whatever it is; tool, lead magnet, program, product, whatever it is. Then we have an update, or we do it at Heartrepreneur agency, all of their social media bios with a link to whatever this new thing is.

Most people don’t change their bios when they have something new and exciting. Okay. Then the other thing that we do on social media is we have the clients make a list of 5 to 10 people that would be happy to share their new lead magnet, or their new program, or product, and we ask them to share it around. Then, we also asked our folks on social media, “Hey, will you share this around? I have this new such and such, please share it.” The next step is launching some type of a launch event. And I recommend that that is done, at least, a week in advance, and it’s a live event. You can do it in person, you can do it on Zoom, whatever you prefer.

And you tell your audience that, for whoever shows up, you’re going to give some kind of surprise bonuses. I give away checklists, and templates, and all kinds of things, so be creative there. Then I have my clients ask a couple of business friends, clients associates, to come to the event as well. And then, to really plan out the content for the event, you want to make it valuable, not a pitch, really valuable. And you want to share and show your attendees how you’re helping them. The other thing that’s really good to do is, at the end of the event, obviously, you’re going to offer your new whatever it is, give people a bonus. Maybe it’s a video recording of the meeting that they just had, or it’s a PDF guide, or it’s additional training, or whatever it might be.

I recommend that you offer some discounts as well to current client family members. If it’s something that you’re charging for, a new program or service. Then we get into what the agency does, and, of course, we use Facebook ads, we use retargeting for people who’ve been engaging with your content to promote your new thing. And we use special hashtags, so one of my, personally, just went ridiculously viral in an hour. Forget that it had 2 or 3000 comments, it had over 4000 shares. So, that’s a way to use it. A private Facebook group, ask members in the group. Tell them to be aware of whatever it is you’re launching, and ask them to share it with their friends.

I also, for my groups, and I recommend this as well, I run a value-packed webinar, and I only invite my Facebook group members however they can bring people as well. Certainly, traditionally, you can do joint ventures where you do a cross-promotion exchange with someone who has an audience similar to yours, however, you don’t offer the same programs, products, or services. And then, you can also do affiliates where you pay people to go out and share your content. And, oh, the last thing, I have to mention this because it’s what the agency also does, we go over to your website and we’ll put a banner or a heading across the top of your website.

Most people don’t change their websites, “Hey, I’ve got this brand new blah, blah, blah.” If you have a blog, we’ll also put an infographic on your blog with a direct link to grab this. And a lot of different pages on your website will be the ‘don’t forget to grab this’ with an easy way to grab it. Gave you a lot of ideas, which are you going to apply? I’m curious. Go ahead, implement because learning is one thing, implementing is another, and I’m truly here to help you. If you would like the agency to take a look at what you’re launching and how you’re launching it and just give you a few ideas, just go ahead and book a call with us. We are happy to help, it’s our way of passing it forward. Bye for now.

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