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March 30, 2020

From A Booming Business To A Disaster

Has your business gone from growing, scaling to barely breaking even? Or even worse? Maybe you are losing money. Your business might be over.

Instead of panic let me show you how to build your business back even from a disaster. Let’s build without panic and fear.

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Disaster Struck- Strike Back

Here we go!


I am going to share proven techniques to create a healthy business.


Create A Healthy Business Now

Take a moment. Be calm. Get present. Your success depends on you being calm.

Start with your inner game. Before money flows in you must be present, calm and breathing.

Take time today to give gratitude for anything and everything.

Then set your intentions.

You get to decide and to choose how you feel. You determine your own responses. Don’t react – respond with presence.

Delegate to your faith or the universe what you don’t know “how” to handle or create.

Ok, now that we covered your mindset are you ready for the next steps?

Revealing The Steps

Let’s get into action!

Step one: You must know who you can help.

Be specific.

A small and deep niche is needed.

You can not help everyone.

As an example: A client family member who is a chiropractor said, “I help people with back pain”.

I said, “No!”.

He was shocked.

We narrowed down his niche.

He helps weekend warriors ages 25-40 who have an injury.

Can you see the difference?

Step two: Get noticed

Instead of marketing and selling at people, add value to your niche.


Write articles, share tips, give away demonstrations … create value through education.

Here is another client family member example.

This client is a naturopath. She had been using Facebook ads, pay per click ads and magazine ads prior to working with me.

I told her to stop spending and start helping.

I had her start a Facebook group and give value and free content there daily.

She started blogging.

She now hosts a popular podcast.

Together we created an automated educational webinar.

We also put together a powerful website.

In addition, she has free downloads and ebooks that are beneficial for her niche.

The result? She has earned an additional $13,989 dollars per month.

Step three: High ticket 

You might be wondering why high ticket is step three?

While you help others free, you need wealth.

Disaster struck and to help others you must first help yourself and your family.

Wealth is created by charging high ticket because you are the best at what you do.

With high ticket programs, products or services, you have more free time to give away education and value.

Those who want guaranteed results and are ready for your help will invest in your offerings.

 Disaster Struck – Panic Happened …

No matter what type of disaster has struck or panic has happened, follow these tips.

I care and YOU matter.

Let me know in the comments about how I can help you.




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