Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level and turn your website into a profitable asset?

Having a website is the best way to establish credibility in the online world. It also helps people learn about your experience and skill set, making it easier for them to contact you. 

Nonetheless, having a website doesn’t mean it is automatically profitable. The truth is, just like any other business, you can’t expect to profit from your website if you don’t have the right strategy. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced website owner, it is essential to understand how to make your website profitable.

So how do you make your website profitable? Join the conversation with your host Terri Levine as she explains why you need a website and how to make it profitable. Additionally, Terri shares how you can get your website reviewed for free

Tune in for amazing insights!

Key Highlights From The Episode;

[0:30] Introduction to the show

[1:11] Why you need a website and how to make it profitable 

[1:17] #1 Set up your website to be a lead generator

[1:36] #2 Distribute your website everywhere

[2:10] #3 Once people have opted in on your website, send them information & education.

     And then, once in a while, make an offer

[2:28] #4 Maybe try longtail domain landing pages

[2:51] How to get your website reviewed for free by Terri Levine

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Full Transcript:

Hey, hey, hey, welcome back to The Modern Coaching Method Podcast. I am your host, Dr. Terri Levine. And I’ve been asked so many questions lately about websites on the Modern Coaching Method podcast, and just talk a little bit about websites in today’s day and age. Is there something to it? Is it still necessary? And I will say that the internet has moved away from a, sort of, the hype of having a website to how do you make your website profitable. Okay. So, do you need a site? You need a website for credibility, and it can give you a return on investment if it is set up to be a lead generation website, which means you have an opt-in for something that your prospective client family members really want.

A checklist, a template, a video training, a webinar, an ebook, whatever it might be. Now, it is important that you put your website everywhere; on your social media profiles, on your email signature file, on your business card, all your promotional materials, the background for your Zoom, etc., etc. It’s really important. And then, your website is to just show credibility and to have people sign up. That is how you build an email list and a list of prospects. So, that is the best thing that you can possibly do. And then, once people have opted in on your website, you can send them information and education. And then, once in a while, you can make an offer. I think people make way too many offers in their email. 

The other thing that I would say is what’s more important is having longtail domain landing pages. When I owned my coach training school, the longtail domains were things like ‘become a coach,’ ‘make money as a coach,’ ‘how to start a coaching business.’ And, all of those got tons and tons and tons of opt-ins. However, I still had my main website where people went for credibility. All right, so, if you want your website reviewed, I’d be happy to do that. Below is the link to have an audit with me; totally free, not selling a thing so you can fill out the application for an audit. See you soon. Make sure you subscribe. Bye for now.

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