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August 6, 2020

Best-Selling Author Dr. Terri Levine Has Released Conversion Equation With Incentives For Early Purchasing

If you’re wondering how you can start doing what actually works in your business instead of throwing things up against the wall to see what sticks, then Dr. Terri Levine has just written a book with the proven solutions.

“There’s so much being done WRONG in marketing today that business owners are getting numb to seeing lackluster results,” Levine explains.

“The problem is that too many people are looking outward, testing and tracking flawed data, misjudging the needs of their target audience, and using a Band-Aid approach to their marketing.”

The solution?

“Look inward,” says Levine.

“Once you have the right inner mindset, framework, and belief system, everything falls into place.”


Here Are Some Key Takeaways From The Book…

The most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers. However, the reason it’s difficult has nothing to do with you, your business, or your marketing.

 How would you like to sell more of your products or services… without increasing your traffic? If that’s your goal, then you need to improve your conversion rate.

 Increasing the number of times your customers purchase from you represents a profound and simple business-building strategy. This strategy can easily double or triple your profits.

 Did you know there is a multitude of pricing strategies that can dramatically increase your bottom line? Want to know the closely guarded secret when it comes to price?

 Would it shock you to know that there is a multitude of strategies that could easily increase your business’ profits? How often do you leverage off of your relationships with your current customers?

Less than 3% of small business owners make more than $150,000 annually.  Less than one half of 1% ever reach $1 million in total revenue. Do NOT be one of them!

There Are Two Things EVERY Business Owner Wants…

First, they want to generate more leads, attract more clients, and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in.

Second, they want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having and so richly deserve.

Conversion Equation was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources, and support they need to accomplish both of these goals.

How? First, the book gives you the process to target your ideal client. Then it shows you how to understand exactly what prospects want when they make their decision to buy. Finally, you learn to create compelling marketing messages that enable you to out-market and out-sell your competition.

There are even case studies so you can imitate the proven and tested strategies to get real-world results.

Put this book to the test!

The book reveals the strategies you can immediately deploy that will enable you to out-think, out-market, and out-sell your competition.

In Conversion Equation, Dr. Levine reveals a process that has grown 8 multi-million-dollar businesses for her personally. This same process has helped more than 6,000 business owners worldwide.

Readers will discover not only what to stop doing, but will also learn the entire marketing formula that has generated dramatic income increases for her clients.

Dr. Terri Levine has co-authored books with Joe Vitale, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jay Conrad Levinson, with over 20,000 books sold to date.

There are several bonuses available to book purchasers, including e-learning memberships, webinars, coaching and consulting opportunities, and much more, valued at up to $15,000.

Visit to order Conversion Equation or for more information.


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Conversion Equation

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