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BlogThe Truth: What Does Satisfaction Mean?

22nd March 20170

Why Don’t Customers Stay Long Term?

Have you ever scratched your head wondering why you aren’t able to retain your customers?  You think you have provided a great product or great service and they seem happy and then they don’t stick with your company and either buy somewhere else or stop using products or services like yours.

Let me break through this confusion.

Customers who don’t feel special and acknowledged, and cared for and who aren’t communicated with regularly, will shop around or just stop using the products and services they have been buying. If customers aren’t seeing the value, outcomes or results from your products and services they will quickly be gone.  So what do you do as a business owner to really satisfy customers?

First, during your sales process, you must be completely honest and transparent and authentic. If your product or service can not give a customer the outcome they want then do not sell to them. Next, as soon as they make their first purchase reinforce their purchase with a card, or a call, or a small gift or extra bonus or free sample. Remind them that you care and they matter and thank them for being your customer.

Then, every month or two months send them a note or card or call them to check in and see how they are doing and what else they might need.

Let me contrast satisfaction with a true story.

I shopped at a women’s clothing store recently that I had been to many times. They didn’t recognize me or call me by name. No one came to assist me. When I finally selected a HUGE amount of clothing, no one seemed to want to ring up my order. I finally purchased with my mind made up never to return and I shared this incident with at least 20 women I know.  That’s what a dissatisfied customer does.

About a month after that experience, I wandered into a new women’s clothing store in my town. They were excited to welcome me and helped me shop and got me a dressing room and kept asking if I needed anything. They provided a bottle of water, as well.  When I went to purchase they were delightful.

The next day, one of the folks from the store called to say how happy they were that I shopped with them and to ask if I was pleased with the experience.  Over the next few months, I have received emails, phone calls and postcards and each one provided value and showed me they care about me as their customer.

I’ve told about 30 women to shop there!

Take a look at your customer satisfaction actions.

How can you ramp them up?

Want help? Just ask!

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